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Every wedding and reception must have a unique personality and an exclusive theme. Just like every other detail of your wedding festivities, the reception too must have exclusiveness and creativity.

For instance - reception stage decoration can involve decor themes like royal wedding decor, eco-friendly decor, fairytale themes, classic decor, elegant themes, Etc. You can choose your reception stage design that must be in perfect sync with your overall idea of reception. 

Reception and wedding stage decoration

If you have had a wedding stage decoration finalized, then you need to stick to the same. This can be used as a central theme for your wedding day and the reception. For instance - if you have planned a green wedding then go for cloth drapes and real flowers instead of plastic ones.

Wedding stage decoration straight from a fairytale theme 

Use a grand floral decoration for extensive stage decoration. For instance - a massively floral stage ceiling designed in form of a tree brings the need for stage decoration to a minimum. This can be complemented by heavily printed sofa and vases to create a grand reception decor.

The shimmery golden strings for reception stage decoration

Use half floral and half foliage wall behind the reception stage decoration along with light Chandelier for a minimal yet dreamy decor ideas. 

Use shimmery golden strings, oversized flowers and hanging ornaments to create a unique and ornamental stage decor. Use simple white loveseat for the couple and a few candles to create a classy and stylish decor. 

Royal metal decor

An awesome wedding stage decoration and mandap idea is to use a royal structure designed from metal. This must be accompanied by drapes, candles, chandeliers and glass decor to create a juxtaposition of colors and patterns. Use antique detailing, white sofas, etc. to create a perfect fit for your needs.

Brass work design and detailing

An awesome and exquisite stage decoration idea is to use brass framework designed with and unique look. This must be topped with brass leaved dome. This is one of the most popular wedding and reception decor ideas that adds splendor and charm to the place. 

Gold detailed sofa 

Use fancy lights and ceiling lamps along with a heavy maroon drapes to create a classy appeal. Bring along a white sofa and golden chairs to create an impression of a billionaire wedding. 

Not to forget how the antique wine pewter vessels to adorn the stage as it lends a dressy appeal to bring a regal appeal to the post wedding ceremony. 

Rich Floral Wedding stage decoration ideas

For an excellent wedding decor, you need to opt for rich floral designs and arrangements. This is important to create a welcoming appeal to your venue. 

You can opt for roses, marigold, orchids and lilies to create a unique wedding theme. This helps to bring in festival appeal to the decor. 

Extravagant and floral hues

Opt for planters filled with heavy and extravagant floral arrangements. Use shades of pink, peach and drapes along with a large chandelier to create a mesmerizing appeal. You can use plethora of flowers and minimalistic sofa seating to create a romantic appeal. 

Red floral blooms 

The beautiful stage is accentuated by flower pots filled with semi-circle vases and candelabras. Use beige sofa and cascading red floral arrangements for the best results. This works well for all kind of wedding and reception decor. This idea screams opulence and lavishness.

The beautiful mogra flowers 

The stage decoration idea is one of the classic and romantic themes that can leave your guests floored. Opt for huge flowerpots or simply mogra garlands, roses, terrariums, baubles in form of a rounded structure and surreal lighting to create a super calming effect. 

Tiered floral chandeliers

Another awesome reception stage decoration idea is to use tiered floral chandeliers along with mogra garlands. Add a foliage drape setting to create symmetry of hues in white, pink and green. As a result of the same, the outcome is extremely welcoming and bright. 

Royal stage decoration ideas

If you are opting for royal stage decoration ideas, it is best to opt for silky drapes. This is a sure treat to the eyes and helps to bring in a rich appeal to the entire theme. 

These days, the event planners are creating larger than life wedding themes. Many are bedecked with countless number of beautiful flowers and the result looks breathtakingly beautiful. 

Use bright colors like red, golden, yellow, etc. to complete the overall decor. You can use these contrasts to create the best results on a budget. This will keep your guests entertained and awestruck.

The royal stage decor

The heavily decorated stage decor is a classic example of royal wedding and reception to create a cute play of lights.

Use white drapes, hanging miniature bulbs, hugely bunched up florals, etc. the entire setup is livened up using lights in different shades to create a subtle dash of colors. 

Pastels and gold leaves

A beautiful pop of colour along with use of white and pastel shades. The same makes for a simple and gorgeous marriage stage decoration. Add a huge selection of gold leaves, glass balls, etc. to create a shiny decor theme that is equal to royalty.

Gorgeous and white decor ideas

You can bring this gorgeous white wedding and money saving in disguise. 

You can construct a gazebo like structure to create a royal wedding appeal. Use rose garlands to create a unique decor idea. This can go a long way to help you get the best results for your needs.

Frequently asked questions

Questions 1- How to get reception decor on a budget? 

Answer - There are numerous ways by which you can easily get reception decor on a budget - 

  • Go for the venue's sponsored decorations
  • Use candles or artificial ones instead of expensive flowers
  • Get potted plants
  • Invest in tulle
  • Decorate the stage only
  • Throw flower petals instead of having table bouquets or table-scape

Questions 2 - How to get floral reception Decoration on a budget? 

Answer - Some flowers are cheaper than others. For instance, marigold and carnations can be affordable. Similarly, daisies can also fit into most budgets. 

However, if you still want an expensive decor albeit on lower price tag then go for smaller bouquets and add lot of ferns and leaves. 

Questions 3 - How to select your wedding and reception colors? 

Answer - Here are a few steps to help you to select your wedding and reception colors and theme - 

  • Decide on the location
  • Get inspired by the settings of the place
  • Keep your budget and priority in mind
  • Look for seasonal flowers
  • Set the theme and stick to it
  • Do your research
  • Look for color palette and consult the colour wheel

Questions 4 - How to select your wedding and reception color schemes? 

Answer - Ivory or champagne works best for weddings and reception decor. This can be accentuated with florals and similar themes for the best results. Neutrals can work well for a versatile theme and can be used for casual outdoor gatherings and extravagant ballroom decor.

Despite this, you can go for shades in following combination - 

  • Ombre, bright pink, purple and gold
  • Pastel pink, blue and purple
  • Yellow, reds and orange along with champagne
  • Shades of single color
  • Turquoise, pink and yellow
  • Ombre, bright purple and blue