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Modern Interior Design is based on the principle of minimalism and simplicity, which has given it immense relevance. Today, modern homes adorn a no-fuss look and clean lines, and still, these are comfortable and cosy.


It is imperative to note here that there is no limit to a futuristic aesthetic boxed in a specific style. Modern Interior Design came into existence in the late 19th century and rose to popularity in the 1930s.


Despite a lot of other designing concepts coming up, a stream of modernism is still relevant today. Elements of modern design form the basis of many contemporary homes. Here, we bring you the top 10 ideas to decorate in a modern style.

1. Modernist Art

Installing modernist art in your home is one of the most exciting ways to add a modern and contemporary décor look to your humble abode. The artwork by modernist artists rejected the idealistic view of realism and paved the way for the creation of expressive artwork that manifested in unlikely forms and vibrant colours.


Cubism, abstract art, and Fauvism have successfully captured the essence of fashionable principles and perspectives. Modernist artwork was a reaction to outdated and redundant traditions.


When looking for a contemporary interior design idea for your home, look for a large-sized art piece with no-frame or a minimal frame hung on a wall. Hang a feature light above the artwork and create a focal point. You can also choose a series of small art series, especially if the walls are expansive.

2. Neutral Walls

There was a time when home walls were adorned with chintz wallpaper and Victorian murals. Today, modernism has changed the look of the walls and kept them neutral.


The stillness of such barriers in shades of grey or white goes well with the contemporary interior design ideas. Such walls look classy and stunning for exterior as well as interiors of your home.

3. Line Focused

Before using modern or contemporary interior designing elements in your home, it is essential to understand the premise of this designing style. The primary principle of modernist designs, “Form Follows Function”, can be seen in this designing style.


Instead of complicated forms, the designing style focuses on simple shapes. When decorating your uber-cool modern home with this designing style, go with simple, clean lines.


Sharp vertical and horizontal lines in modernist architecture are manifested in décor and furniture designs. In modern homes, one can also find cylindrical columns forming vertical lines. It showcases the striking use of the reinforced concrete.

4. A Touch of Black and White

Many interior designers love using extreme colours like black and white flowing effortlessly in various design elements. Right from furnishings to furniture, an absolute riveting play of these colours can be seen.


The modern interior design follows a fuss-free approach while at the same time making use of new materials. These houses may have flat roofs, large windows, and have neutral walls.


Hang black and white framed pictures on one of the walls and create a relevant area. Know that Futurism, De Stijl, and Bauhaus also were an essential part of modernism that added a lot of depth to the style.

5. Clutter-Free

Modern homes also relied on clutter-free spaces as part of Contemporary Home Style. The walls, mantels, countertops, and other visible areas must always be devoid of anything extra on its surface.


The minimalistic mantra is in play here where “less is always more.” This principle must be kept in mind when choosing perfect accessories for modern interiors. Thus, be sure to organise well and keep trinkets out of way and visibility.  

6. Primary Colours

In contemporary interior design style, fantastic use of primary colours is done. It is imperative to note here that these colours were an inherent part of De Stijl and Bauhaus movements and today.


As a result, we find a beautiful play of primary colours in modern interior design. Whether it is pieces of accent furniture, rugs in colours like yellow, red, blue, white, and black or other décor accessories, everything is bold and beautiful.


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7. Open Plan

Another way to use contemporary home styles is to break free from walls and choose the open plan layout. It is one of the significant elements in modern home interior designing.


An open kitchen, dining, and living area need uncluttered surfaces. Thus, eliminate unnecessary things within a home and promote free airflow. You can make these public areas look attractive and appealing by choosing modern décor accessories.

8. Stylish door accessories

When looking for suitable door accessories, choose stylish, modern in looks door accessories like door handles in different shapes, materials, and styles. Depending on the overall décor plan of your home or space, choose suitable designs that go well with the holistic décor style.

9. Iconic Furniture

Choose furniture with great care when looking to decorate your modern home. You will come across a lot of styles and while choosing the one that is the best for your humble abode, look for mid-century popular furniture items like Butterfly chair and Barcelona Chair by Mien van der Rohe’s as these are some of the most iconic and coveted furniture times to augment the style of any home. As far as possible, choose furniture with straight lines with minimum décor. Avoid bold patterns and instead, go with plain fabric in furniture furnishings.

10. Stay Away from Moulding

Gone are the days when ornate architectural designs like cornices and mouldings were used. These designs look unnecessary in modern homes. Go for unembellished and straightforward designs in cabinetry and doors. Have a lot of large windows in a home that gives a modern look to your home. It allows a lot of natural light and fresh air in the house. 


All these ideas help to decorate your modern home in a modern interior design style. Explore these ideas and make your journey to a contemporary home, designing an enjoyable one.