How To Remove Negative Energy From Home?

Posted By : Arpita Mathur

Posted On: 04 June, 2022

The world comprises both Yin and Yang, i.e. there is the presence of both negative and positive energy inside spaces. Excess negative energy can have detrimental effects on your and your family. The same can quickly deplete your physical and psychological energy, interfering with your chakras. It may interfere with Prana - The vital life force, and causes nervousness and anxiety by draining out vibrancy, health and wellness.

Such negative ions are invisible, odourless molecules. When inhaled in excess, these can cause disturbances and problems. When inhaled, these are carried to our bloodstream, which causes biochemical issues, stress and mental issues.

It is essential to ensure that you take sufficient steps to ensure that the same is clean, well-organized and decorated. Closed and gloomy rooms can have negative energy, making it challenging for you to get the best results. Cool air and natural light are essential to maintain the area and dispel darkness. Invest in quality lights, incense sticks and oils to brighten up your space and attract positive vibes.

Signs that your home has an excess negative energy

Our grandmothers used terms like evil eye, Drishti or Nazar to describe the presence of negativity inside the house. When this happens, the same ruins the looks, prosperity and success of the family. The presence of negativity, jealousy, criticism, glutton, lethargy, etc., are signs of the same.

Here are some of the indicators of negativity inside the house -

  • Chronic health issues of family members and lack of response to quality treatment. Despite repeated attempts, you are unable to overcome negative energy.
  • Lack of realization of desired results.
  • They are missing out on work opportunities or lack lucrative growth options. Signs are clear when such opportunities are snatched at the final stages of realization.
  • Repeated fights and troubles inside the house
  • Negative thoughts, emotions, outbursts or suicidal thoughts
  • Unpredictable and irritating behaviour of family members even due to lack of stimulus
  • Troubles at work, within family or team
  • Unexplained and illogical happenings inside the house

The negativity is sometimes attributed to Vastu issues that indicate spatial and construction anomalies. Apart from this, unclean and clutter inside the house, excess of damaged and broken objects, etc., can be breeding grounds for negative and stagnant forces.

  • Negative energy is present if you feel unhappy and lethargic without any reason. It shows that negative energy is feeding on your feelings.
  • A breakup or unexpected loss augments the negativity.
  • Repeated fights and arguments between partners. Repeated attempts to clear the air prove unfruitful.
  • Problems during significant life transitions, especially in getting a job, partnership or having kids
  • Feeling adhered to or stuck, especially when repeated attempts and hard work goes unnoticed.

Vastu tips for handling and eliminating negative energy from home

Vastu Shastra is an ancient and well-recognized technique that focuses on handling and removing negative energy from home. It also uses specific principles to manage negative energy and attain positive vibes to attain a healthy and happy life. It also helps bring positive and divine blessings inside the home and remove hurdles to your success. Choosing a Vastu compliant decor or renovation plan can work wonders for your home, remove negativity and develop a friendly and peaceful atmosphere. Thus the family enjoys a happy and tranquil existence.

Due to its numerous advantages, Vastu is given particular importance during home decor projects or when constructing a new home. When rooms are built using Vastu, it brings positive energy to the room, and negligence can cause problems and disputes. Still, people forget the principles of the same while decorating the same.

For instance - a living room must have full windows and elements like door knockers to channel positive energy inside the house. Similarly, choosing the ones with a positive theme is essential while investing in pichwai paintings. Avoid selecting the ones related to grief, crying, etc., as these bring negative energy to the house.

Other tips to remove negative energy from home

  • The electrical appliances must be kept in the southeast direction, and ideally, a rack or almirah can be used.
  • TV must be put on the south wall. Also, Statement Pieces and furniture like tables, etc., must be arranged to avoid blocking movements.
  • It is important to light a candle, Oil Lamps or earthen lamps in the evening to keep negative energy from home. Ideally, the Pooja room is a good place for the purpose.
  • Elements like water fountains and flowers must be kept in the living room. Use real flowers instead of artificial ones.
  • To attract good fortune, it is vital to keep the northeast direction clean. Even if plants are used, these must be carefully maintained and groomed.
  • White, lighter shades of green, blue and yellow are ideal for living room spaces. These create a positive atmosphere.
  • Vastu also recommends using square or circular furnishings as these bring positive energy. Avoid investing in erratically shaped products.
  • Peacock is considered auspicious in Vastu. Thus its feathers can help to bring positive energy. Keeping peacock feathers also helps to remedy all forms of doshas and stop evil powers from entering the house.
  • Burning incense is an excellent idea as it helps to bring gains in spirituality and meditation. It increases positive energy in the house, creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere and boosts spiritual revenues.
  • Keeping strategic windows and doors open helps to move negative energy from home. Stagnant energy may accumulate minus this.
  • Antiques are stunning objects that carry pieces of history. Similarly, these take the significance of their last home as well. Before putting these on display, they must be cleansed off negative energy, maintained adequately and thus given a new lease of life.
  • Burning sage is also a great way to remove negative energy from home. This cleanses the air, eliminates impurities and calms the mind.
  • Religious symbols, Goddess figurines, pyramids, etc., attract positive vibes and remove negative ones.
  • Pooja room must be built in the northeast direction and supplemented with suitable ceiling lamps.

Tips for using colours to bring positivity

Colours have a significant impact on the energy of the home. Vastu suggests using specific shades to attract positive vibes to the house -

  • Shades like blue work best in the northwestern region
  • Put orange colour wall art in southeast direction
  • Yellow and red work well in southwest

Yellow dissipates bad energy entirely and helps to make your home appear more prominent and friendly. It also adds a touch of playfulness to the area and easy to introduce aspects like drawer knobs. Similarly, adding mirrors can help to ward off negative vibes. It is vital to place multiple mirrors around the house to bring positive energy, cleanse the mind and add spaciousness. While using mirrors in the bathroom, the same must be incorporated with quality bathroom hardware to uplift the area.

Why invest in the best quality products and accessories for your home decor?

Objects carry negative energy, which blocks physical, mental, spiritual and emotional growth. Clutter makes one feel stressed and tired quickly. This is why it is essential to ensure that you choose only the best products like wall hangings, etc., to decorate your home.

Similarly, accessories like Wall Hooks help you organize your home in a better way, reduce clutter and ensure the best results. Hanging bells and chimes in the doorway can bring sound waves inside the room and eliminate negative energy.

How do we remove negative energy from the house?

Negative energy intensifies when there are unusual or irregular shaped objects. Artefacts like statues of the Taj Mahal, wrongly placed elephant statues, religious symbols, etc., can further augment the negative energy inside the house. Similarly, avoid using images of war or battles as these disturb the peace inside the house. Avoid using cactus, broken glass, mirrors, upscaled bathroom accessories, etc., to decorate your home. Using Key holders, artefacts, and tribal handicrafts is a great idea to upgrade your home.

If the negative energy inside the house is not managed, it will meander throughout the house and ultimately cause detrimental effects. Making small changes inside the house and adopting Vastu tips can be a good start.

Here are a few starters -

  • Declutter the house
  • Rearrange furniture
  • Use flowerpots and hangers
  • Use air fragrance
  • Improve air circulation
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance
  • Manage the overall energy inside the room
  • Eliminate dark spots
  • Use salt therapy

Moreover, you can attract positive energy using the following ways -

  • Focus on natural lighting
  • Keep windows open during the day
  • Choose quality wall decor
  • Add colour to the room
  • Keep wall and ceiling colours separate

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