7 Jewelry Storage Ideas You Will Want to Use

Posted By : Arpita Mathur

Posted On: 25 January, 2022

Owning fabulous pieces of jewellery is loved and liked by all, irrespective of age and gender! These days, women and men also love owning unique pieces of silver jewellery that add to their ensemble and make them look stunning. Buying jewellery is not as tough as storing them is. Every jeweler owner is sure to agree with this fact. We keep buying and adding jewellery but don't know how to store them. The fact is that if you are unable to locate a jewellery piece at the right time, it is as good as lost. It is important to declutter and make space for your most prized possessions. This way, you will find them whenever you need them to accentuate your style.

Here, we bring you some awesome jewellery storage ideas that would help you keep them well-organised.

Top Jewellery Storage Ideas that Will Work Wonders for You

If you have any pre-organizing nerves or are feeling jittery about decluttering, hold and junk the thought there itself. Believe us; once you are done with the systematic organizing of your trinkets, you will be pleased and proud of your efforts. Not to mention, you will find your jewellery pieces easily and quickly.

Choose A Drawer

First thing first! Select a drawer that is completely suitable and appropriate for your jewelry organizing goal. Ensure that this drawer has nothing else except your trinkets. Do not mix things, leading you to the same clutter you are planning to avoid. You want your lovely and intricate silver earrings to be visible whenever you need them. It is possible only when you create a lot of cushioned compartments in the drawer and set your earrings on them.

This way, these expensive charms will be visible as soon as you open your drawer and will stay safe from breakage. Many earrings come with light stones embedded in them, which can pop out if these are not stored carefully. Some people are fond of keeping their trinkets on a tabletop but thar give a cluttered look to the room. Avoid doing that; instead, choose a separate drawer for storage purposes.

Minimalism is the Motto

Women love picking up small charms that suit their personalities. Making them throw away these trinkets to make way for the new ones seldom works because every jewellery piece has emotions and sentiments associated with it. Instead of getting rid of these pieces, buy only the best in the first place. By following minimalism as your motto, you will acquire pieces that have tremendous value for you. For instance, select stunning-looking silver bracelets that go perfectly well with Western and Indian ethnic outfits. Have some classy pieces in your collection that work well for every occasion and moment. When storing them, group them so that it is easy to find them. Go creative and store your charms in a manner that is easy to find them.

Create a cushioned layer for your jewellery

Just like jewellery shops, you can have your display of jewellery items with a velvet cushioned layer. Use a plush cushion for this purpose. You can repurpose your old velvet gowns and create a perfect cushion to place your trinkets. The velvety texture of this material will make your charms stand out in all their resplendent beauty and make it easier to pick them up. Every time you choose a piece of jewellery, you will feel like a princess picking up her choicest jewels.

Vintage Dishes for easy choosing

After long hours at the office or working at home, it is tiresome to pull out the whole drawer, look for a suitable compartment and place your trinkets like silver pendents in them. It is time-consuming, and when you are tired, it feels like a very cumbersome job. Keep a patterned, shallow tray at the top of the compartments in the storage drawer. You can place your everyday use silver jewellery in the tray and retire for the day. This way, you will not lose your expensive charms and keep them in place, well-organized, and ready to be picked up the next day.

Group Similar Things Together

Instead of storing your trinkets jumbled up in a compartment, it is recommended to categorize them and keep them in different compartments. Thus, you can place your silver anklets together, silver earrings in one place, and so on. You can also categorize them as per their style. For example, keep big statement rings together, earrings with a similar style in one place, and so on. It will give you quick and easy access to your jewellery.

Decorate your Jewellery

Another storage idea that works pretty well and is quite trendy these days is the jewellery as décor method. Some statement pieces have to be placed and kept as it is out of necessity. For example, if you have several small, dainty pieces of silver rings, you will have to keep them separately; otherwise, it will be tough to identify them quickly when you need to wear them in a hurry. Placing them in separate compartments will save a lot of time. Same holds for dainty necklaces which need to be stored separately so that it doesn't get tangled. These pieces must be ready to grab so that you don't waste time looking for them.

Tiered System Works

Coming to our last storage idea that works pretty well is the tiered system. If your drawer is deep instead of wide, go for a tiered system of jewellery storage. It will help you keep your trinkets properly organized and save a lot of space. It is very easy to get a tiered system installed or create one on your own to store these stunning pieces.

Following the above storage ideas, you can store your lovely silver jewellery pieces with utmost care. Keep adding more charms to your repertoire and enjoy them for years to come with your flawlessly working storage system. It will keep these lovely pieces as good as new for a long time to come. While you love owning these jewellery pieces, make some efforts to store them properly for their safe and extended use.

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