Bastar Art | Investing in the beautiful Bastar art from Chhattisgarh to decorate your home

Using the beautiful art from all around the nation can bring a huge difference to your home decor needs. The art form from the district is called as Bastar as per the tribal ways of contribution to the same. Here, people are divided into various tribes with each culture having their own unique way of life.

Bastar art and handicrafts from Chhattisgarh

In tribal areas of India, the art form of Bastar art dominates the taste of both contemporary and modern home decor. The art form is practiced by the tribal from the district and is extremely beautiful in terms of design and decor.

The tribal communities transfer this rare art form from generation to generation however, you can rarely find these outside the regular haat markets. The same is made from conventional tools rather than the modern machines.

Another important aspect of investing in Bastar art is to get the ones designed using the following materials -

  • Wooden work
  • Bamboo art
  • Soil art 
  • Metal artwork

Woodwork Bastar art

Wooden accessories that are designed using the Bastar art form are one of the most beautiful and sought-after ones. Here, you can find creatures, God's, statues, bamboo Decorations, etc.

Bamboo decor items

Using bamboo art - chairs, living room, table, baskets, mats, home furnishings, etc. The tribal region of Bastar is thus popular for their work and this includes the different shapes and sizes that may impact your home decor.

You can use various forms of Bastar art in the form of wood carvings, bell metals, terracotta items, pots and bamboo decor ideas.  

Prime woodwork

The region of Bastar is in extremely dense forest. This hosts one of the finest crafts in the region. This includes alluring artwork and furniture items. You can opt for attractive variants of these from shops near Jagdalpur.

The teak wood items

Bastar region is known for its dense forests that are abundant in the finest quality team wood in the nation. As a result, these artists craft beautiful variants in the form of wood cutting, artwork, furniture, etc.

Since this is a labour intensive process, it requires the eye of an expert to deeply appreciate the art form. This certainly is more expensive than other variants - due to its price and attractive handmade items.

Soil decor Bastar art

In case of soil art, the statues of the Goddesses, vases, pots, home furnishings, decorative items, household furnishings, Nandi bull, etc. are commonly found.

Clay or dung relief

Using the mud and the clay, the houses of the district are adorned with clay murals, relief, carvings, etc. by the women artisans. This is often mixed with a large dose of cow dung and paddy husk. The result is left unpainted to give an authentic rural artwork. 

Terracotta art items

Using Bastar art, you can even buy the beautiful hand-crafted clay baked items. Potter's of the area are known to create most authentic home decor items using the method.

You can easily get clay pots, animals, figurines, hangings, etc. at a budget. You can also buy traditional lamps and lanterns from the local haats and online stores created by these superb artisans.

Beautiful Dhokra decor

The Bastar district specializes in creating beautiful items on fabric using the above techniques. This is called as Dhokra Handicrafts. The process therefore needs huge precision and accuracy to get the best results.

Here, artifacts are prepared from Dhokra by use of cow dung, paddy husk and red soil. Another alternative is to invest in the wax wires for contouring. This creates an awesome design that is sophisticated and elegant at the same time.

Metal work Bastar art

In the case of metal arts, artifacts designed from copper and tin can make a huge difference. Here you may opt to buy statues of goddess, idols of worship, gift items, tribal culture idols, home decor and furnishings.

Bastar metal crafts

These home decor items, wall hangings, etc. have a great style and appeal. These are available in various designs, arts, crafts, etc. This makes it the cynosure of all eyes. As a result, the craft is in huge demand from both inside and outside the nation.  

The bell crafts  

Using the bell metal Decor, you gain access to the true Bastar art. The same is beautifully designed and developed by the most hardworking professionals and each product reflects the same. Be awestruck with the right impression created by sheer dexterity.

Using lost wax process

You can still find a huge number of service providers who follow the traditional manufacturing techniques like Dhokra or lost wax thread process to gain the best results. This is the best idea for metal casting that speaks volumes about the craft.  

You can opt for products like Nandi, horse, elephant, Ganesha, candle holders, candle stands, styles, patterns, uniqueness, etc. along with an emphasis on traditional designs and styles.

Wrought iron decor

This is a form of Bastar craft that uses the abundant resources around the region to create beautiful yet dark raw forms of metal handicrafts. This is sometimes crafted using the recycled scraps as well.

This dark raw iron is then used in crafting of the utilities like mirror frame, window frame, candle stand, etc. in combination with the bell metal.