The winters have just arrived and with their onset comes the much-awaited festival of lip-smacking food, lights and decorations. The Christmas! Here I am to help you with time-saving easy décor ideas for this magic festival. Read On

  1. 1.      Christmas Candles

You just need glass jars, some bright coloured sparkles and glue. Cover the glass jar with paste and add the sparkles. Light a candle inside the pot and you are done with a colourful glittered decoration.


  1. 2.      LED Lights – a saviour

Last minute hassle can always be a headache. You can use the garland lights for placing them all around the furniture or around the mirror, making the house look bright.

  1. 3.      Paper Mache Ornaments

Paper made decorations are always an ace over others. Paper mache ornaments such as hand painted colourful floral hanging bell with intricate and unique designs, and colours are readily available on our website at a nominal price. Grab them!


  1. 4.      Box as decorators

This Christmas try not to dump the used cookie boxes or cans. These boxes can be easily decorated using wrapping paper, hung upside down and can be used as candle holders.

  1. 5.      Magic Lamps

For this you just require used wine bottles, spray paints and lights.


  1. 6.      Stars in many ways

Stars can be made with just 10 minutes of time using drinking straws tied with a zip tie or any cardboard cutouts.

  1. 7.      Add a spark to old bulbs

You only require glue, some old bulbs and glitters and you are good to go with a new life of the old monotonous lamp.

  1. 8.      Add some creativity

Christmas is all about creativity and how you entertain your guests. You can decorate your dining tables and entertain your guests by using household items for making a snowman.

  1. 9.      Coarse salt a decorative item

You can use acrylic colours or spray paints and before the paint dries, sprinkle some coarse salt which is easily available in the market. It creates a snowy touch on the bottles.

10.  Decorate the dining

Setting your table using some festive ideas is always an edge over others. Using some colourful socks as cutlery holder can be a great idea.

11.  Snowman, snowman, everywhere

This festival is more about snow. Have you ever thought of turning your fridge into a big rectangle snowman!



12.  Snowflakes, not to be missed

These can be made with ice cream sticks or paper cutouts and can be the fun and engaging activity for the kids around.

13.  Chandeliers

Hanging stars or balls on the lights can give a real festive lamp look.

14.  Christmas Ornaments

Different shaped balls with vibrant colours are available for purchase on our website. These balls are an attractive form of making your festival come alive.


15.  Garlands

For last 15 minutes hassle, garlands act as a saviour. They can be quickly hanged all around the entrance doors.

So above were a few Christmas decorations which you can quickly make in less than 30 minutes of time by using all the items available in houses.

Posted By : Nikita

Posted On: 07 September, 2022

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