Ganpati Decoration Ideas With Thermocol | Ganpati Decoration Ideas 2020 |

Consisting of a papery texture and a powdery touch, thermocol is an amazing material used in decorations. From nut packaging boxes to stage decoration, from decorations in festivals to weddings, thermocol is widely used in various industries. During Ganpati festival, thermocol makes up for a large percentage of Ganpati decorations, especially in the Maharashtrian regions.

Hundreds, if not thousands of mandaps and pandals are created.Hundreds of thermocol statues are installed. Besides this, a medley of thermocol accessories comes available in the decoration stalls.

So, if you too would like to explore some thermocol-made decorations, find below seven amazing Ganpati decoration ideas based in thermocol.

Thermocol Glitter Peacock for Ganpati Mandap

The best part of using thermocol for decoration is that it is quite flexible, much like paper. So, you can give it any shape you want, any design or carving as per your imagination.

Since a peacock is believed to carry divine connection to Ganesha, peacock feathers is a wonderful craft design to make using thermocol. Also, while shopping for Ganpati, you will come across many statues and sculptures featuring Lord Ganesha alongside a peacock.

You can create a complete peacock carving or simply a peacock feather, or anything in between. Upon colouring the crafty peacock, add some glitter for even more stupendous look.

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Ganpati Decoration Ideas using Thermocol Wall Art

You can make some gorgeous wall decorations out of thermocol including paisleys, chakras and mandalas. 

To make thermocol wall art, simply purchase some slabs of thermocol, some white or colored paper, glue and tape. Now, draw and paint the desired design on the paper, or via paper cuttings, and then paste it onto the thermocol. Laminate it if it needs to be.

This is something which isn’t just ideal for Ganpati decorations but evergreen year round. In fact, even if you’ve been looking to add some décor to your walls or doors, this is a great idea to begin with! 

Thermocol Kalasha Decorations

Thermocol Kalasha is absolutely simple to make. Simply make a kalasha-shaped cut-out from a slab of thermocol. Paint it using your favourite colours. Add rhinestones to mark the outlines. And it’s done!

If you can’t think of a place to make this kalasha decoration for, consider creating ceiling hangings out of these. Top of the Ganesha idol with this hanging.

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Thermocol Moon Throne & Ganesha Figurine

Ganpati appears with a moon on his forehead. So, this time, let the Ganpati sit on a moon throne. Carve out a moon shaped throne out of thermocol or get it created via a thermocol craft store.

Make sure that its weight is appropriate to carry the weight of your Ganpati idol. Decorate it with fairy lights, flowers and ornaments for a shiny look.

Add cotton around the throne to give the feel of Ganesha sitting on the moon in the night sky. If you don’t yet have a statue for this pandal, consider a small sized metal Ganesha figurine. 

Mini Ganesha Temple with Accessories

Many people like to have their own Ganpati temple created during the festival period. While some prefer brass or bronze Ganpati temples, some prefer lightweight materials such as thermocol.

You can get a small Ganesha temple made from a thermocol artist in a considerable price.

While choosing its design, do include thermocol lattice decorations especially for areas like pillars, columns, panels and dome. Lattice decorations can be done in various floral and geometric designs.

For even more natural look, add accents of thermocol-made accessories such as flower baskets, vases, swans, mouse, serpent, lotuses or peacocks.

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Your Own DIY Thermocol Aarti Plates

Buy a packet of thermocol plates. You’ll find it in any packaging shop. Add to it, some craft materials along with decorative sequins and beads. Now, paint the plate in some beautiful and bright colour of your choice. You can also keep it white.

Outline the plate with some gota, ribbons or glitter lace. Glue the decorative beads including sequins, bindis, lace flowers or mirrors

Use these plates to keep the pooja kalasha, diyas or flowers. 

Ganpati Decoration Ideas Using Glitter Thermocol Balls

A wonderful idea to have a thermocol-themed festive decoration. One, they come in no cost. Second, they are easy to use, without going too elaborate.

Buy a pack of multicoloured glitter thermocol balls and decorate everything you can with them. DIY Coasters, diyas & candles, gift boxes, wall hangings, lantern pendants etc. 

A Point to Note

As seen above, thermocol is a wonderful craft material to create some stunning Ganpati decorations. However, since everything has a dark side, this is also true that thermocol, mostly is non-disposable.

It comprises of a substance called polystyrene which is nothing but a type of plastic which can cause severe crisis such as drain blocking and pollution in water bodies. Also, upon burning, it releases some carcinogenic fumes which can be harmful to a human body.

Therefore, while purchasing a thermocol decoration, it’s also a good idea to purchase a thermocol recycling bag which comes cheap, or you can also deposit the thermocol objects in a nearby thermocol recycle centre.