Reception Stage Decoration Ideas (Latest Tips): A Quick Guide on Reception Stage Decoration

A reception function is usually carried out on occasions like post-wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, press conferences, seminars or business promotions. Unlike a hefty affair where the embellishments are grand and weighty, the decorations for a reception event are slightly pleasant and mellow.

If you have a reception event coming up, you might as well be wondering about the theme and setting to be executed on the venue; especially for the stage; which is also the spotlight of a reception.

To this, we laid-out a list of some distinguished reception stage decoration ideas for a reception function and events likewise. Whether you’re an event planner, a wedding designer, a seminar organizer, or simply a corporate employee, this list can come handy for you. So, come on in!


Using florals and plants as the central theme of reception decoration gives the venue a free-floating and soft-hued ambience which is well suited for a wide range of occasions; from small scale wedding receptions to a corporate event to a grand conference reception.

The best part of using these nature-based decorations is that they bridge the line between formal and informal quite subtly and beautifully. Here are some ideas from this category to begin with.

Oversized Vine Chandelier & Flower Pots

Think of a large overhead ceiling hoop springing with cascading green vines falling down in the form of a suspended greenery chandelier. In addition to being used as the ceiling decoration for the stage, it will also look great when placed above the dining area; thereby creating a refreshingly lush setting for the guests.

Team the green chandelier by placing some pastel flower containing pots on the tabletop or stage where the chandelier is installed.

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Garden Floor Floral Ceiling

Give your reception stage a fluttering ceiling by gluing flowers to it without leaving any spaces. You can think of it as a garden floor full of blooms, turned topsy-turvy. From powder blue blooms to flowers in peachy pink shades, select flowers based on your colour choice and decoration theme. 

Floating Bouquets Of Tropical Flowers

Decorate the stage’s backdrop by dotting it with vignettes of some gorgeous bouquets featuring tropical flowers and leaves. Some good examples of the exotic tropical flowers that you might use include blood lilies, chrysanthemums, morning glory, blue passion flower, bird of paradise etc.

As per the theme and the type of occasion, you can also consider using dried flower bouquets. Use panelled backdrops for a textured and unique look.

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Undoubtedly, the play of lights cast an important role in the overall climate for a stage decoration. This is especially true for receptions and events organized post-evening. This includes night time reception parties, corporate dinner, cocktail buffet etc.

In events like these, the perfect use of lighting fixtures can set just the right tone for delighting the guests present there. To give you a picture of this, here are some hanging light decoration ideas you can use for an upcoming reception event.

A Cloud of Chinese Style Gold Paper Lanterns

Your guests would love the soft lighting filtering through a large cluster of Chinese style gold paper lanterns hanging at the stage’s ceiling. They will give the best look in celebratory occasions such as an anniversary dinner, a wedding reception, an evening tea reception etc.

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Hanging Glass Terrariums Filled With Sparkling Votives

A terrarium is a tiny globe shaped glass pot, often used to keep plants and flowers. Terrariums are used widely for the decorative purposes too. As for a reception party, it’s a great idea to replace the traditional candlestick chandelier on your stage with a fringing arrangement of hanging tiny terrariums. Each one of them being packed with a mini sized classic tea-light votive candle.

To bring more attention to the decoration, you can also fill some of these terrariums with colourful glitter powders or paint them in gold glitter. Not just scintillating but absolutely fit for any budget too!


Well, an umbrella is not just a quirky decoration to consider but also an ornament full of pep and colour. They offer the look as pretty as the top spot metallic panels to as delicate as the flowery branches.

From highly sophisticated English styles to the desi Indian frolicking, they can blend into a variety of themes, colour palettes and pattern designs. If you’re likely to consider this option for one of your wedding ceremonies, do think of the bangle reception.

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Umbrellas With Raining Crystals Reception Stage Decoration Ideas

For inculcating bohemian style decorations for your reception party’s stage, think of an umbrella or two, hanging at the centre or in the sides of the stage. Adorn the umbrella with lots of crystal bead hangings which will give the display of raining crystals from afar.

Colour Filled Cushions & Tiny Umbrellas

This is absolutely striking a decoration for your sangeet reception or the mehendi night. A magnanimous setting created out of colourful umbrellas made in Chinese cloth or cotton. Although these decorations are listed for reception stage, these umbrellas are also great for celebrations like an engagement ceremony or a baby shower.

To complement the umbrellas, shove off some tiny sized multi-coloured cushions on the stage. For a homely feel and look, you can also replace the sofa with a satin wrapped mattress for the to-be bride and her bridesmaids.

Rajasthani Or Gujarati Style Mirror Work Umbrellas Reception Stage Decoration Ideas

Exude cheerful vibes in your reception function or party by using some gorgeous mirror work umbrellas designed in Rajasthani or Gujarati styles. For umbrellas with tassels, you can hang them at the ceiling creating a picturesque and fringed stage display.

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Packing it all

No matter what kind of an occasion you have for the reception – formal or informal, big or small etc; there is always a way to decorate your stage with the decoration equipment of your choice. Scrolling down to this list, you might have got an idea on where to begin with. So, get ahead and execute your favourite one!