History of Meditation Bowl

Posted By : Srishti Pandey

Posted On: 23 July, 2022

Brought up from Tibet, meditation bowls are now used for healing therapies. These exceptionally soothing meditation bowls are also known as the singing bowl and Tibetan bowls. According to Tibetan history, the existence of meditation bowls is dated to the time of historical Buddha Shakyamuni (560-480 BC).

The great Tantric master Padmasambhava in the 8th century brought this tradition from India to Tibet, along with the teachings of Buddha. 

What is a Meditation Bowl?

Meditation Bowl or singing bowl, by their name, something magical and mystical is reflected. They are used for centuries and not just for entertainment purpose. The sound produced from these Tibetan singing bowls increases the positive vibrations.

It fills our mind with a deep state of relaxation and assists in revitalizing the soul. The ultimate goal behind these singing bowls is to enlighten our lives.

They are one of the essential and easiest aids for the meditation and mostly found in Buddhist temples, monasteries and meditation halls throughout the world. Apart from meditation bowls, singing bowls and Tibetan bowls, there is also another long array of names including prayer bowls, resting bowls, Himalayan bowls, and Buddha bowls.

They are so eminent because they produce a musical sound that generates energy and helps in healing. It also contributes to getting relief from the stress, depression and pain which we unknowingly get from our daily struggles of life.

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Benefits of Meditation Bowl

From the etymology of Tibetan singing bowls to till this day, they have been used for versatile purposes. Some of them are listed below:

1. Reduces the stress and anxiety of mind
2. Best for healing and meditation purpose
3. Enhances the circulation and increases blood flow
4. Awakening and balancing chakras
5. Soothing Music and religious purpose
6. Lowers anger and maintains blood pressure
7. Promotes stillness, happiness and well-being and stimulates the immune system

Other than these benefits, many people have a strong belief in the rich blend of harmonic overtones to be responsible for their chakras. Playing these Tibetan singing bowls causes an immediate positive effect. It creates a balance in your mind and synchronizes it with the body.

How is This Singing Bowl Played?

Traditionally, Tibetan bowls were made from an alloy of gold, silver, copper, iron, and tin. But, now we can also find crystal bowls made from crushed crystals. Because different metals have different relationships with different planets, which is why it is, said that these bowls are made from seven metals.

The day you will start playing these singing bowls, it will take you to the next marvellous and musical level.

Generally, there are two ways to play a singing bowl. One is striking and other is rubbing, Striking creates a bell-like sound and rubbing is used to make musical tunes. To produce constant and unbreakable music, it requires some specific postures and techniques to do.

Firstly, one must sit with a flat and straight back, once the comfortable sitting is attained, hold a soft small mat on your palm and keep the resting bowl near the chest over the soft mat. After everything is placed correctly, strike mallet on the resting bowl.

The release sound will give you the overall relaxation and you will feel the sound is resonating around the whole body.  Striking the mallet resonates the sound and rubbing it helps the sound escalate. While practising the Tibetan bowl, various tones are produced and will be mingled. And, with the daily practice, you will start resonating a soothing music.

Healing Effect of Meditation Bowl

The lifestyle which we are following this era is definitely a reason for many physical, mental, and, psychological problems. They are even more increasing because of the gloominess, depression, and anxiety present inside us.

According to many types of research and studies, Tibetan singing bowl meditation chakra healing can make a great difference in the people’s mood. To Increase its healing power sometimes they are performed with a voice like chanting of mantras or by playing the singing bowl.

Another way to do it is by playing it with the musical instruments like flute, drums, singing bowl, santoor, and others. The Tibetan singing bowl music is best for deep meditation and gives a relief from anxiety, depression, stress, pain, and helps in achieving a spiritual well-being.

Get a fantastic meditation bowl for yourself! And, experience the aesthetic and ultra-relaxing benefit of these Tibetan singing bowls. Once the purchase of these bowls will make you slave for life because they have the magical attraction to bind you for the whole life ahead.

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