Living Room Decorating Ideas for The Middle Class

Posted By : Arpita Mathur

Posted On: 30 June, 2022

Upscale living room decorating ideas for middle-class homes!

Decorating a small home with a limited budget and feeling panicky? Don't worry because we have curated this amazing guide to help you through the entire home decor project on a budget!

Room decor plans for Indian households

When decorating your home, a lot of thought goes in as you search everywhere for that perfect piece that adds to your dream picture. Things can seem quite easy when handling middle-class hall interior design but finding the right elements is important.

Wishing to eliminate those awkward design gaps or looking to hide that patched wall? One of the first things that can be added is paintings. You may have high-end furniture but poor wall decor can mar the entire beauty.

And you do not need a fairy godmother to help you save on space! Choose a cosy dining nook, add a banquette seating or opt for multipurpose furniture. Bring key holders for wall while giving space to all. The stunning lion-shaped towel handles, starburst designs for kiddie rooms, quirky squirrels, etc. will make your home appear fun and youthful.

  • Lose space to gain some!

Do you need to make a lasting impression on guests? Awesome curtain holders bring in the much-needed decorative solution for an older home. Even if you cannot buy expensive sheers or Pinterest-worthy interior design elements then these can be a saving grace.

A bedside table or shelves in bathrooms can add and organize numerous smaller stuff. No need to look high and low for knick-knacks. Bring in wall-mounted designs, towel rings and headboards.

Similarly looking for available surfaces around the room and spaces will ensure that you have the perfect decor project. Utilise the small spaces inside the walls of the window, dividing edges or chimney walls to accentuate your green thumb. To complete the look, unconventional door handles can be used.

  • Invest in individuality

Discounting something for style and comfort is a poor choice. You must go beyond the standard definition of decorating a room.

Exploring creativity while sticking to a single idea is recommended. For instance - Decor Genius ideas suggest a small bathroom must be completed with tiles from bottom to top!

Similarly, it is best to avoid dividing up the different rooms, especially the sightline. Opt for glass doors to make the space feel larger than usual. Opt for wall accessories that contribute to the theme.

Close the partition between rooms by choosing sliding doors. To ace the interior decor game and earn bonus points, match the woodwork across rooms, and dissolve boundaries of space.

  • Antiques add panache

Little pieces of furniture, folding chairs, tilt-top tables and stacking stools are interior design must-haves.

Bringing out your grandmother's items and turning these into decor projects is a great idea. You can invest in antique wall hooks or those in quirky styles inspired by nature and local flora to attain the best results.

A surprising number of these work well for small homes. If you do not have family heirlooms then choose an online website like Indianshelf, . Having the best planning can help you to make a positive impact.

  • Select Furnishings with care

Decorating a small living room can seem a major hurdle when you already have a lot of furniture items. The best idea is to either opt for new upholstery or sell off these. Once you have a clean room, giving a fresh start or repurposing furniture is a great idea.

To create a focal point, choose rugs and carpets in a single colour scheme. When running low on ideas or having a multi-decorative rug, opt for shades from the same to upgrade the area. After all, you do not have to be a Picasso to create a small home masterpiece.

  • Go smart with lighting

For small bedrooms, table lamps work wonders in brightening up spaces. To save on the energy bill, rope in mirrors and reflective surfaces as these bring in natural light.

To add vivacity, bring cute lights. However, they must have vertical volume instead of horizontal loads. Playing smart when choosing the same can maximize the space available in the living area.

  • Catch them in the entryway

Making impulsive choices can be a poor choice for the living room. Instead, ensure that you make a positive impact by adding the right elements to the space.

To make a grand impact, go bold in the entryway. Add lion-shaped door knockers to the doors and see the difference. Painting the room well and bringing high-quality mirrors can make a positive impact.

  • Top middle-class hall interior design ideas for new home

Planning to construct a new house or buying a new house to accommodate your growing family interior decor ideas are indispensable elements for uplifting the same. You can always turn Midas and turn the blank spaces into an interior designer's delight.

Many believe that it is overwhelming yet you merely need a fresh perspective to make things work. Settling for lace curtains or potted plants can be a good start.

  • Storage space is a must

A new home is a blank canvas that when used appropriately can work wonders for your benefit.

Purchasing a furniture item that doubles as storage space can save you from organizing troubles. It also aids in reducing the issues of overstocking or tucking stuff from your old home.

Choose sophisticated drawer knobs to give a new lease of life to old items.

  • Neutral walls and furniture upholstery

Neutral walls bring versatile appeal to the area. You can quickly change your accessories to vibe with the entire look. Choosing a neutral scheme makes blending new elements easy peasy!

If your living room has windows, give them a bold avatar. Neutral walls combined with bold colours on windows make them pop up. Breezy curtains help to balance the entire look.

  • Add flair to walls

With a small living room, walls are the perfect places to display your creativity. You can opt for a souvenir wall to flaunt your exploits. Similarly, the wall can also showcase your family tree, heritage or images. Avoid blending these two.

When building a focal wall, always opt for subtle shades to make the elements pop up. Also, murals, wallpapers, etc. can be used to create the perfect look.

If you do not have exploits then place a bookshelf in the area. Varnish and adorn its shelves with quality bookends, and houseplants like aloe vera, bamboo, etc.

Such feature walls are your way to leave a strong impression. Your guests will wish to admire your artwork or touch it. Whatever be the case, your home can survive on a budget using this idea.

  • Choose accents carefully

You may have a gregarious personality yet incorporating the same on walls can be tough. Earlier deep shades of purple, greens, navy blue, etc. were considered the height of fashion yet presently handling such stuff is tough.

If you wish to add a feature wall, ensure that it must be subtle and stylish. Then adding elegant living room furniture can make it a noteworthy addition to your home. Deep charcoal shades or magnolia-inspired motifs can be a good idea.

Similarly, it is good to ensure that the same scheme is threaded through the room. Using a feature wall blends well with your living room scheme while adding brilliance to the area.

  • Dreamy wallpapers

When upgrading a new home, wallpapers bring a versatile appeal. With plenty of options, you can find something for your home. This is a low-budget and committed alternative.

Never let a wallpaper wall go with a white one. It can be one of the poor choices that can be ugly. Use wallpaper for the focal wall or all-over the room for achieving a balanced look.

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