7 Different Ways of Using Singing Bowls in Your House

Posted By : Arpita Mathur

Posted On: 23 July, 2022

Singing bells, meditation bells, meditation bowls, vibration bowls, Himalayan bowls, and so on are the names of the traditional singing bowls from Tibet. The customary bowl is a bell that vibrates to produce a unique sound, with a richly resonating sound. It is quite a common sight in Buddhist monasteries and temples and is used majorly during meditation by monks. Over the years, the Tibetan bowls have become a rage amongst alternative wellness and healing experts.

Here are seven varied ways of using the singing bowls in your house

1. The traditional way of resonating peace the indoors

One way of using the meditation bowl is to use it for its traditionally used purpose. Use the bowl to spread some calmness and peace in the home interiors and the people residing inside. Two techniques are broadly used – striking and rimming.

In the first method, called striking, the bowl needs to be held in the non-dominant hand. The mallet should be in your dominant hand. The padded side of the mallet should be struck lightly on the exterior wall of the bowl. It is the easiest and the most common way. You will get to hear a rich deep ringing sound with the vibrations flowing out in the entire space spreading a sense of peace and tranquillity all around.

The other way to traditionally use the singing bowl is the rimming method. In this method, the mallet should be held like a pen vertically. In this position, the bowl's exterior should be circled by the mallet before a sweet and clear overtone will start to build from the vibrations of the bowl.

2. As a home decor item

Himalayan bowls signify positivity. Thus, the bowl can make for interesting statement pieces in your home. You can find an ideal place to keep it in your living room, study, or bedroom. The very presence of a well-curated singing bowl can fill the air with sanguinity. It can initiate a spirit of healing and an amazing sense of silence that helps reduce stress and tension.

You can place the bowl on your desk, center table, or a shelf, innovating a novel way to use this traditional piece known as chakra healing and sound therapy. The truth is that the bowl is an amazing gifting item too. You can order the bowls online and send in your warmest wishes to a close one in the most genuine manner.

Did you know?

The primary metal used for making the singing bowls, as per Buddhism, is pure copper. However, different religions use different metals to fabricate bowls. In some religions, silver and gold are used for making these bowls.

3. Begin your yoga and meditation with the singing bowl

With the regular use of digital devices and cell phones especially, the brain is perpetually caught in the wave frequencies between 14 Hz to 40 Hz. This frequency is commonly called Beta. The Beta is the logical brain and therefore always trapped in the thoughts, afterthoughts, stresses, and anxieties of life. The Himalayan bowl helps the mind go beyond the beta and access alpha and theta phases. The alpha frequency lying between 7.5 Hz and 14 Hz helps the mind to relax. During meditation, people attempt to access this phase. The Theta frequency lies between 4 Hz and 7.5 Hz, where the mind is further relaxed, and therefore can connect with the inner self.

The ringing of the bowl helps create the kind of harmony externally that the mind can access the alpha and the theta. Thus, one of the effective uses of the bowl is during your yoga practice and meditation.

4. Work with your kids and pets

Singing bowls can be used to start training your little ones, humans, and animals, to reinforce positivity and grow up to be calm and composed. In fact, there are wellness therapies for dogs and cats where the bowl is used to heal or relax the animal and help with pain management. Various studies and researches show the significance of the bowls in engaging the relaxation reflex of pets and even human kids and calm down their nerves, respiratory, and heart rate.

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5. Help your adolescent and teen focus better on studies

The singing bowl can be progressively used to help your child learn the art of concentration. During the examinations or preparatory time, the bell can be used to take short mental breaks. It will help improve their focus and receptive powers. Similarly, it can be used first thing in the morning to wake up the child with a positive and harmonious feeling.

Did you know?

The singing bowl is believed to have originated some 3000 years back. However, no historic literary work supports this belief.

6. Watering your plants

Some experts believe that if you place water in the singing bowls and rub the bowl's rim with the mallet, the water inside that starts to resonate with the vibrations gets activated. Many believe that when this charged water is poured into potted plants, the plants absorb the positivity and grow well. The sound energy created by the resonating bowl and the vibrations passes revitalizing powers onto the water, which is good for your indoor and outdoor plants. You can certainly try this out because it certainly is not going to harm the plants in anyways.

7. Vastu effects

Vastu experts believe that placing the singing bowls facing a particular direction inside the home can reinforce positive energies. If you consult with a Vastu practitioner, they will tell you to keep the bowl in the home's northwest, west, and north side of home for best results. It is always advisable to first speak to an expert before doing so.

Did you know?

Copper produces the purest vibrating or ringing sound. Crystal meditation bells or bowls are preferred these days because they produce a higher-pitched sound.


Order the singing bowl from an online store and use it in the ways mentioned here to fill your place with the bowl's natural positivity and harmony of sound vibrations.

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