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Many people believe that kitchen design and decor is limited to installing cabinets and countertops. However, the kitchen decor is much more than being greeted by Stylish cupboard and drawers. 

Therefore, we compiled the best and the most accessible guide to use for your kitchen decor ideas to get the best results. 

1. Decorate the walls

Firstly, our kitchen decorating ideas will focus on the most critical aspect of the kitchen - The walls. If you have stylish countertops and cabinets, it may reduce the overall burden of the wall on you yet adding a charm to the walls can add a whole new appeal to the place. 

On the other hand, having blank walls can work well as small kitchen decorations and may not work for a larger one. So, if you have a larger kitchen, then you can opt for many decor ideas that can create a captivating display that can wow your guests and your family every day.  

Therefore, we have gathered the most awesome kitchen wall decor ideas to help you add a unique charm to the place. This works well even for a newly constructed kitchen or even a freshly renovated one.

Kitchen decor ideas using tiles

This is one of the great kitchen decorating ideas and tiles can create a unique graphic pattern or design. Similarly, adding tile murals can create a vibrant display of art and can work for almost all types of kitchens. Also, the same is easy to clean. 

For instance, you can opt for a tilemap of the nation and use it to decorate the breakfast area of the home. 

Opt for chalkboard paint

Another excellent idea for decorating your home is by using chalkboard paint. You can keep yourself organized by utilizing this idea. Place your schedule, grocery lists, significant birthdays, meetings insight using these kitchen decor ideas. 

It would help if you had an accent wall painted with chalkboard paint. This makes the space family-friendly. Also, black blends well with most of the home design schemes.

Create an artistic display of colours

You can opt for open shelves to store plates and glasses, or you can choose for the place to store new objects, artistic pieces, etc. You can hence mix cookbooks, kitchen supplies and similar objects to create practical and stylish decor. It is best to opt for this minus the door or door handles.

Showcase your artistic collection

There are a variety of ways you can decorate your kitchen area. This includes using stylish kitchen door handles or placing artistic pieces to prep up space. You can hang your favourite artwork in the form of a salon-style arrangement or put the same on a picture ledge. Also, use glass to avoid grime and splatter. 

2. Kitchen decorating ideas using cabinets and countertops

Cabinets and countertops are an essential part of small kitchen decorations, and one needs to ensure maximum storage in a small space. 

Therefore, you need to have stylish countertops, cabinet handlesrolling storage, etc. for organization and patterned drum shades, pendants, etc. for drawing attention away from the same. By placing small light fixtures, a small kitchen can look exciting and spacious.

Go beyond doors

You can opt to go beyond the doors and door handles to complete the kitchen. For instance, you can use a corner area and decorate the same with baskets, glass containers containing confetti, bins, etc. This accentuates the area of a small kitchen and gives an impression of larger spaces and creates an impressive and neat display area.

Make most of the available space

Use a combination of metal shelves, magnetic board, spices, tea, mugs, antiques, etc. in an easy to reach space. The idea works well for a kitchen of any size. 

Interesting textures 

In a classy kitchen, you can use cherry cabinets or marble countertops, roman shades, high-end kitchen door handlesetc. adds a new look to the room. These small changes can bring a massive difference to the overall home decor. The traditional Cabinets creates high contrast. 

Bring in a plate rack

You can add drawer knobsplate rack, etc. to a kitchen to create a lovely cottage style kitchen. The plate rack is perfect for breaking the creative style to the process. 

3. Kitchen decorating ideas using furniture

You can bring in a unique appeal and charm to your kitchen using unique decor ideas like the following - 

Choose colorful stools

For adding unique kitchen decorating ideas, bring in stools in extra shiny shades to get the best results. Place the same around the kitchen island to get the best results. This acts as a focal point of your home decor

Add unique organization

The unused space next to the fridge is a significant area. This is the perfect place to keep your family calendars, coupons, groceries, framed corkboard, etc. You can paint the frame as the rest of the board and ensure that the same is not the focal point of the decor. 

Use rolling storage and colourful linens

A rolling storage cart is perfect for your home and kitchen area. Add colour and keep it clutter-free. A large number of your kitchen items will be hidden, and the same can be clutter-free and out of sight by using colourful curtains. 

Also, add colourful towels and vintage aprons are practical and sophisticated. These can be hung on a hook on plain view. You can mix colour and pattern to add extra interest to the room.