Beautiful Flowers | Amp Up the Look of Your Garden by Planting the Most Beautiful Flowers

Flowers are the quintessential décor accessories that can brighten up any space where it is kept. If you wish to add a lot of beauty and splendour to your home, create a lovely garden and plant a lot of beautiful flowers.

Create a riot of colours all around that is sure to add to the beauty of your humble abode. Here, we bring you a list of floral plants that you can plant in your garden and create a patio specimen or perennials, creating a lovely and impressive looking landscape.

1. Zygopetalum Orchid

Orchids are one of the most beautiful flowers. Whether you plant them in your garden or decorate any corner of your house with a Vase full of fresh orchids, the tremendous beauty it adds cannot be described in words.

Orchids are available in different colours and varieties. Choose options that are also fragrant and can grow in partial shade. It is essential to protect these flowers from peak summer temperatures and to be built in humid conditions. Orchids look lovely falling from a hanging basket.

2. English Rose

Abraham Darby variety available in English roses looks lovely as it grows in large blooms. It has a fantastic fragrance and is packed with petals. Plant these roses in fertile loamy soil under full sun. Fertilize once in summer and spring and wait for these lovely flowers to bloom and grace your garden with its unmistakable beauty.

3. Dahlia

Dahlia is another one in the series of beautiful flowers that mesmerizes you with its sheer beauty and vibrant colours. This flower is as big as the size of a dinner plate when in full bloom and is available in both single daisy-like and small poms flowers. If you are looking for huge blooms, look for a specific variety of dahlias that grows big. These are annuals, perfect to be planted in full sun.

It needs a lot of water and fertilizer. If you want a massive bloom in your garden, cut small buds so that all energies of the plant are directed to make one spectacular bloom.

4. Turk's cap Lily

Lilium martagon or Turkscap Lily is another particular flower that can grace your garden with its incredible beauty and elegance. It is a long and impressive-looking four-foot stalk, and each blossom on the plant looks like a pendant in shape.

Each trunk has a profusion of beautiful blooms when in season. It is not as popular as Asiatic lilies or Oriental Lilies, but looks lovely, nevertheless. These plants need to be grown in the shade with their blooms in the sun.

It should be planted in a sheltered spot where they do not have to withstand lashing rains or wind. Moreover, it also needs excellent drainage to grow well. 

5. Himalayan Poppy

This is a beautiful and alluring looking flower that is sure to amp up the look of your lovely, adorable garden. This flower needs specific growing conditions to bloom, and it might take about two weeks to fully develop. It is Bhutan's National Flower and can grow well in areas that resemble its native habitat, that is moist soil and fresh habitat. 

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6. Delphinium

 Delphinium elatum is an incredibly beautiful flower. Its arresting looks when in full bloom will add to your lovely garden. This blue-coloured flower has several shades, right from robust violet to wispy powder puff blue. It grows well in mild summers or cold habitats. This flower needs regular moisture, staking, and fertile soil to bloom fully. 

7. Toad Lily

Toad Lily is a very exotic looking flower and looks like a tender tropical plant in form and colour. It is a very hardy plant and can withstand harsh environmental elements.

It is a shade-loving perennial that you can grow close to the walls. In moist soil, it might multiply at a slow rate. If not possible to build this flower in your garden, do not hesitate to hang lovely flower images on your wall and try to bring nature to your home.

8. Foxglove

Many people blessed with green fingers believe that Digitalis purpurea or foxgloves are one of the most beautiful flowers found on the planet Earth. These tubular blossoms are home to bumblebees.

As soon as the sun rises, the flowers are in complete bloom. These are biennial plants, that is, they produce foliage in one season and flowers in the next season. As soon as self-seeding begins in moist soil and partial shade, it gets one generation ready to bloom while the other get ready for the upcoming season. 

9. Bearded Iris

This is one of the lowest maintenances and most robust flowers that can be planted in your garden. When grown in a sunny zone, it blooms and looks exquisite in its beauty and grace. It is available in several varieties. Choose something that looks lovely and attractive in the overall scheme of colour in your garden. 

10. Peony Flowers

Paeonia or peony flowers are incredibly attractive looking blooms. Also referred to as the Bowl of Beauty, these flowers are an eclectic blend of form and colour. The fuchsia guard petals look lovely with its large circumference surrounded by petaloid, a frilly lemon centre.

Peonies can be planted in good drainage soil under the full sun that can produce enough blooms even in average fertile soil. These are hardy blooms and can also survive gruelling winters. 

11. Birds of Paradise

It is another lovely flower variety, perfect for a small garden. This bloom looks so pretty that one wants to pamper and coddle it as if they are loving pets. It is exotic in appearance and not at all fussy.

These are South African natives and can grow in a variety of situations but needs to be protected from cold. Grow them in regular potting soil in partial sun and water the plant only when its surface is dry. Just wait for the plant to bloom and enjoy a cornucopia of colours in your garden. 

12. Cockscomb

It is a gorgeous and gaudy looking flower with the fascinating crested look. These are annuals and can be quickly grown through seeds. Many times, its plants can also self-sow. The flower is available in diverse colours like pink, orange, red, purple, and yellow hues. It can grow up to three feet tall and can have the blooms in the size of several inches across. 

13. Protea

Protea cynaroides or King Protea is another delicate looking flower that can easily survive the harsh climate of South Africa. It can attract several pollinators at a time. These plants must be grown in full sun and water should be given sparingly. It is a hardy and evergreen plant. 

14. Love-Lies-Bleeding

Amaranthus caudatus or tassel flower, it is a lovely looking hanging basket plant. It is an annual that can be grown quickly. It starts blooming in July and continues till frost. It needs full sun to grow, and sometimes its blooming panicles reaches up to a height of two feet. 

15. Wisteria

Wisteria or Wisteria Sinensis is a lovely, full-bloomed flower. When grown in a garden, it gives an appearance of the Garden of Eden with its sheer beauty. This sturdy structure needs to be regularly pruned and trained to create a gazebo or an arbour. 

Grow any of these lovely flowers in your little garden and add a touch of colour, fragrance, and attractive look to your verdant landscape.