Simple Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design

Posted By : Arpita Mathur

Posted On: 06 June, 2022

When it comes to salon designing, maximizing space and style are essential. Since the area is expensive, it is crucial to ensure that the existing room is designed and used carefully while providing ease of service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Such small salons mean taking advantage of space, lower rentals and operational costs. It also ensures that you have lower expenses on maintenance and repairs.

Low budget beauty salon interior design ideas

Having a small salon doesn't mean that the entire process has to be a frustrating experience. One can optimize the salons, layouts, and decor plans using suitable methods, especially with a low budget.

The key to achieving the desired results is to describe the look of your business, starting from the entrance to the endpoints. Having an outsider's perspective helps you understand your salon's overall image.

Thus every aspect of your salon must be carefully portrayed, starting with door knockers to furniture. Again beginning a salon doesn't mean splurging money on the decor projects at once. Instead, it is best to start and then make subtle additions after assessing customer needs. The idea is to choose the product that fits according to your plan instead of selecting stuff and then finding a space for them.

Hence, budget and management are key strategies to get optimal results when it comes to decorating small salons. Whether you are launching a new business, upgrading your salon or renovating the same, here are a few fundamental factors that need to be taken into account -

  • Plan well

Before you start spending money, it is crucial to decide your business requirements and customer type and determine what you can afford.

Similarly, you need to list the critical factors, the essentials and preferable upgrades to ensure that you get the best within the budget. For instance, investing in premium bathroom hardware for a hairdresser can be crucial.

  • Assess the functionality

Functionality is of prime importance while managing small spaces. It is crucial to ensure that you and your team do not get carried away when decorating a small salon. It is also essential to determine if your business is a nail bar, one chair salon, hairdresser, etc.

The design needs to be practical enough for you and your clients. For instance - adding Wall Hooks brings added functionality and eliminates bland spaces.

  • Timeline each activity

Plot timelines for your new salon and its upgrade. Ideally, new salon design, schedule activity and possible budget must be listed to ensure effective outcomes. It also helps to ensure that the same has the lowest possible effect on your business and its revenue.

A timely schedule helps you micromanage stuff, maximize income potential and ultimately ensure that your business is back. Aspects like wall art can help cut down renovation expenses and bring your business back on track.

  • Cohesive designs are crucial.

Small salon decoration plans and designs must sync with your brand image. Your selected colour schemes must be complementary to the actual brand colours.

While investing in an upgrade, ensuring that the salon design is conducive to the brand experience is essential. It means that the design elements like wall hangings, etc., must be in sync and match with your marketing plans.

Type of salon and decorating ideas

  • The natural look

Natural look tops trending ideas for small hair and beauty salons. Often earthy tones and tranquil Statement Pieces make these awesome. These carry an eco-friendly approach, appeal to more customers, and bring positive returns. Metal pendant lights, curtains, etc., can be incorporated into the salon to create a Zen atmosphere. Similarly, vintage-inspired themes, golden and silver additions to wallpapers and analogue clocks can instantly make the area appear more prominent.

  • An Instagram worthy interior

In the age of influencer marketing, the small salon can be turned into an Instagram worthy interior, primarily if catering to the young population. It also helps to set up ideas and powerful design elements. Often pink is recommended for such salons, floral artwork, kitsch Oil Lamps, etc.

  • The nail salon

When considering nail studio designs, classic versions go a long way to redefine the spaces and ensure that clients are focused on the intricate patterns of nail art.

More minor decor elements like drawer knobs can work wonders. Pick a colour scheme that matches your existing brand idea well and ultimately makes it worthwhile for that perfect hand image.

  • A basement salon

Depending on the services and treatments on offer, a large amount of your budget must be spent on making the area appear more prominent, and thus you need the right decor plan and ceiling lamps.

Breathe life in space by adding plants. These bring in oxygen and give a refreshing feel to the interiors. It also brings a natural and calming sense to the interiors.

  • Minimalistic salons

Minimalistic salons might look simple, yet using pichwai paintings and decor elements, these can be easily converted to high-end decor projects if required in the later stages of business growth. Such salons are often new starters that can focus on beauty and hair. The idea of adopting such a design is to create a wow factor.

  • The statement hubs

The salons must tap into the customer mindset to ensure the best results. Choosing the right colour and theme can help communicate your brand image subtly and thus augment brand recognition and growth. It also influences purchase behaviour. Subtle shades like pink and green help expand trust and confidence in your brand. It makes them perfect for spas and massage salons. Those catering to young audiences need to introduce exciting colours and themes, and bold door handles to make a strong impression.

  • At-home salons

If you are foraying into the business of beauty, then your at-home salon must be designed to ensure that your clients feel fantastic and forget that they are at home. You need to spend vast amounts on getting the interior designs right. Else, your business will fall prey to a lack of quality customer experience. Adding elements like small water fountains, etc., can elevate your salon's appeal and make your patrons feel relaxed and happy.

Trending low budget beauty salon interior design ideas

You may have a modern style salon in the heart of the city or a small family-friendly space perfect for people of all ages. Experts recommend using a vision board to ensure that every tiny detail is perfectly planned and executed. Inspiration can be drawn from online and offline channels to help you design your vision board. Taking the aid of customers and employees can also help to ensure that the best elements are present inside the salon.

  • Focus on first impressions

First impressions are everything when it comes to business decor and styling. Elements like key holders  add intrigue, and other statement items like tribal handicrafts add to the overall appeal for the same. Your reception must have comfy chairs and decor to make people feel welcomed.

  • Ditch the front desk

Many salons with limited spaces do without reception areas. It is recommended to add a strategically placed table in the salon and execute payments accordingly.

The area behind can display skincare products and retail products to earn extra. If you find positive results, use designated space and decor elements to push sales of seasonal items or conditioners. Similarly, use the following features to highlight the stylist's space -

  • Choose stunning framed mirrors to sync with the theme
  • Select gorgeous yet easy to clean countertops
  • Use overhead tool storage for blow dryers, etc.
  • Add small plants, distinctive lighting and accessories
  • Add a small hidden table for guests to store their belongings
  • Fuchsia is trending

Opt to create an accent wall in neons or fuchsia pink to add fun and quirky items. Complete the look with grey-blue walls, sheer grey walls, oversized mirrors, etc., to add a warming touch. Choose mirrored clocks, decor items, etc., to get a stylish salon.

  • Sunshine yellow is in

A raised ceiling with attractive shades like sunshine yellow, pale walls, dark frames and shelves can offset black chairs.

For the reception area, choose glass shelves, and colour pops to reflect the products on sale. Alternatively, a white salon, lavender walls, etc., to create an ideal salon experience.

  • Mirrored wall

If you wish to play it safe and promote your brand, use an entire wall with a mirror, and your social media handles to catch the selfie addicts and promote your brand. However, the reflected area must also have sufficient decor and accents to make the images worthwhile and draw the attention of new customers.


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