Ganpati Decoration Ideas (Best Of 2021) | Ganpati Decoration at Home

Ganpati Decoration Ideas (Best Of 2021) | Ganpati Decoration at Home

How do you like when your little one or a kid from neighbourhood participates in a Ganpati pooja relishing a bowl of laddoos? Sweet, isn’t it? After all, even the kids love this childlike expression of God known by the name of Lord Ganesha.

Carrying a long elephant trunk and the cute protruding belly, Lord Ganesha is believed to be the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Considered to be the God of wisdom and abundance, Ganesha is widely worshipped among the people of Indian subcontinent.

A vast medley of preparation is done both in public as well as in homes individually. If you too are an enthusiastic celebrator of Ganesha Chaturthi, you might want to bring home some Ganpati decorations too. So, here is a quick snapshot of various kinds of Ganpati decorations. Dive in and get inspired to decorate your house during Ganpati!


In homes, during Ganesh Chaturthi, the Ganpati idol is installed as early as three weeks or a month ago. This is usually done in a small corner, temple space or an area of the house dedicated to the Ganpati pooja.

The idol is surrounded by various kinds of ornaments, flowers and decorative accessories along with plates of homemade sweets or dry fruits. Following are some Ganpati decorations you can use in your home.   

1.  Murti Ghar Decoration

Ideally, the most common accessories for the murti ghar are flowers, some oiled lamps, bells, motifs and of course, a new idol of Lord Ganesha which is further decorated with jewels, sequin studded clothes and garlands. You can also add a string of colourful light bulbs coiled around the Ganpati murti ghar.

2.  Throne or Seat of Ganpati Decoration Ideas

From thermocol to wood, marble and metal, there are hundreds of choices available for the throne material in the market. If you would like to use a homemade throne, you can use something as simple as a cushion made from an old silk saree, a jewelled coaster or a repurposed slab or shelf.

If you can dedicate some time daily to it, you can also create a seat out of marigold flowers, which you can change after every one or two days. If you want to go for expensive ones, brass and bronze are some of the best materials to make selection.

When it comes to the designs of the throne, consider a peacock shaped throne or an elephant headed throne.

3.  Motif Accessories For Ganpati Decoration

Tradition-based motifs don’t just make up for good festive decorations but can also be used for general home decoration which can go on for year round. As for Ganesh Chaturthi, the most popular motif is a mouse, which is considered to be the vehicle of baby Ganesha.

Other motifs include modaks, elephants, round belly and crescent moon. While making the shopping list for Ganpati decorations, you might want to include any or more of these motifs to complement the festivities. 


In public spaces, offices and institutions, Ganpati decoration is mostly carried out in a rented or dedicated space known as a pandal. At some places, the pandal is organized inside a temple or at the stairwell while in the other places, it is organized in a wall shelf or a small-sized hall.

You will see these decorations even more prominent in Maharashtrian or Mumbai regions. Thousands of people get together in these pandals and celebrate the worshipping which anticipates even more auspiciousness, fun and prosperity in their lives.

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4.  Pandal Decoration Ideas

From the giant Ganesha idol installed in the Lalbaug area of Mumbai to the famous Begum Bazaar of Hyderabad and the Ganesha Gallis, the entire nation seems to be dipped in the thrill, fervour and enthusiasm of Ganesha Chaturthi for the time being.

In fact, in some of these places, the idol of Ganesha is decorated with ornaments made in pure gold, silver or gemstones.

Along with the pandals, there’s another interesting sight to note during the Ganpati decorations. That is, vehicles and shopmarkets. Often, the people owning a vehicle decorate it everything from Ganesha stickers to a little idol of Ganesha.

Same is the case with business shops and factory houses. You too can decorate your car, automobile, shop or vehicle with one of these sticky Ganesha idols which are easily available these days. 

5.  Colours & Rangoli Ideas

Colours are synonymous with the cheerful spirit of festivities and the aura of celebration. Remembered with a joy-filled vibe, Lord Ganesha is often associated with colours such as red, green, yellow and pink.

To reflect this, many organizations, offices, temples and institutions are decorated with colourful rangolis. Many Ganesha statues are also decorated with paste of red or orange colour powders. 


6.  Paper Decorations

Paper decorations aren’t just easy to make but they also offer an environment-friendly way to deck up your house for festivities. From spoke-containing paper wheels, paper flowers and wall hangings. You can do this by paper quilling, origami or simply by creating fringes out of some colourful crepe paper sheets. 

7.  Ganpati Statues & Sculptures

This is not uncommon for people to install Ganesha statue near the entrance of their house. Decorating Ganesha at the doors is considered to be auspicious and fortune-bringing.

Saying this, the Ganpati festival is the perfect occasion to bring home a magnificent Ganesha statue. Often, these statues are carved using materials such as enamel, resin, brass, bronze or precious metals.

Based on the size and expense you prefer, a Ganesha statue is first and foremost decoration almost everyone should consider.

8.  Marigold Ganesha Silhouette

Many standalone flower artists offer their services for creating a Ganesha statue in weddings and special occasions.

You can get one made like that. Or, if you’re likely to make it at home, consider purchasing a wiremesh silhouette first and then decorate it with flowers. As for the choice of flowers, nothing better than orange and yellow marigolds!

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Wrapping Up

The festival of Ganpati brings with it lots of fun, togetherness and wisdom. As the wise and lovely God Ganesha puts his feet in your living abode, welcome him with pure heart, clean house and heartwarming decorations.

This is especially true if you’re looking for some new beginnings in life or work. As the pooja pandal is set with a plate or two of your favourite modaks, do remember to sing Ganpati Bappa Morya.