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The earthy sparkle of silver is like a kiss on the flesh of a wearer. Markets, although, prefer to spike gold prices above silver in their ratings; the metal silver is an equal participant when it comes to the value as well as the appearance of the noble metals. To most humans, the metal silver retains its evergreen charm, which is both pleasing to the eyes and soothing to the skin.

In fact, that pair of gleaming silver eardrops that you have in your jewellery cabinet, or that elaborate silver choker necklace that you wore in your cousin’s wedding, each one carries a long, long history in their background. If you’d like to explore some, read below for a brief glimpse of the history of silver jewellery, straight from the mines to online!

Origins of Silver Metal

The name Silver is pronounced by the elemental symbol Ag, which has derived its origins from the meaning “shining or glistening white”. Undoubtedly, the shine of silver is no less than the moon beams in the dark.

Even though the records say that the oldest silver mining center was a European town called Sardinia, however, the metal’s discovery goes way back than that. The metal silver was originally discovered by the process of separating lead from silver near around the islands surrounding Aegean Sea.

Since then, it has appeared in the history of every country or continent you could guess. From Germany to France, from India to America, silver became a favourite of all in no time.

While silver carries nearly the similar composition as copper and gold, the objects and artefacts created out of silver are much rarer to create and much longer lasting in nature.

To your amazement, silver also takes a much bigger and multiplied effort as the metal gold takes during the mining of ores from the sands at the shorelines.

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The Long Time Relationship of Humans & Silver Jewellery

Silver has captured a place of some of the most prized external possessions a human could have. You’d be much fascinated to know that the metal silver has been mentioned in the Bible as well.

The sculptures of tribal women can be spotted with heavy silver jewellery, from waistbands to body jewellery and what not. And the motifs on Queen’s Beasts coins of United Kingdom silver bullion collection are no unknown.

Even Prophet Muhammad used to wear a silver ring in one of his fingers and it turned into a ritual called as Aqeeq. These days, Islamic men are likely to wear special style silver rings which are encrusted with gemstones.

As the 19th century announced its horns, the production of silver doubled and so did the demand among women. Apart from silver tableware and silver jewellery, silver began to take the place of the primary metal used in making various ornaments and decorative accessories.

21st Century & Silver Jewellery in Online Stores

Silver is generally used in pairing with a number of copper alloys which also add to the hardness of the silver material. With the onset of 21st century, as the technologies advanced, along with the biggest factor called the internet, the production of silver jewellery mushroomed to no bounds.

These days, you’ll come across different types of silver jewellery sitting in online stores in addition to a vast ground laid out in silverware, silver sculptures and decorations.

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Various Kinds of Silver Jewellery Available Today

Apart from the raw silver items, these days jewellers prefer to use various other kinds of silver jewellery depending on the demand and consistency. Both oxidized silver and sterling silver are equally the topmost two choices pertaining to the selections of silver jewellery today. Oodles of talismans including rings, pendants, bracelets and armlets etc are lining the jeweller’s arrays.

Silver Rings

From platinum bands to gold floral rings, both finger rings and toe rings are quite a fab among women of all ages. These days you will come across exotic silver rings some of which are encrusted in stones and some are melted and sculpted in beautiful designs.

Whether you’re planning your proposal or a gift favour for your friend’s reception, a silver ring is always a prettifying idea.

Silver Pendants

Even the most basic and simplest of silver pendants sliding down a sleek chain can strike an amazingly scintillating effect to a woman’s collarbone. Some pendants are designed like a lattice dangling from a bead chain. Some of these are motifs.

A common trend prevailing among silver pendants is the heart shaped cut-out pendant. Even a simple yin-yang pendant made in sterling silver looks dazzling.

Silver Earrings

A pair of silver earring is a must have for every woman. Stylish studs, ghungroo laded jhumkis, hoops and many such earring designs like these to be spotted in the stores!

Apart from these jewellery ornaments, you will find necklaces, chains, bracelets, arm bands and a whole medley of silver made jewellery both in online and offline stores.

A Word on Sterling Silver Jewellery

Sterling silver is one of the brightest and whitest varieties of silver comprising of 92.5% silver in the elemental composition. The craze of sterling silver has spread itself from the finest of dining cutlery ware to the modern day fashion jewellery and everywhere. Sterling silver jewellery makes up for a wonderful house party gift item as well as a beautiful theme to inculcate in the bridal jewellery.

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There are all these ornamental benefits of sterling silver, of course. Additionally, sterling silver jewels have been regarded as a healthy and quality treatment for the skin. Carrying a pot of health related benefits and an elegant appearance, no doubt sterling silver jewellery tops the silver trends among women. Besides, it is not too tight on the pocket.

Closing Thoughts

On top of everything, silver jewellery makes a valuable classic asset to your jewellery collection. So, stop looking behind the window and go ahead to have that pair of silver earrings in your wardrobe instead!