7 Vastu Shastra Tips to Follow To Bring Wealth and Health Into Your Home


Imagine walking into your home. How does it feel? What are the emotions that are triggered? Are they good, uplifting ones, or do you feel your energy getting depleted when entering your home? We are energy beings, and every object, position, color, and surroundings bring out an emotion. The good news is, there is a science that helps us bring more positivity into our homes and uplift us in the process, And this science is called Vastu Shastra. Vaastu shastra is the science of how things are placed in the house and the house's architecture itself.

Below are some of the benefits of Vastu Shastra:

1) Happiness:  If your home's energy space is positive and uplifted, it will bring more joy to you and your family members.

2) Enhances relationships: A positive environment brings about more clarity and fewer issues among the members of the family. It helps in bonding.

3) Enhances clarity of mind: An organized and clutter-free environment, one of Vaastu's requisites, helps bring about a clear sense.

4) Become more mindful: Mindfulness is when we can be present. But if our environment has a lot of negativity and a lack of energy flow, it would not help in being mindful.

5) Increases resilience: Resilience is the ability to face stress and become adaptable. A home that energizes us with its positivity helps us become more resilient.

Below are seven tips to bring more health and wealth into your life.

Vastu tips for the Main Entrance to your home -

1) Location of the main door to your home - 

If your main door is going to face north, make sure that the door is placed on the wall's North-East section. If it meets the south, then make sure that the door is on the south-east. If the main entrance is facing east, make sure the door is placed on the wall's Northeast portion. And finally, if it is facing west. Place the door on the North-West part of the wall.

The main reason why the main door's location is important for your home is that fresh air and sunlight enter your home, bringing positive energy. It is a good practice to make sure the main door entrance is well lit and neatly maintained. Also, make sure that the door to the main entrance is large. It attracts wealth and prosperity to your home.

2) Vaastu tips for the bedroom -

To bring in prosperity and health, it is important to place the bedroom on the house's southwest. Place the children's room in the east or the north-west zone of your home. If there are arguments or ill-health at home, do a Vaastu check on the bedroom location. A bedroom facing the south-east or north-east could be the reason for the unrest.

3) Vaastu tips for the living room -

The living room is the main area of the home. It is where people at home gather, or when guests come, this is the place where they are seated. Everyone in the family needs to make sure this place is full of positive energy and cheer. Make sure the living room is well lit. Also, place some recliners so when people come, they can enjoy a relaxed time.

4) Vaastu tips for the Bathroom -

The Bathroom has to be placed on the south or southwest corner of the house. A bathroom should never be placed at the center of your home. Else it will deplete the energy of your home. The toilet should not be facing the front door to your home, or it will deplete all your home's positive energy.

To rectify Vaastu defects, the best would be to place some air-purifying plants in the Bathroom. Also, keep some natural materials like wood and stone in the Bathroom. The toilet should not be placed above the kitchen or share a wall with the kitchen. It will create negative energy for your home. Following these tips shall help you make your home Vastu-compliant with positivity flowing through it.

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5) Placement of objects at home -

Living room:

The south-east corner would be an ideal place for the television in the living room. If you place the television on the north-western wall, it will result in the family members spending too much time on television instead of spending time with each other.

Use light curtains in the living room if the living room faces north or east. Alternatively, if the living room faces west or south, use heavy drapes. It is best to keep the northeast corner of the living room clean. It is the place which attracts fortune. So best to keep some potted plants in this area as per Vastu for house. The northeast wall is the best place to hang paintings in the living room.


If there is a window behind your bed, never keep it open.  The bed should have a headrest. Also, if there is a toilet attached to your bedroom, keep it closed at all times.  The bedroom floor can also be cleaned with sea salt to remove negative energy and bring fortune and positivity into your home.


If Himalayan salt is kept in the Bathroom, it removes negative energy and makes space more positive. To make the Bathroom livelier with positive energy, it is good to hang paintings of flowers, landscape, or trees in the Bathroom.


Small potted plants can be kept on the veranda. The shoe-rack has to be placed in the north-eastern direction of the porch.

6) Use of colours in Vaastu

Colours have a huge impact on us, and each colour brings out a different emotion from us.

Living room: White, light yellow, green and blue are the best colours for your living room. They bring in positivity. Hence do not use black or red colours for this space. 

Bedroom: The perfect colour for the bedroom would be pink, cream, or off-white. This room should not be dark in colour. Also, make sure it is clean and clutter-free.

Bathroom: The perfect colour to use for the Bathroom is green. Also, items like curtains, towels can be green in colour.

7) General tips on Vaastu:

It is imperative to keep your home organized and clutter-free to attract abundance and happiness into your home. All broken items which have lost their value have to be removed from your home to attract more positivity. A well-organized home brings in more clarity and peace, and togetherness in the family members. A home is a place where memories are created. So, keeping your home's energy field positive brings about happiness and abundance with Vastu for home.

In conclusion, a home is a place where the heart resides. A home is a place where we come back to after a busy day of work. It is where we would need to invest some time and energy to make it not just a home but beautiful space for relaxation and enjoyment—an area that energizes us and prepares us to face the day full of energy and vigour.