Interior design ideas for small homes in India

Posted By : Arpita Mathur

Posted On: 13 June, 2022

Numerous challenges are associated with designing an enviable home within a small space. However, with the correct planning and management, the area can be optimized to meet the demands of the household. Every nook of the same is visible, and attention is needed to ensure that even small details are well-managed. Small spaces also create opportunities for decor plans as you can easily attain perfection with careful consideration of the type of room you are decorating.

Similarly, it is essential to ensure that your selected room can maintain its comfort and warmth post the decor projects. A studio apartment has undeniable comfort and warmth, especially compared to a large mansion. Despite this, your home can have touches of elegance and grandeur. Its walls can reflect charm and charisma or ultimately showcase the bits of your personality. You can turn your home into a conversation starter with the correct elements and statement pieces.

What makes Interior design ideas for small homes in India so special?

Indian homes are open to modern interiors and carry flexibility and charisma. Some of the top designs come with an extra hint of tradition. Choosing the correct home décor elements like oil lamps, partitions, etc., can help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere and achieve incomparable space-saving properties. It can also help to divide spaces without contributing to the clutter. Using high-quality space-saving features allows you to perform multiple benefits from a single product.

  • Mirrors to widen up the spaces

One of the easiest ways to add up space inside the room is through mirrors. Choosing polished interiors, massive mirrors, etc., makes your room appear spacious and breezy. The strategic placement of mirrors also helps to reflect light and trick that the same is more significant than its actual size. The use of mirrors can bring a multi-dimensional outlook to the spaces. These reflect light and act as standalone decor pieces.

Similarly, combining the white elements and lighter shades helps make the area appear larger and more sophisticated. Neutral shades are also soothing to the eye and can be combined with wooden furnishings and coloured wall hangings.

  • Planters to enhance the space

Plants absorb toxins from the air and foster positivity, serenity and good fortune. Vastu principles recommend using Tulsi plants in the north-east direction of the house as it drives away negative energies; bamboo plants help bring luck, good health and love life. On the other hand, Aloe vera helps clean the air, jasmine, money plant, peace lily, etc., bringing progression and positive relationships.

Using plants and quirky planters brings a positive and refreshing touch to the interiors and makes for ideal centrepieces. Such items are inexpensive and have a lasting effect on mental health.

  • Channelizing the power of colours

Experts recommend a careful selection of colours and elements. Key holders for wall  in the home décor can significantly affect your mood as it has a therapeutic power that brings peace and calmness inside the house. The use of black, red and grey shades must be avoided in excess, while soothing tones like yellow, beige, cream and light blue can help ease stress. Similarly, greens make it relevant for your living spaces and bedrooms. It also promotes healing, whereas pink attracts positive energy from the environment.

Colour can enhance your interiors, and the right choices like white, creams and greys can make rooms appear airy and well-maintained. It is pretty compelling, especially when you have limited access to natural light and these schemes help make the spaces feel cosy and welcoming. It is best to avoid paintings with intense scenes or colouring the ceiling in darker blue, red, grey and black hues.

Clever ways to decorate your small living room on a budget

It is easy to upgrade your small living spaces and make them appear larger. A small room can quickly turn disastrous, especially when you add many items with different personalities. There are also numerous tricks to make the area appear bigger by bringing in the correct elements to create an illusion of space.

  • Add the right furniture and sofas.

While investing in furniture and ceiling lamps, it is essential to consider the size and colour of these products. Since the sofa is one of the most critical items, it must be complemented by using the right items. Using neutral furniture can also make the space appear more inviting and prominent.

Similarly, adding a large piece of furniture with products like water fountains can fill the space, giving the illusion of larger areas. It brings a unique dimension to the room and makes the space appear less uncluttered.

  • Combine dining and living room spaces

An exceptional dining area can help pique guests' interest and spark conversations. Use eye-catching wall art or furnishings that reflect your personality and make the space appear exciting and fun. If you have a bright dining area, then the other rooms of the décor must be upgraded accordingly to attain the best results. Such combined areas are a standard feature of compact homes. To attain a cohesive look, you can match furniture and upholstery to make the same appear visually connected by using rugs, carpets, door knockers, etc.

  • The wooden interiors

Wood is an element that improves the appearance of any home, and choosing well-executed dining areas brings modernity and elegance. It also makes the home feel cosy, and adding accessories like door handles can make the dining area stand apart. Such décor is easy to find and maintain but puts a stunning addition to your interiors.

  • The wall décor plan

If you host many parties, you need to invest in wall hooks, and chic décor plans to modernize the area. Large abstract artwork and photographs work well in modern settings, and nature scenes work perfectly for traditional décor. It is the focal point of the dining area.

  • Wall niches

It is essential to create wall niches inside the tiny home and use them for exhibiting antique ornaments or vases. This helps to bring a royal touch, primarily if you use handmade artefacts, vintage bowls, rotary phones, drawer knobs, etc.

Niche inside walls is an interior designer's dream as these save space and allow room for achieving classic home decor.

  • Glass tables

Putting glass shelves in bathrooms can help focus on bathroom hardware. Glass tables allow you to flaunt your floorings and look more expansive. It also helps to bring an illusion of space and subtle designs to help you to spotlight other bolder areas like area rugs, pendant lights, wall art, etc.

  • Hanging lights

Bad lighting can be a significant setback to your small apartment. It makes your room appear dull and lifeless. You may have a great interior design, but poor lighting can affect the overall decor. However, it is recommended to add critical lighting points without compromising space. It means that desk lamps, standing ones, etc., are a complete no. Choose overhead, recessed and ceiling versions. These help to emphasize the height of the room. Similarly, pendant lights or hanging ones look beautiful and save space.

  • Large rugs

When you use suitable rugs, the room appears larger and stunning. Persian carpets have borders that tend to draw eyes to themselves and create a sense of smaller space. Instead, choosing stripes or borderless designs is recommended to attain the best results.

Choose a simple colour palette or neutral rugs with a jute base to achieve the right balance between Bohemian vibes and your spaces.

  • Nesting tables

Experts suggest nesting tables for saving space in your small room. These are often available as tables stacked together. These are versatile and smart ways to improve your living room space. Depending on the needs, these can be pulled out or used together.

  • Cushions

Cushions in varied sizes add a soft appeal to your room. Bringing new pillows in various sizes and styles can help to bring textures and colours to make your space feel refreshed. These are available in different shapes and sizes.

Similarly, investing in upholstery for sofas and armchairs is a great idea. You can also choose throws over the couch to save money.

Choose practical storage solutions

Investing in practical solutions can help you to achieve a clutter-free area. It also helps to add a unique appeal to the space. Invest in small cabinets, modular designs, etc., that add personality and can transform the space.

Adding small bookshelves, storage solutions, and understairs storage is a great idea. Choose centrepieces wisely and then build a new storage space to attain a positive impact.

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