11 Awesome alternatives on how to decorate a bedroom

Your home is your personal space that should speak volumes about your style and choice. It is your sanctuary that holds your favourite colours, feelings and memories. So, if you decide to go ahead with the bedroom decor, then you need to focus on the following points - 

1. Keep it simple

A bedroom should be both cosy and inviting. For this, you need to search for a simple and elegant combination to give a sense of luxury and panache. 

Another great idea is to opt for minimalistic items to boost ease of movement. Also, you need to leave a space of three feet between the bed and walls to get an ideal movement space. 


Similarly, If you have low furniture around the bed like tables or dressers, you need a space of two feet to get the right results.


Furnish the bedroom with the stuff that you genuinely need. For instance - bed, side tables, dresser and chair are necessities of a bedroom. Anything apart from this needs to be ergonomic in design to fit into space.

2. Select subtle colours

Instead of going for bold colours, you need to opt for subtle or soothing shades to aid you to relax after a long day at work. Also, you can opt for monochromatic colours to bring a calm and serene atmosphere in the home.


If you wish to understand about how to decorate a bedroom in the best possible way, use hues like - blue, lavender, brown, topaz or corals. Another important aspect of selecting the home decor colour is to opt for the toned-down versions of your favourite colour to get the best results. Hence, instead of eggplant purple, opt for lavender shade.

3. Do not forget the ceiling

For the premium look, you can opt for a silver-leafed bedroom ceiling or a canopy bed with sensual dressing to get the ultimate luxury and warmth. This also helps to add texture and design to the roof. 


You can also add moulded medallions or luxurious chandeliers in delicate shades to get the ultimate bedroom decor.


Similarly, the ceiling is another necessary wall that needs to be taken into consideration. When you lie down, you need to get the best views of your roof. Use a soft pattern to lighten up the ceiling, and this will give you a sense of space and comfort.


Also, stencils or wallpaper can be used to boost the room decor. You can also add architectural elements like beams, mouldings, decorative paints, etc. 


When you use the right strategy, you get the answer to the question of how to decorate your room in the best possible way. 

4. Choose the right decor

Accessories in the room should be kept to the minimum. Choose a beautiful artwork, figurines, flowers or candle arrangement to get the best results. 


Also, you need the right furniture for your room. So, when you decide your budget, you need to get the basics of your room like - floor plan, spacing and measured drawing of the place. 


The furniture should be such that it fits perfectly into your bedroom and living area. Avoid going for an elaborate or heavy bed or dresser, especially if you have a small bedroom


  • Similarly, if you have a high ceiling, the canopy bed or tall headboard can make a huge difference in bringing balance to the room and visibly make it more appealing. 
  • If you have a small bedroom, go for a lower size bed and furniture. You can also search online for bedroom ideas to make your room appear large. The goal is to keep the decor to the minimum to give a sense of spaciousness to the office.
  • If you have a spacious bedroom, select furniture that fits well into it. For instance, chair, Ottoman, bedside table, couch, etc. can also help to balance the bedroom space. Select furniture and accessories that are of medium to large size to avoid creating confusing spaces.

5. Select the right colour palette

The bedroom needs to be peaceful and appealing. Hence, you need the right colours to liven up space and help you relax after a hard day at work. To make the most of this, you need to seek the help of an expert to create a unique colour scheme to aid your needs.

6. Have enough storage space

To add to the overall appeal of the room, store things away from the main area. When you have a proper organization, it will create a calm and roomy interior. 

So, when selecting the best products to fit into your room decoration agenda, you should also keep an eye on the utility of the same.


For instance, in the case of a small bedroom, use a bed with built-in drawers to store bulky stuff. Similarly, you need a bedside table that can accommodate the knick-knacks and make your room appear organized. 


If you have a large room, use tall dressers with roomy drawers to handle your cosmetics and toiletries. You can also opt for a skirted table or small dresser with drawers to suit your needs.


Use a trunk or storage bench to store extra sheets, blankets and pillows. You can also opt for a headboard with built-in shelves or sliding panels to get a roomier space. Make sure that these have stylishly designed drawer knobs to add to the overall look of the room.


If you have sufficient budget, opt for a customized organization system. This will bring you efficient results and make effective use of closet space. 


Place shallow boxes below the bed to create additional space. Use a stylish bed skirt to hide all these boxes while making your bed appear fluffier and inviting. 

7. Create a private space and decorate it

You can give yourself a unique space to unwind and introspect. This can be your special place to read and lounge. Create an intimate space using a footstool, chair, etc. near a bed or a window.


If you have space, use the same to the maximum and create a small alcove to fulfil the requirements. Use stylish door handles to make the entrance to this study more appealing, or you can build a window seat under the huge window to enjoy natural light.


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8. Invest in luxurious linens

Bring in your bedroom the most beautiful and luxurious fabrics with high thread count and right style. 

These beddings add to the ultimate comfort and appeal of the room. Therefore, avoid linen that is not 100 per cent cotton or linen with a high thread count (above 350 TC).


If you have opted for the premium beddings like a five-star hotel room, send them for professional cleaning and ironing services. These will look haphazard without such professional care and will not be able to achieve crispness desired from the room. 


For colder weather, opt for sensual fabrics that are both soft and warm. For instance, soft cashmere, mohair throws, and pillows make for an excellent choice to boost your comfort. Cover walls with textured wall hangings, silk draperies or add a silken bed canopy along with premium floor coverings to befitting the home of royalty.  

9. Cover the windows 

Use curtains and sheers to accentuate the decor of your bedroom. A beautifully covered window will help to frame it and give excellent visual appeal. Use colours, patterns and textures to create softness into the room. 


If you love the appeal of soft sheers, combine roller blinds to create privacy and block the early morning light. You can also opt for professional draperies like opaque blinds, drapery lining, etc. to achieve a similar effect and to sleep till late. 

10. Use professional lighting solutions

If you are using expensive wall art to brighten your bedroom, you need professional lighting solutions to get the best results. This is true in the case of a small bedroom where the correct usage of lighting can create an illusion of space. 


Similarly, it is best to layer the lighting to create an excellent play of shadow and light. Having ambient lighting can create a whole room vibe, and smaller lamps can double up as reading lamps. Also, use accent lights to wash the walls of the room in soft illumination. 


To focus on reading light, use a bedside lamp with moveable arms. Each light should be adjustable using a dimmer switch. You also need to have a separate switch for each view for the best results. This helps you to save energy and use the lights judiciously. 

11. Let your bedroom be the ultimate space 

Make your bedroom as comfortable as possible. Try to avoid installing television, computer, exercise machines, etc. This may create a distraction and hamper your sleep and movements. So, create separate space for work and rest. Also, avoid bringing in the phones to spend quality time with your family and children. 


Let your creative juices flow inside the bedroom by subtracting technology from the space. This will help you to relax and unwind yourself and enjoy the beautiful decor of your room.