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Ceramic Handpainted Bathroom Set of 4

Ceramic Handpainted Bathroom Set of 4 Hover
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Ceramic Handpainted Bathroom Set of 4


Handcrafted ceramic bathroom set that includes soap dish, hand wash container, toothbrush and paste holder and another storage glass . This ceramic bathroom set looks in all kinds of bathroom interior and is easy to clean and is hygenic.

  • Material : Ceramic
  • Size of soap dish holder: 6.5(Height) X 3.75 (Diameter) inches Approx
  • Size of Toothbrush Holder: 3.5(Height) X 5 (Width) X 3(Length) inches approx.
  • Size of Soap Dish: 1.5(Height) X 5.75(Width) X 3.6 (Length) inches approx.
  • Size of Tumbler : 3.5(Height) X 3.25(Width) X 3.25 (Length) inches approx.
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Posted in: Pottery

Product Code: CP-24/32577

Size: 6.50

Material: Ceramic

Color: Multicolor

Width: 12.70 CM,

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