10 Unique Indian Tradition Wedding Decoration Ideas | Wedding Decoration Ideas |

A marvellous decoration will make your wedding day celebration a memorable event throughout your whole life. Let's discuss 10 Indian traditional wedding decoration ideas.

The Entrance Decoration

As it is always said that the first impression is the last impression. So, the entrance must be pleasant and charming in its own way. A wedding entrance decorated with lots of fairy lights leaves a unique and magical experience to your guests. You can also decorate the entryway with different colors of light too. Decorate the entrance with strings of white lilies or jasmine. Alternatively, for an Indian traditional look, you need to mix yellow and orange marigolds to drape your entrance gates.

The Stage Decoration

The stage is the centerpiece and the most photographed area of the entire wedding venue. It is the area where the bride and the groom together meet and welcome their guests invited to the wedding and seek their blessings.

Indian wedding decorations mainly emphasize on the floral theme that beautifies the wedding stage. This beautiful wedding stage creates an ambience full of love and romance.

Kalash is also an important part of the wedding stage decorations, after flowers. The kalash comes in a wide variety of designs, styles and shapes and when used with colorful beautiful drapes, they do add color to the wedding stage.

For creating a western look to your wedding stage decoration, you may use artificial flowers of varied colors. You can also decorate the stage with silver drapes instead of golden one.

It is generally decorated with a beautiful floral backdrop and a pair of chairs as the decorative seats. The stage can have throne chairs for a royal look. The color scheme, theme, long flowy drapes with lights has to be chosen perfectly, so that they can together form a beautiful effect in the wedding photographs.

The Mandap Decoration

The mandap is the area where the actual wedding takes place including the feras. Generally, the mandap area is square or round with proper seating arrangement for the bride, groom, pandit and the bride and groom parent's.

It is also customary to cover the top of the mandap with four pillars usually decorated with flowers like a frame, which supports the overhead canopy. The fabric or material used for the canopy can be chiffon or silk or satin.

Mandap can also be decorated with various strings of marigold or jasmine or rose or other exotic and fresh flowers. For a rich and traditional look, you can decorate the mandap with a combination of all these flowers.

To light up the mandap, you may use some diyas, candles and special lighting with some crystal and mirror work embellishments. You may decorate the wedding mandap with lots of strings of yellow light or LED lights, which together enhances the mandap's look.

The Lighting Decoration

Lighting is an important aspect of any wedding venue decoration. Lighting arrangements steal the limelight as they are always special. Lighting creates a sparkling look and even amplifies the wedding venue.

In the case of outdoor weddings, strings of fairy lights, led lights and projection lights are generally used to decorate the wedding place. Using floating candles with flowers on the dinner tables adds a touch of romance while use of diyas gives the whole ambience a warm and traditional feel. Generally, placing chandeliers always adds a touch of grandeur to your wedding venue.

For a traditional look, flower chandeliers create a templous feel at the venue. To draw the people's attention at the ceiling, it is mostly placed at the center of the mandap.

Floral Decoration

Without flowers, any wedding would not be completed. Flowers add beauty and at the same time, delight your guests. If you are a flower lover, you can create a colorful stage backdrop with fresh flowers, generally known as flower walls.

Nowadays, in an Indian wedding decoration, flower walls are in a huge trend. They take the ambiance of the wedding venue to a whole new level. It will give your photos a natural and charming look and add more natural beauty to the venue.

Flowers are the most important decoration item on a wedding day. In traditional Indian weddings, the home and the wedding venue must be decorated with strings of yellow and orange marigolds hung everywhere.

Roses and white flowers like jasmine and tuberose are used as accents in the central stage decor. Nowadays, there is also a custom to decorate the entrance gate of the wedding venue with the help of flowers and foliages including the names of both the bride and the groom.

The wedding stage and the wedding mandap are the two focal points of the wedding event that must be decorated with fresh and exquisite flowers. The florists design the special floral arrangements to make the stage more inviting.

Nowadays, decorations include statement pieces like Floral Sculptures of Elephants or Peacock or Swan. Floral chandeliers are made to glow up the entire wedding venue.

Decorating each and every corner of your rooms with flowers is also a traditional feature of Indian wedding decoration. Traditionally, marigold flowers are only used for floral decorations.

Draped and hung from each and every corner of the room, these marigold flowers add beauty to your wedding venue. You can also use roses, gerberas and orchids to give a traditional look to your wedding decor. For a westernized look, you need to decorate the venue with flowers like lilies, roses or red and white carnations.

Wedding Party Favors

Small and bright-colored boxes usually covered with silk cloth containing some chocolates and truffles can be gifted as the wedding party favors. Silver jewellery like sterling silver earrings and colorful Indian jewellery can be used as party favors for women.

Decorating party favors add colors to any Indian traditional wedding. In Indian culture, it is traditional for the bride parents to present a box of sweets as a thank you gift to all their guests for attending the wedding ceremony.

In this modern era, you can present your wedding guests with a box of chocolates with different and unique flavorings, jams and bottles of honey instead of gifting them with traditional sweets. Nowadays, gifting party favors like photos of the guest along with the bride and groom engraved in sweet customized frames are also quite popular.

Decorate the Drapes

Drapes are a traditional and auspicious backdrop for the wedding event. The drapes' color and tone sets the entire atmosphere for your wedding. While decorating the wedding venue with drapes, red and yellow are the pretty standard colors.

From the walls to the staircase banister, a touch of colored drapes mixed with flowers and lights, lifts up the guests’ mood instantly and even adds character to the venue.

You can create and decorate some canopies in white colored georgette and wine colored velvet for a royal look for an outdoor wedding. A touch of zari borders and some mirror works will definitely create a stunning look for your wedding decor.

Colorful drapes also make your wedding decor outstanding. Simply mix and match different bright shades for a rainbow look. For a minimalistic look, you can choose neutral shades like silver, gold, copper, beige or pearly white tones, etc.

The Charm of Bangles

Hang some layers of bangles with varied colors, sizes woven by a thread can be used for wedding decor. It is one of the simplest wedding decor ideas that can be done by any person.

Bangles have that charm which is both traditional and feminine in its own way. The beauty of these colourful bangles can accentuate hall decor. Bangles are also given as return gifts to all your guests.

Various Emotions Kathputlis

During the wedding ceremony, the play of Kathputlis was included in our culture but nowadays, it is perhaps a rare sight where kathputlis show is being performed. But for the purpose of wedding decoration, you can still buy and use Kathputlis, which are easily available in the local market.

You can use them in many styles like you can place them somewhere or hang them. It will attract your guests’ eyes , when placed right at the center of your wedding. Everyone will appreciate it.

Car Decoration

Decorating the bridegroom’s car is an important part of any Indian traditional wedding. You may decorate the car with fresh flowers in maroon and yellow. Artificial flowers which are made of satin or dried flowers can also be used to decorate the bridegroom’s car.

In addition, you may use bows, satin ribbons, colorful drapes and heart-shaped or normal balloons to make the wedding car look more attractive. For a stunning look, you can decorate the car with flowers, garlands and large bouquets in a riot of colors covering the front, back and even the doors of the car.

The decorations can also be kept minimal. Minimal decoration includes some elegant flower arrangements with ribbons and fabrics to decorate the front of the car.