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Wedding is not a destination. It’s a journey through which two individuals and their families join hands together to enter into a heartfelt connection about to last for lifetimes. Although this journey begins the moment the two individuals decide to tie the knot.

However, it’s only on the wedding stage where the sweet memories began to show blooms and open doors to a new life.

If your wedding is nearing, or a wedding of someone close to you, here are ten wedding stage decoration ideas that are easy on the eyes. Read on to get some inspiration and to further discuss with your wedding planner.

Starry Wedding Decoration Ideas with Lotus Stage

Just imagine how stunning would it feel to stand or get seated amidst the petals of lotus on a lotus shaped stage. Decorate your wedding stage in a design of lotus petals crown outlining the couple’s sofa seat.

To create an ambience even more refreshing, choose a backdrop decoration of starry night. While exuding the divinity of lotus flower, the stage will make the couple feel like the god and the goddess for a day. The decoration is perfect for weddings carried out indoors.

Pretty Pink Wedding Theme with Soft Peachy Tones

A circular canopy studded with flowers. Peachy curtain drapes in baby pink, powder pink and white enveloping the ornate brass sofa with cushioned back.

White columns and pillars wrapped in green foliage and floral wreathes. This is one of the most common yet also the loveliest of wedding decoration ideas. 

Classic Indian Golden & Maroon Stage Décoration

Thinking of golden and maroon reminds of the old age traditional Indian weddings with all things royal and blushing. This colour duo is almost always considered synonymous with marriages and related ceremonies.

A large glitzy maroon backdrop with lots of golden embellishments in the form of chandeliers, sofa linings, side draperies and candle stands is one way to get an image of what it will look like.

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And when talking of golden, even the combination of white and golden can’t be missed at all. Add all the three colours – golden, white and maroon; and the decorations are taken to another level. 

Mughal Style Peppy & Bright Wedding Decoration Ideas

In addition to the marrying couple, a wedding also brings lots of festivity to their friends and family members. Weddings especially in India are also full of masti, fun, food and thumkas. Why not let the stage too reflect this vibrant feel?

Envisage a large sized sofa placed amidst a flowy conglomeration of curtains in bright colours such as hot pink, green, magenta, cobalt blue, cherry red, golden brown, and dark purple.

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Glitter coated giant styrofoam paisleys in the background is also a great add-on for an extra pop of colour in the wedding.

Shimmery Stage Decoration with Crystals

If you’ve been fantasizing of a sophisticated and elegant style wedding, this is a theme for you. Think of jewel toned decorations like crystal glass chandeliers, glass bead string curtains, and champagne toned sequin hangings.

As the accents of white or cream drapes exude a vast spaciousness, the crystals and the gold trimmed pieces will offer glamour to the decorations.

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Make it give a glitzy display with metallic hints such as through rose gold cushions or some silver decorations. Apart from being trendy, the theme displays a look which is quite neat as well as sharp. 

Stage-cum-Mandap Themed Setting

These days, more and more people are opting this stage design trend in their weddings, mainly owing to its flexibility. The stage is set beneath a circular arch created with pillars wrapped in drapes, garlands or flowers.

In front of the couple’s sofa chairs, there’s a covered havan kund, which is uncovered when it’s time for the mandap to be set. The rest of the decorations are carried out as usual indoors or outdoors.   

A Flower Filled Wedding Stage

The blossomy florals are still the best way to spill some vibes of romance while giving a minimal and elegant display to the guests.

Make your D-day blossom to the fullest by going for floral decorations including arches, cascading flower garlands, flower wall decorations, backdrops and more of these.

Even if you create a stage only with some soft pastel drapes and basic flower decorations, it casts a flavour which is hard to match.

Let The Wedding Shine Yellow With Graceful Genda Phool

If you wish to fill up your wedding festivities with bursts of cheerfulness, what better a decoration than the genda phool from the good old days? Decorate your wedding stage with yellow marigolds, curtain draperies and yellow lights.

If you want to skip marigolds, you can also go for yellow roses or yellow daisies. To match it with, use yellow table napkins for a truly graceful wedding decoration.

Lawn Green Style Wedding Decorations

If you and your partner love nature and greenery, just go for it in your wedding decorations too. The stage is covered with lawn greenery backdrop along with lush green leaf decorations and foliage chandeliers.

If you want to add some colour, pair the greenery with white, pink or silver. A green garland on both sides of the couple’s seating is also a great addition to the theme.

Hearts Hearts Hearts!

No wonder, marriage is a union of two hearts. So, this is really a good idea to have two jumbo sized hearts or many little hearts as the stage backdrop.

It can also be a giant 3D heart created out of flowers. Or, it could be a heart shaped sequin outline comprising of background draperies. Perhaps, a setting with heart shaped LED lights. Simply fantastic!