Top 10 Garden Decorations For Balcony That Brings You Closer to The Nature

With space in cities shrinking at a rapid pace, people have no choice but to call an apartment or a small house their home. The growing problem of pollution has made people aware of the significance of greenery around them and this has resulted into a trend of balcony garden. People love buying lovely plants and place them in decorative pots to add a touch of style and elegance to space.

When decorating a balcony garden, there is no dearth of interesting and amazing décor and whimsical craft objects to make it look lovelier than ever. If you are planning to add a whimsical look to your green space, here are top 10 DIY garden décor ideas that will not cost you much but add a lot of grace and charm to this place.

Decorate your Balcony With Repurposed Brick Book Look

It is one of the most interesting and affordable DIY garden décor ideas that can convert your balcony garden into an endearing space. Pick up some old bricks and paint them to look like faux books.

This will add a new and unique touch to your tiny garden. If you are an avid book worm, select some of your favourite titles and paint the bricks with interesting cover look.

You can line your steps with these bricks or create a lovely flower garden using them. It surely adds a touch of whimsy to your garden and create a perfect corner where you can read your favourite books.

Make a Lighthouse Out of Clay

Lighthouses have always held a lot of curiosity among people. This building structure made using clay can add to your indoor and outdoor garden décor. You can even use clay pots and create lovely, tiny, and quaint-looking lighthouses. Such clay pots are available at very affordable prices and you can pick them up directly from a potter and unleash your creativity to decorate your garden area.

Cactus Lights

Add some light in your garden area and make it a focal point of your space. You can go for brightly lit display using interesting and exciting cactus lights. If you do not wish to plant cactus in your green area, you can add the style by using cactus light and lighting up the whole area. These yard decorations in diverse colours are available at very cost-effective prices but the impact of these lights on your lovely terrace garden is going to be nothing short of stunning.

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Crystal Watering Can

Add more style and whimsy touch to your lovely garden by this DIY activity. Very easy and quick to do, you can make a watering can and turn it into an interesting and fascinating garden décor idea.

It looks simply gorgeous by adding some crystals to it that gives a look of falling droplets. It not only matches your garden theme but also add beauty to your balcony or backyard area. You can also hang this watering can above a lovely plant with crystals hanging from its spout giving a look of water droplets hydrating the plant.

Glass Stone Balls for Garden Decor

Glass stone balls is one of the most sought-after garden décor ideas. It can be added to a glass pot or a ball can be created in diverse colors using them. It not only adds a touch of style to your lovely garden but also a dash of color here and there. The whole area looks vibrant. When sunlight falls on these glass balls, it shines brightly. Go for any design or colour and use glass stones in innumerable ways.

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Rock Caterpillar

It is another interesting and easy to do DIY activity. Where there is a garden, bugs are not far behind. If your tiny balcony garden lacks these bugs, you can create them by a simple creative activity. Pick up small stones and paint them in creative ways making it look like a caterpillar.

Place these stones between flower pots in your garden such that it looks as if a bug is perched on the pot. It will add a lot of colour and whimsical look to your lovely terrace garden. These stones and colours are available at any craft store at very affordable prices.

Ladybugs in Stone

Ladybugs in Stone

Just like you created bugs for your garden to give it an authentic look, you can also create rock ladybugs by painting them in actual colours, that is, black and red. Both colours are very commonly available and you just need to look for small sized stones and you are done. Placing these cute-looking lady bugs close to the planters in the garden will make it look more charming. The whole area will come alive with your lovely creations.

Garden Bench

A garden is incomplete without a lovely garden bench where one can sit for hours together and enjoy greenery all around. Depending on space available in your garden, you can create small, lovely benches in fence shape or repurpose fence to create small sitting area. It will not only add a lot of attraction to your garden but also give you a place where you can sit awhile and admire your tiny garden and your amazing handiwork.

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Garden Animals

If you have old tires lying unused, you can use it and upcycle them. A lot of interesting and wonderful things can be made using old tires. One of them is little garden animals.

Paint these tires in your favourite animal colours and place it between pots or garden chairs. You can paint deer, giraffe, turtles, bear and lot many animals that are sure to add a more natural and foresty look to your lovely garden.

Fairy Luminaries with Upcycled Paint Cans

Another interesting and easy to create garden décor idea is placing fairy luminaries here and there. These luminaries can be made using leftover paint cans. Just draw a design on the paint can and poke holes as per the design outline. Add tealights and voila, you are done. When these tealights are lighted up in the night, it adds a warm glow all over your garden adding a whimsical touch to it. 

All these ideas are very simple and affordable. You just need to use your creative acumen and add charm to your lovely garden.