Decoration For Ganpati | Innovative Ganpati Decoration Ideas (Best Of 2020) For Home -

Ganesh Chaturthi is a magnificent festival which is symbolized to bring energy of luck and wisdom to the worshippers. Even the most prominent celebrities like to bring the elephant-headed and pot-bellied Lambodar in their homes and to engage in worship for a span of days. Each individual has their own reason or belief to celebrate this festival with great boom and bash.

Families and friends get together to commemorate the visit of Ganpati. As the Ganpati idol is installed in a mandap or makhar inside the home, the kadhais and pans in the kitchen clink and pop with delicious recipes.

From halwas to poori bhaji and from shrikhand to sabudana vada, some lip-smacking meals come into sight.

Oodles of laddoos and modaks crop up in the mithai stalls. Foppery-oozing ribbons and colour splashing decorations juice up the entire ambience. And when talking of decorations, what a beauty! 

If you’re setting up a Ganpati pandal in your home, these simple yet Ganpati decoration ideas will help you select and plan your decorations. Read on.


After all, even the Ganpati Bappa would want to visit a house which is decorated in an environment-friendly way!

Elegant Earthen Style

From an idol made of cow dung to an idol made of plant seeds, there are many eco-friendly roads to take when it comes to making Ganpati idol. And the chasmic clay statues are always perfect.

Fancy Fitkari Ganesha

Alum sulphate aka fitkari is an emerging innovation among artists and sculptors alike, especially the ones working on new Ganpati decoration ideas. Apart from being a water purifier, fitkari is also helpful for nourishing the marine world, thus, doing a world of good when the alum idols are immersed in water.

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Sugarcane & Masala Ganpati

Tie some sugarcanes together to make the framework for the idol. Then, top it off with raw spice seeds such as cardamoms, cloves, black pepper balls etc. Not an easy thing to do, but if you have time and patience, this is a wonderful eco-friendly way to decorate your house for Ganpati celebrations.

The Banana Backdrop

Besides being a green decoration, banana leaves are considered sacred since ancient of times. In fact, in some South Indian regions, banana tree leaves is an essential puja samagri.

So buy some fresh banana leaves and create a backdrop out of them alongside a metal chhatra. Embellish with flowers of different colours such as lilies, marigolds, jasmine or roses.

On the Waves of Water

If your home has a backyard, a garden or an outdoor space, this is not a bad idea. Take a clay Ganesha statue, place it in a boat toy and let the little Ganpati take swings on water.

Decorate this little water garden with with lotus, leaves, flowers, or colourful marbles. Alternatively, you can create a faux backdrop of water fountain or waterfall while in interiors.

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Apart from immersing this idol in water, you can also bury it inside earth instead. While the natural soil materials will dispose themselves, the eco-friendly materials will make up for some great manure which will nourish the earth in years to come. Thus, completing the cycle of Ganesh Chaturthi!


Edible Ganpati can be a humble approach to celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi. As the festive period gets over, you can dismantle these edible idols and donate the eatables to poor people.

Wouldn’t Bappa be happier if you do this? Well. You can use anything from raw vegetables to wheat flour to maida, chocolates or laddoos. Add edible colours and corn starch powder to make these idols stick during the festivity period.

Also, make an arrangement to keep the idol away from bugs and flies if it contains sweets.

Pav Ganpati

You can get this made using a chaat stall owner. Or, it isn’t that hard to make one at home itself. The entire idol will be carved out of pav buns.

Ideally, this idol can be created on the last day of Ganpati immersion, that is, on Anant Chaturdashi. When the puja is over, then, you can donate these pav buns to underprivileged children.

Candy, Cookies & Chocolate Ganpati Decoration Ideas

This kind of Ganpati idol can be made via a bakery shop. These days, many bakers are innovating new ideas to execute this style of Ganpati decorations using everything from biscuits to chocolate gems. As you install this Ganpati in your house, top off the ceiling with balloons for a birthday-ish look!  


If there are lots of colours, what else is required?

Graceful Gold & Whimsy of White

Marrying gold and white gives a magnificent style, which is hard to match. For white, you can use white or cream flowers such as jasmine or tuberoses.

From a tuberoses mesh roof to jasmine garlands, many things can be done. Add accents of gold with golden ribbons, gold umbrellas or gold kalira hangings.

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Swoon-worthy Silver

Silver isn’t too common a decoration theme when it comes to Ganpati. However, it’s never a bad idea to explore new trends sometimes. Be it a silver Ganpati figurine to a silver aarti thaali, be it a silver polished vase or some old silver jewels, you can’t go wrong with this earthy metal also representing moon.

Bounty of Brown

If this year’s Ganpati matches with a significant happy event in your family or home, you might as well want to gift your loved ones with something.

In such a case, a Ganpati sculpture made in metals like brass or bronze is a great idea to go with. Not just a brass or bronze Ganpati lasts long, but they also form a graceful decoration for any living space.


Classic Chowkis

Chowkis have been used since ages to set the stage for religious rituals as well for meal times. Get a colourful designer chowki to install your Ganpati sculpture for the festivities or otherwise. From kundan-studded chowkis to marble chowkis, plenty of options are out there.


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