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Vastu has been part of Indian culture for thousands of years, not without any reason. It is because it is an ancient science based on architecture, astronomy, and astrology. By balancing the five essential gifts of nature, earth, water, fire, air, and space, Vastu promotes internal peace. It is the reason that people believe that Vastu principles were followed in Ayodya, the birthplace of Lord Ram. And there are mentions of it in the ancient scriptures of Ramayana and Mahabaratha too.

Also, science confirms that the five natural powerhouses of energy sources help better people living with vastu for home. Vastu balances them by the free-flowing of fresh air, the many benefits of sun rays coming into the house, the excellent effect of earth's magnetic fields, and the influence of cosmic energies. Hence continue reading to know the best nine Vastu ideas for the main door.

Why make your home Vastu-compliant?

In most parts of India, anyone planning to build a house will find persons with Vastu's expertise for home, like finding an engineer. Vastu's belief provides security for the people to stay safe and calm in the house built per vastu shastra. Also, they believe that there will be an excellent relationship among people with good mental strength living in such homes. There is too much proof in ancient temples built as Vastu principles still standing strong even after hundreds of years. The basis of the early Vastu principles depended on the different sun rays' different positions at other times of the day.

Significance of Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is mainly followed in India as it is part of the traditional Hindu culture and is now spreading worldwide. The word Vastu shastra roughly translates to the science of architecture, and along with astronomy and astrology, it ensures the balancing of all the five natural gifts. Its importance of making people happy and healthy is now understood in many countries to use Vastu for home. Now people are sure it keeps out the negative energies and brings positive vibes for all in the house. Also, it increases the resale value as many buy a home built as per Vastu sastra.

In any house or any building, the main door is a major attraction and ensures the inmates' safety. It also gives an opinion of the inside of the house and even the people living in it. Hence, having the main door as per Vastu sastra is more critical than any other part of the house. In Hindu mythology, all the good come into the house only by the main front door, and all the evil will come from the back door. Hence here are the nine Vastu ideas for the main entrance.

The right directions for the main door

Directions are the base for Vastu sastra, and it is more important for the main door. Only the main entrance in the right direction will allow the positive energies to fill in the house. Hence, the main door's construction should enable the housemates to step out of the house towards the north or northeast as it is auspicious and a way of moving forward in life. It is better to avoid three doors in a line parallel to the main entrance as it is not proper as per Vastu to bring happiness. So, constructing the main gate on the north or north-east side opening clockwise of 90 degrees is Vastu's right for home.

The right materials to make the main door

As per Vastu principles, wooden doors are auspicious for the main door, as it is the archway for bringing in happiness and progress. The main door should also be the largest in the house and look the best of all. The wood should be of superior quality, like teak wood, to have an appealing look and ensure the inmates' safety.

The right decorations around the main door

The area around the main door should be clean to be hygienic and bring in positive energy into the home as per Vastu. Having bright lights around the main entrance is essential to give an appealing look. Decorate the door with divine symbols like the swastika and if there is space, keep some plant pots to provide a natural and beautiful look to the house.

Things to avoid around the main door

Never keep a mirror in front of the main door, as it will cause the energy to bounce back. Also, avoid keeping fountains, dustbins, any unwanted used, and throw away things. Never use a red light for the main door, and do not use black color for any part.

The right place for the main door

The main door being the center of attraction of the entire house, should also be at the center point of the house for uniform spread the energy. Never construct the main door at any corners as it is auspicious and could bring in the negative energies inside the home.

Place a nameplate on the main door

To make the main door more authoritative along with its appealing looks and appropriate nameplate is essential. Simple nameplates with the name of the house or the inmates' crystal clear will make it look grand and give the satisfaction of owning a home.

The right side of the main door

As per Vastu, the main door's right height is seven feet, and the width should be a minimum of three feet. On this basis, large doors bring in more energy into the house and more fresh air for proper ventilation inside the house. Also, the bigger the main door's size, the more is the grandeur look of the home for people to appreciate it.

The right visibility of the main door

Vastu principles need prominent visibility of the main door, but the Feng Shui principles suggest the same. Further, only a prominent looking main door with a nameplate is easily identifiable by all people coming to the house. It could also increase the home's value and the people living around to have a reasonable opinion of the inmates living in the house.

The right threshold for the main door

It is essential not to underestimate the importance of the threshold for the main doors. As per Vastu sastra, it is necessary to have a raised point to stop the negative energies from entering the house. Many buy old homes at huge costs in India for the precious stones kept under these thresholds hundreds of years ago. In those days, people kept rare gems, diamonds, and others underneath the point that only a few will know about it. It is to bring prosperity to the house and still is the right way to become prosperous in the new place.

The above eight Vastu ideas for the main door will help people to construct it accordingly to live a happy, healthy, and prosperous life inside the house. The main entrances are the gateway for going out to work and business to feed the family and be prosperous. It is also the one that is used by all to enter the house to come back for the family's peace and love. Hence utmost care and concern are essential to construct it as per the Vastu for a house to be a temple to live peacefully with positive vibes.