11 Best Ideas for decorating your house with Brass Wall Hooks

If you look around your house, you'll find hooks in the most unlikely of places, from the kitchen cabinets to the corner of your bedrooms. Hooks are extremely useful but very small in size, so it's not very noticeable compared to other home décor. There's a way to bring out the hooks' beauty and use them as a home décor item that shines through and creates a statement through brass wall hooks. These hooks are lustrous and intricate and, when used creatively, can set the tone of your room and quickly steal all the attention. Here are some of the ways you can decorate your house using these beautiful brass wall hooks:

1. Hooks to hang hats!

Brass hooks are the perfect option to use to hang all your outdoor accessories as you go in and out of your house. They can be installed near your front door or as a stand to hang all of your family members' hats, scarves, etc. Brass hooks with intricate animal or bird designs would stand out among your hats and be an eye-catcher just as guests enter your home.

2. Hooks to hang utensils

A kitchen is where you spend extended time throughout the day and where all the yummy food is made. A beautiful kitchen is essential as it sets the entire mood for any meal you make. If you're calm and happy, the food will be good. Brass wall hooks are perfect for being situated in your kitchen to hang appliances such as pots, pans, knives, coffee mugs, etc. These hooks will help you stay organized while making your kitchen appear chicer and more sophisticated. They can also hold a sufficient weight and thus act as the perfect two-in-one solution to all your kitchen problems.

3. Hooks for your belts

Let's be real. It's always difficult to find a belt when you are in dire need of one! Well, brass round wall hooks might be the best answer to this problem. With their variety in designs and sizes, you can find one that goes with all of your belts. It will also make your belts look organised, and you can find them whenever you need them. These hooks will make your closet look classier and shine through. There are also wall hooks that come in double sizes, which means you get several hooks in one single stand, which is the best version to hang your belts.

4. Display your jewellery on hooks

Hanging your jewellery on hooks is not a very common thing, but when you think about it, it's the cleverest way of organising your jewellery, especially the neckpieces. With jewellery getting tangled up all the time, the use of brass hooks will help better organize your pieces, and the hooks will also look great with them and give a better appearance to your overall collection.

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5. Hang your keys on hooks

Keys are items that are prone to misplacement as they are passed through so many hands and used so frequently. The most convenient way to avoid this issue is by using hooks. You can use brass wall hooks near the entrance of your house or in the kitchen where everyone has access to them. They can use it to hang the keys right up after that. Brass hooks look very elegant and eye-catching, which will not seem out of place and go right along with your other home décor. You can also use some fancy designs that will act more like statement home décor and less like hooks, giving you the benefit of both.

Have you ever thought of using brass hooks to hang your paintings? And not just in one place, but covering a whole wall full of wall décor using hooks. It will become an eye-catching factor in whatever room you do this in. The beauty of the paintings, along with the elegance of the hooks, will leave one staring. The designs of the metal hanging hooks will complement the paintings perfectly. There are also brass wall hook designs available just for this idea.

7. Hooks for your hats

A bunch of wall hooks placed at the entrance of your house will give just the right touch of art along with convenience. These brass wall hooks can be used to hang your raincoats, umbrellas, hats, etc. They also look very artsy and create the perfect aesthetic for your home. They are at your entrance will make them one of the things that you notice first when you enter the house and set the tone for the rest of your décor.

8. Hooks for your bathroom

Your bathroom is one place where you should have wall hooks. From hanging fresh or dirty clothes, hand towels, face towels, and some bath essentials, hooks go a long way towards making your bathroom look very clean and consistent. Brass hooks come in beautiful shiny metallic colours, which stand out in the bathroom along with the light-coloured tiles and add more colour and an artistic feel to your bathroom.

9. Use hooks to create artwork

It is an unusual idea, but it can work wonders if executed properly. You can use wall hooks to create different patterns and designs on some parts of the wall to act as pieces of art in themselves without using any other wall hangings or paintings. You can create a variety of wall art based on your preferences by using different brass hooks and different styles. It will be a unique addition to your house and leave your guests intrigued and awed. These decorative wall hooks in India are available almost everywhere.

10. Hooks for your curtains

Your curtains hung alone with the windows can appear plain and drab. Brass hooks might be what is needed to spaz it up a little bit. These hooks can be installed to hold the curtain strands when the curtains are rolled up or even hold the iron rods at the top of the curtains. They add a unique twist to your curtains, and the designs of the hooks make sure that your curtains look even classier and different.

11. Hooks to hang heavy items

Many kinds of heavy items lying around the house are not used that often but tend to take up a lot of space. Some examples might be ironing tables, cutting boards, hairdryers, etc. A wall hook can be used to accommodate these kinds of items because they are strong and sturdy and also take up less space, making your house look more spacious. These wall hooks for heavy items come in different designs, and you can choose the most suitable one.

These different ideas must have convinced you about the different uses of wall hooks and how diversely you can use them around your house. Order those hooks and start your DIY hook decorating journey to add a new element to your house.

Posted By : Arpita Mathur

Posted On: 29 September, 2022

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