10 Best Engagement Party Decoration Ideas of 2020 | Indianshelf

Engagement is the very first step of Marriage and Marriage occupies the most important place in everyone’s life. Thus, engagement is also too important, and the would-be bride and groom enjoy it a lot.


Rather they enjoy much more than their Marriage as in engagement they are free from the numbers of rituals of Marriage. To make your engagement memorable, you have to concentrate on numbers of things like the guest list, food, decoration and numbers of other things. There are numbers of blogs which offer us a number of ways for best engagement party decoration.

Planning for engagement party decoration requires a longer time period to make your engagement memorable. You have to plan on various important points to make your engagement memorable and that too within your budget.


You have to start from sorting out the list of your important guests, then the ideas about the engagement decoration within your budget, day or night party, themes and many other important things.


You have to plan for your engagement party in such a way that it meets your requirements, entertain your guests nicely and make your engagement memorable. Some of the important engagement decoration ideas:

Decoration of your Engagement Party at your Home:

The wedding is the most important occasion of our life. Huge expenses are involved on this occasion. There are numbers of events which are held before Marriage like Haldi, Mehandi, sangeet and many others apart from engagement.

If we prefer to arrange our engagement party at our home, then it will save our huge amount and adds great beauty to our engagement party within a limited budget.            

Unique Decoration of the Entrance where your Engagement Party is Going On:

If your engagement party is arranged at your home only then it requires one of the cosiest ideas for your engagement decoration. A large number of people want to have their engagement party at the hotel, but now during this COVID-19 period, it is one of the best ideas to arrange your engagement party at your home only.


Decorate the entrance of your house by beautiful colourful drapes and fresh marigold flowers. The freshness of flowers and the beauty of colourful drapes, including other things at your engagement decoration offers a feeling of excitement amidst your guests.

Decorate your Home with Stylish Furniture:

If you have decided to arrange your engagement party at your home, then the right decoration of your home is of high importance. Decorate your home with stylish furniture for your engagement party decoration.


If you don’t have the right furniture for your engagement party decoration, then you have to bring some stylish furniture. Either buy them or bring them on rent for a few days.


Try to buy some modern, stylish sofa with beautiful fancy chairs if your budget allows otherwise bring on rent the suitable furniture. During photography, try to cover all these stylish furniture as it will offer a royal look and will be memorable for a lifetime.

Decorations of the wall:

Proper decorations of the wall are very important in your engagement party decoration at your home. Change the look of your wall completely. Hide the wall of your home by covering them with beautiful drapes of different colours.


You can choose different fabrics for different walls for making perfect drapes. Wall decoration changes the entire look of your home, and its beauty will make you will feel glad even in future whenever you will watch the images of the engagement party.


Photos are the memory for a lifetime, and the wall decoration with beautiful drapes will offer some unique memory for a lifetime and will make your engagement party memorable.

Decoration of Garden for your Engagement Party:

If you are planning your engagement party to arrange at home then Garden is one of the best places to arrange the engagement party. The natural and beautiful backdrop of the Garden will offer you a perfect capture, perfect shot and entire things including attire. While arranging your engagement party in your Garden, the most important thing to keep in mind is the right weather.


If the weather is not right then, it will spoil your party. If the weather is in your favour, then garden engagement party will offer you a memorable time, and it will work best for you.


Under natural sunlight, you can easily arrange an open dance floor for your guests to enjoy. Beautiful crockeries can be arranged beautifully in a large dining table covered with a beautiful table cloth.


It will enhance the look of the ambience. You can easily capture some breath-taking photographs of the occasion as well as of your guests amidst the beautiful ambience of lush greenery. Decoration of Garden for your engagement party will be natural, but the occasion will be memorable for your lifetime.

Themed Decoration of your Engagement Party:

If your decoration of the engagement party is based on some theme, then it will enhance the beauty of your engagement party. Usually, people get themselves heavily dressed in most of the functions.


If you think and plan for some theme-based engagement party decoration, then it will be great excitement for your each and every guest. In most of the parties, the most common theme is with specific colour code in every kind of dress, decorations, pottery and flowers. The entire thing must be of decided colour, and it will offer some unique look.

If you want to give some different look, then you can choose the theme of silver colour. The entire decoration, outfits, silver earrings and other pieces of jewellery of silver colour and everything must be theme-based.


It will offer a unique look at your engagement party. Theme based party are recently in fashion and choice of the generation. You can try different new themes to enhance the excitement and enjoyment of your engagement party.

Floral Decoration for your Engagement Party:

Since past till now a floral decoration on every occasion is evergreen. It can never be out of fashion. It offers the most beautiful look at your engagement party or any occasion. While doing planning for your engagement party decorations, floral decoration always remains on hit list irrespective of arranging the big or small event.


For a lively and natural backdrop for the stage, orchets offer a great look. If you are interested in giving a pastel look to your engagement party, then decorate your stage and home by multi-colour flower set.


Flowers offer a sophisticated look and decoration to your home. If you decorate the edge of the roof by white garland, then it will offer a mesmerizing look to everyone.


Floral decoration always occupies the top position amidst the other decorations. It will make your engagement party memorable for a lifetime. You can also decorate some important and specific area of your home by some non-traditional flowers. Though they are a little bit costly, they will offer a unique look and aroma all-around your home.

Photo Booths:

Nowadays, photo booths occupy one of the most important and essential parts of decoration for the engagement party. It is must for the guests as they enjoy different photoshoots in different beautiful backdrops which makes them cherries forever.


Guests enjoy different pose in the amazing photo background. Most of the people go for vintage style decoration of photo booth in order to enjoy the olden days look though they offer you a look of olden days yet wonderful look.

Balloon Decoration:

Decoration of your engagement party by different colourful balloons are the most common type of decoration. It is less expensive too. You can easily decorate your gate, make different pillars, decorate your roof and many other things by different kinds and colours of the balloon. If your engagement party is based on the theme then you can choose the balloon of that colour only.

Dance with your Heart Out and Make the Engagement Party Memorable:

Engagement is the most enjoyable and comfortable occasion in comparison to Marriage. People dance to show their excitement and enjoyment in their most important occasion.


So, you must arrange some dance party for your guests as well as yourself to dance and enjoy with the better half and thus make the occasion memorable. You can also make this dance party funny by adding some storyline with their family or with their partner.


These are some unique ideas for your engagement party for 2020. These ideas are unique and make your occasion memorable for your lifetime. Every idea is unique and will offer numbers of cherished memory forever, even for your guests too.