Creative Ways to Repurpose Vintage Metal Jewellery

Posted By : Neha Bhatia

Posted On: 29 December, 2021

Do you have any bed trunks in your house which are packed with boxes of old wedding jewels you rarely wear? Or, are there any ceiling shelves in your cupboards which are filled with parts of broken costume jewellery merely catching dust? Have you decided yet what to do with these?

Most of us would be able to relate to the above mentioned scenario. These collections of old jewellery might have been shopped, inherited or received as gifts. While utterly gorgeous, they might have gone out of fashion now especially for a modern day woman. Or perhaps, some of these jewels have a part which is lost. Maybe, they are broken.

Many times, these old jewellery items are too precious to just give them away or to get them exchanged for something. Very often, they are made up of expensive materials such as silver, diamonds, gemstones, rare beads, platinum or gold. Some of these pieces might carry emotions, memories and stories which are too dear to your heart to let go of.

However, now it’s the time to stop drooling over these jewel boxes and to dive into some creative leisure. Rather than pushing them in the back corners of your cupboards or in the drawers which are never unlocked, it is worth considering the options of resetting and repurpose. To begin with, here are some interesting ideas for your inspiration.

1.  Combine Similar Chains

This idea is pretty good for all those lush heavy sets you might be having. You might have a set which is broken or perhaps whose design is now outdated.

This can also be done with all those precious watches your grandmother gave you which are made in diamonds, platinum, silver or gold.

Simply take off the watch chains and combine them best to your imagination. From these chains, you can create anything from a bracelet to a necklace.

To make it display even more vintage style, you can also do additions of a locket, pendant or medallion based on the design and thickness of the resulting chain. Using old watch dial as the locket is another bold yet interesting choice.

2.  Complete the Look with an Extender Chain

Extender chains come with the choice of different materials, sizes and designs. In general, they are used as connector pieces for jewellery.

So, for all those pieces of bracelets, anklets and necklaces which might be broken or have lost their clasps, this is a cool thing to do.

Also, if you have some loose beads or pearls, this is a great idea. Just purchase an extender chain and re-string the beads giving them some innovative twist. Create a bohemian style bead chain of long length.

You can always use extender chains made in imitation metal or some other material.

However, if the beads and pearls are of good quality, investing in a gold or silver extender chain is worth it too.   

3.  Turn it into a Stationary Heirloom

In good old days, the elderly members of a royal family would pass on to their wisdom and heirlooms to the growing young members. Traditions like these are not so common these days though.

However, if you have a treasury of vintage items like these, passing them onto your younger generations isn’t a bad idea to consider.

Apparently, the younger generations seldom prefer heavy old house jewellery. Rather, they tend to love pieces which are creative or meaningful.

Therefore, if you are planning to gift your jewellery to your relatives or young ones, consider transforming it into something interesting.

Let’s say, you can turn that fabulous pair of sterling silver earrings into bejewelled bookmarks or key chains. Or your necklace into a timeless hair wrap. These gifts won’t only reflect your love but they will be cherished for years to come as well.

4.  Add Stones To Metals

Metal jewellery is something with which you can create pretty much any style you wish. If you have a boatload collection of gold or silver jewellery, it’s worth putting in some investment to re-set them up.

To say the least, you can get some stones attached to them. This will not just add pops of colour but will also increase the value of your heritage.

You can also transform the entire style of a piece. When a piece is recreated, the metals are melted down first. So you can mold the styles of your rings and chains as you like.

5.  Add Metals to Stones

In contrast to the above mentioned measure, if your jewellery contains some precious beads or stones, don’t let them wander alone. Get them studded into some intricate designs casted into metals or perhaps into diamonds.

Let’s say you have a large emerald stone or a finely cut ruby or sapphire, bring the stone to highlight by creating a magnificent neckpiece or finger ring out of it.

If you can shell a few more pennies, it’s a wonderful idea to get the precious stone surrounded by diamonds or crystals and then slipped into a metallic chain. This way, your stone remains preserved and becomes the centre of gravity for your jewellery piece too.

6.  Create a Cocktail Ring

For all those rainbow studded peacock brooches or heavily carved oxidized silver pendants, you can re-shape them into a large cocktail ring.

To do this, simply take some blank metal rings for the size of your finger and stick the embellished part of the jewel to it with the help of jewellery glue.

You can also create brand new bracelets this way while using plain bracelets or slim-n-heavy bangles as the base.

Wrapping up-

Vintage jewellery is not just one-of-a-kind addition to your tapestry of jewels but also a medley of state-of-the-art pieces you might not find these days anymore.

The gem-dripping artistry, intricate craftsmanship and unique ornamentations; it isn’t worthwhile to let these features fade away. Rather, turn them into something which will shine for years to come!

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