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It's time to upgrade your house while practicing social distance! Let's face this fact: The covid-19 pandemic has allowed us to spend more time indoors- it seems like a dream come true for those who love indulging in artistic ideas. Want to learn more about the upsides of remaining holed up at home? We all tend to struggle too much when organizing, managing our storage space, or designing our lackluster apartment that requires an upgrade. The faded paint on your blank wall is probably seeking you to embed a gallery wall you were willing to put up forever.

Here are the best DIY home décor tips we've come up with.

1. Add the best tone to your front door

You can paint your front door with a glossy and fun hue to create a long-last impression. On the cultural front, red is said to be a harbinger of luck and wealth. Earlier in America, a red-colored door meant a welcome symbol for exhausted travelers, while on churches, it was seen to symbolize heaven. One thing you need to let go of is an outdated wooden door. Or, you can paint with hues like yellow or orange: these colors are related to warmth and joy.

2. Paint your walls with neutral and light colors

When it comes to your first floor, you can add colors like gray or beige. Try to eliminate those jarring transitions as much as you can. Neutral walls allow you to switch up your decoration accessories by ensuring maximum flexibility.

3. Make sure your living area welcomes more conversation and guests

Imagine a spacious hotel lobby: The first thing that steals our attention is how the furniture is placed in groups for inviting conversation. So, while arranging your furniture inside your living space, your goal should be to achieve the same sense of intimacy and balance. Do not push your furniture against your walls. Instead, keep the furniture away from your walls to make your room look spacious. Use creative door handles to add spice to the place.

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4. Allow the sunrays to reach the corners of your house

Get rid of those outdated and heavy drapes, as a blank window looks perfect than an ugly one. If your house receives a good amount of sunlight, go for bright shades that won't fade down the line. Opt for fabrics like cotton, silk blends, and linen as they can hang perfectly.

5. Add a mirror to your rooms

Mirrors can brighten up your rooms as they allow the lights to bounce back inside your room. Hang mirrors on your walls that are perpendicular to your room's windows.

6. Add artworks to your wall's décor

If you have a large wall, you can hang an oversize picture or an array of small pictures in the form of a gallery design.

7. Add layers to your lightings

Your room should have at least three lighting types: task, this can be found in a reading corner, ambient: this light should come out of ceiling fixtures for better illumination. Besides, the accent lights should highlight a piece of artwork.

8. Place rugs beneath your furniture's feet

Follow these simple rules to place a rug: Ensure that all four legs of your chairs and sofa inside your living room are placed on a rug. The rug should be able to define your furniture grouping while elevating the appearance of your seating area.

9. Reach out to an expert to declutter your space

The longer you reside inside a home, the less you're willing to observe the mess over time. It's time to examine your living space with a pair of fresh eyes! You can reach out to an organizer for some time to tackle your closets and bookshelves: these are the places stuffed with twice the amount of things that are meant to be kept. Consider whittling down the kinds of stuff on your shelves by at least 40-50% and mix your vertical rows of books with the horizontal stacks. Intersperse some decorative items like vases or glass bowls in between the books.

10. Add door handles and raise your ceiling's height with the help of a few visual tricks

If your ceilings aren't high enough, you can paint them with off-white or white paint to minimize the claustrophobic feel around your rooms. Say goodbye to your outdated and stained door handles! Add round-shaped door handles of gold, silver, and bronze shades that come with a smooth surface.

Check out these options and make your humble abode look more beautiful and comfortable.


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