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10 Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

As the winter holidays call you out to play with the snowballs, the jingle bells join the voices singing carols. Candles lit up and star lanterns burst into glows across the streets. Amidst all of this, many people are likely to participate in joyful celebration in their homes, particularly with a decorative Christmas tree. If you are also mulling over the style and design of the upcoming Christmas tree for your home, read below to get inspiration from some stupendous Christmas decoration ideas.

1. Christmas Decoration Ideas with Cascading Ribbons

Be it a roll of tartan ribbons or rustic buffalo plaids, ribbons is one of the simplest decorations you can use for your Christmas tree. To keep it plain, just complement the ribbons with layered strings of lights. If you want to decorate it further, there is absolutely no limit to what you can do.

Consider glassy ball Christmas ornaments, bells, and stars. Another great thing you can do with ribbons is to make bows out of them and then dot the tree with these bows while using colourful gifts as the tree skirt.

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2. Make Christmas a Little More Sweeter with Candy Treats

Use sugary candies, heart shaped cookies, donuts, candy canes and bonbons to adorn this year’s Christmas tree. If there are many flies or bugs in your house, try tiny sized chocolates wrapped in colourful papers instead.To add more of the festive vibe to it, complement with ornaments like mini gingerbread houses, soft toys shaped like Santa Claus etc.

3. Celebrate Christmas in Glamour with Disco Mirror Balls

Disco mirror balls generally come in shades of silver and golden. Each one looks terrific in its own way. There are two best of the many ways you can use these disco balls on your Christmas tree. One, consider small sized disco ball hangings dangling down from the tree at various points.

The second way is to create a tree entirely filled with disco balls. A disco ball Christmas tree, to say it simple. A good way to do this is to buy differently sized disco balls to cover the tree entirely. Spray paint the remaining greenery in faux snow dust or silvery white paint.

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4. Christmas Tree Decoration with Fluffy Feathers

White feathers give a look of fluffiness and fullness to the tree while creating an ambience of calm and cosiness. Besides, if you have been thinking of creating a mini snowland in your house, this is a great add on. The feathers will also act as faux snow. A tree covered in feathers will instantly take you on a hilltop filled with snow-coated pines.

To match, add hints of sparkle by hiding a few little bulbs beneath some of the feathers. Even a curvaceous array of white poinsettias is a wonderful accent to the feathery decoration.

5. Christmas Decoration Ideas Using Paper Craft Flowers

The easiest way to make craft paper flowers at home is to begin with geometric accordion circles with paper. Use lots of colours like orange, red, blue, green and purple to create a gorgeous flowery welcome for Christmas. In various stores, online and offline, you will find many glossy foam craft flowers too. Even they will look equally fantastic when used in the tree decorations.

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6. Top up the Tree Decoration with Marquee Star Light Topper

Marquee lights are usually spotted in places like casinos, hotels, luxury restaurants and theatre halls. A marquee star light, in addition to highlighting the tree decorations, also doubles as a Christmas ornament in itself. 

7. Christmas Tree Decoration with Tones of Blue

The colour blue symbolises with Mary, Jesus’s mother. Hence, it’s a wonderful idea to have a blue-toned Christmas tree this year. Think of shades like turquoise, pastel blue, powder blue, navy blue or royal blue. To pair with it, some great colours to include are silver, golden and white. Spill the bluesy baubles in the form of blue wrapped gifts, blue ribbon bows, blue snowflakes, blue bead garlands, blue fairy lights and more such ornaments.

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8. Coastal Style Christmas Tree Decorations

Regions with coasts and cruises have a special way of celebrating Christmas, mostly. Bring these seaside vibes in your urban home by selecting ornaments like colourful starfishes, turtles and shells to decorate your Christmas tree. Accentuate with sparkling tassel ribbons of different colours. Use a giant goldfish or starfish as the tree topper. 

9. Get a Spectacular Suspended Mobile Christmas Tree

Mobile Christmas trees are an emerging trend among city people. Perfect idea for last minute preparations too. From wooden blocks to light bulbs and glass ball suspensions, there are several varieties of suspended trees available these days. 

10. Camouflage Home Space with a Branched Christmas Tree

If you want to keep the tree in your house without eating too much of space, this is a great thing to do. Basically, a branched Christmas tree acts as an alternative to the regular tree only spreading its branches to a wider area rather than vertically. You can create such a tree using anything from wires to twigs or a light string. Spread the branches of the tree around a bookshelf, tabletop or mantel. Add baubles and dangling ornaments.

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Ending with…

Decorations are plenty in number but your style and personality is unique. So use your imagination and remember that, all Christmas trees are perfect, no matter how big or small, highly decorative or simple!