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Kitchen Ideas:- Are you planning a kitchen makeover? If yes, spend some time in research and get inspired by some lovely kitchen ideas that helps you give an upgraded look to this space. You will be amazed to know how a few simple ideas can change the entire look of your kitchen. Here, we bring you some of the best kitchen ideas using which you can enjoy an amped up space.

Patterned Changes Kitchen Ideas

A lot of change can be brought in the kitchen by making some changes here and there in its designing and patterns. Some ideas that work wonders are-

1.  Layered Patterns for kitchen decor

Lovely prints and patterns can make any space look beautiful and the same holds true for your kitchen. Use amazing patterns to your heart’s desire. Go for a lovely rug or a patterned accent wall for amazing effect.

2.  Wall Hangings

You can hang unique and eye-catch wall hangings on bare walls of your kitchen to add style and grace to the area.

3.  Interesting Backsplash

Choose an interesting-looking, patterned style for the backsplash area. It can also help make the area focal point of the kitchen.

4.  Patterned Mats

You can also place patterned mats on the kitchen platform where you carry out food prep. It will add to the looks of space and also help in keeping the platform neater and cleaner.

Organized Shelves Kitchen Ideas

Another one of the several kitchen ideas that works well to improve its look is having organised shelving system. It can make the kitchen neater, cleaner, and an interesting space.

5.  Floating Shelves

Instead of going with overhead cabinets to store kitchen supplies, go for floating shelves that looks graceful and classy. It makes the kitchen look brighter and bigger.

6.  Streamlined Look

Instead of going with haphazard cabinets or shelves here and there, invest in a streamlined look with sleek modern material with lacquer.

7.  A Mix of Materials

Instead of sticking to a couple of materials in your kitchen, go for a blend of different materials and juxtapose them with each other. This kitchen design idea appeals to the senses of modern homemakers who prefer creating a different look rather than sticking to a regular one.

8.  Ample Storage Space

Despite having a lot of cabinets, sometimes storage space falls short and the kitchen looks shabby and unorganized. So, plan well and ensure that there is ample storage space to store everything systematically.

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Decorate The Kitchen Walls

Walls of the kitchen also plays a vital role in its overall look. Thus, pay attention to making your walls come across as stylish and contemporary in looks.

9.  Bold Hues

It is one of the trendiest kitchen design ideas. People go for bold, solid colors that adds character to space. Choose a chic option like cheery blues or vibrant yellows to bring a lot of joy and cheer to this area.

10.  Schoolhouse Vibe

Another kitchen décor idea that works well is adding a schoolhouse charm to space. If your kids are young, you can hang a blackboard on the wall where you can jot down menu of the day or supplies that needs to be purchased and so on.

11.  Morocco Tiles

These days, tiles also work well on the walls. Choose lovely colors, designs and patterns like Morocco design tiles and create a playful pattern in the kitchen.

12.  Painted Hues

You can paint the kitchen in warm and comfortable colors. While doing so, you can paint one of the walls in a contrasting shade or color to make the area look more interesting.

Flexible Spacing- A Trendy Kitchen Decor Idea

These days, homes are small and compact, and homemakers need to make optimal utilization of space. Using this kitchen décor idea, you can make your kitchen space more functional.

13.  Movable Addition

If you are very find of an island kitchen but have space limitation, you can go for movable addition wherein you can have an extended platform which can be dropped as soon as its purpose is over.  

14.  Overhead Storage

If you have a lot of things in your kitchen that are rarely used, you can have overhead storage that can allow proper storage of these things.  

15.  Dual Function Table

If you have a small dining table in the kitchen, it can double up as a comfortable prep station which can be later used for having meals.  

16.  Storage Space below the island platform

You can add to your storage space with additional storage space below the island platform. You can stash pans and pots in this area.

Lighting Effect Kitchen Ideas

The way an area is lighted has a lot of impact on its look and aesthetic feel. When embarking on a kitchen decoration journey, ensure that lighting in the kitchen is done properly. Make the area as lighted, airy, and cheerful as possible.

17.  Bright Lighting

Go for lovely, vibrantly colored pendent lighting in your kitchen to add a cheerful vibe. Such lights are sure to attract the attention above and help to make a statement.

18.  Light Colored Cabinetry

Choose cabinetry in light, pastel colors to add a brighter feel to the area. Lovely hues of grey, mint green, yellows, beiges and more can add a lot of style to your kitchen.

19.  Light beneath the cabinets

You can also go for LED lights below the cabinets that gives you enough illumination in the evenings when preparing family meals. The soft glow of the light makes the area look warm and comfortable and also saves a lot on energy bills.

Durable Hardware

Besides taking care of the aesthetics of the kitchen, also pay equal attention to its functional aspect. Invest in high-quality hardware that lasts for long.

20. Classy Drawer Knobs

Choose classy-looking and high-end drawer knobs in the cabinets that can handle frequent opening and closing without showing signs of wear and tear for a long time.

21.  Sturdy Cabinet Handles

The cabinet handles must also be sturdy and withstand a lot of handling. The handle must be comfortable and convenient to hold and must open the cabinet door with remarkable ease. If it is good in looks, it is an added bonus for you. These days, cabinet handles are available in a variety of materials, including ceramic.

22.  Wall Brackets

Install interesting and creative looking wall brackets to place some cool knick-knacks and add style to the area. These wall brackets are available in amazing variety and looks good in kitchens.

23.  Wall Hooks

Another interesting way to add to the looks of the kitchen is wall hooks in lovely carved designs. These hooks can be used to hand pots or pans in a stylish way.

All these kitchen design ideas can help you add to your kitchen’s irresistible style and looks while making it highly functional.


Why lighting is considered as an important element in kitchen decoration?

Lighting is considered as one of the major decor elements as it helps to make space look brighter, bigger, spacious, and airy.

How swapping simple things like stools and tables can make a difference to your kitchen?

If you are not going for an overall kitchen make over, just swapping old kitchen tables or stools with newer and trendy ones can help step up its look. Companies like Indian Shelf deals in a variety of wooden items that can add character to this place.

How to choose proper colors for the kitchen?

Traditionally, lighter and subtle colors were chosen for this area. Today, in modern homes, focus is on latest trends and incredible looks. As such, many homeowners go for solid, bold colors in their kitchens.

How to ensure proper space organization in the kitchen?

Keep things that are frequently used closer to your work area and vice-versa. Pans and pots must be stored underneath storage cabinets. Similarly, plates, glasses and cups that are frequently used must be at an easy to reach distance.