Top 10 Christmas tree Decoration Hacks

Christmas arrives every year and it comes with a lot of excitement and curiosity. If you are an adult or a kid or a senior citizen, you can find the same excitement and curiosity in every age group for Christmas. Christmas is very auspicious because it is a birthday of Jesus Christ.

As Christmas is coming we are not only excited about the celebration but also for the decoration. Many of us used to prefer Christmas decoration with readymade Christmas items or with Christmas tree decoration ornaments.

However, some people thought that we should decorate our home with some handmade ornaments for Xmas decoration and many people use some kind of theme decoration. This article will help you to understand what the possible Christmas tree decoration ideas are. So, let’s have look on top 10 Christmas tree decoration idea.

1)    Use of Personalized topography

To give a very unique and attractive look to your Christmas tree, you can decorate it with some topography. Yes, these personalized words will be considered as Christmas tree decoration ornaments. These topography ornaments are fully personalized so you can use any word. But the most attractive message which is used by people is “MERRY CHRISTMAS”. You can also dedicate this decoration to someone by using the name of a person in topography decoration.

2)    Use of wooden ornaments

Wooden ornaments are the latest and most impressive Xmas decoration ideas. To keep your Christmas tree lightweight and you also want to give it an eye-catching look then wooden ornaments are perfect for you. You can use pine cone, wooden balls and wooden stars as Christmas items to decorate Christmas tree and then wrap a light around it. This will give an authentic and vintage look to your Christmas tree.

3)    Use of Glittered and rustic ornaments

Christmas tree decoration with the use of glittered and rustic ornaments looks stunning on green colour Christmas tree. These glamour and glittered ornaments create a beautiful combination with rustic ornaments which is very attractive on Christmas tree. Most of the people use these glittered and rustic ornament combinations to give a royal and rich look to their Christmas tree.

4)    Use of traditional golden and bronze ornaments

If you decorate your Christmas tree with traditional golden, bronze or burgundy color ornaments then it will give a classic look to your Christmas tree. you can use ball, stars, bells, and garlands of these colors to decorate you decorate your Christmas tree and these are the best Christmas items for many people.

5)    Use of vintage decorative material

Some people are very much inspired by the vintage look and they want to use this vintage theme to decorate the Christmas tree. Vintage theme is a brilliant choice for Xmas decoration because it will give a very unique look to your decoration. You can use white candles, vintage buttons, old paint brushes, pinecones, ribbon, and other Christmas tree decoration ornaments for vintage theme decoration of your Christmas tree.

6)    Use of simple and snowy white color ornaments

To give the most ethnic and traditional look to your Christmas tree then white color ornaments are a perfect choice. If you use snowflakes, white color balls, bells, and stars then it will give a winter and snowy look to Christmas tree. You can also use some white color lace pattern which can be attached at the edges of the tree to give a more winter look.

7)    Use of monochromatic Christmas tree decoration

Sometimes, to give a monochromatic look to your Christmas tree many people use monochromatic Christmas tree decoration ornaments. You can use a versatile scheme of colors such as gold, white and blue for the monochromatic look along with different shades of snowflakes.

8)    Use of stocking and different color ornaments on white Christmas tree

It is not necessary to have a green color Christmas tree because a white Christmas tree also gives an elegant look. You can hang stocking, balls, stars, snowflakes, and bells of a different color to decorate your white Christmas tree. All different color looks stunning on a simple white color Christmas tree.

9)    Use of paper made Christmas tree ornaments

A fancy, lightweight and sober Christmas tree decoration idea is to use paper ornaments.  You can make stars, bells, stockings, snowflakes with paper. These paper ornaments give a simple and sober look to your Christmas tree and they are very easy to hang because they are lightweight.

10)    Use of traditional wine red and white color decoration on Christmas tree

We all know that red and white are known as Christmas color and we often used to decorate our home and Christmas tree with these two colors. You can use red and colors stockings, balls, white color snowflakes, bells and smalls gift wrapped with white and red color wrapping paper. Hang all these ornaments on your Christmas tree to give a traditional red and white Christmas theme look to your Christmas tree and home.


The decoration of the house, staircase, balcony, ceiling and Christmas tree make us excited because we love to do that. We use different color garlands and wreaths to decorate our homes and different Christmas ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree. You can also use decorative lights to glow up your Christmas tree. If you are done with the ornaments such as snowflakes, balls, stockings then wrap the light around your Christmas tree to give a bright look. Once you are satisfied with your decoration then enjoy Christmas celebration and cherish these golden moments with your loved ones.

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Posted On: 29 September, 2022

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