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10 Eye-Catching Homemade Ganpati Decoration Ideas

Once upon a time, Lord Shiva asked his sons to participate in a race around the universe. The winner would be prized with a special mango carrying magical powers.

While the other kids began to pedal to the metal, Ganesha called aside his parents Shiva-Parvati and circled around them. He said that his parents was his only universe, and thus, he won the magical prize.

Often seen as a figure of wisdom and sharp intellect, Lord Ganesha is worshipped as an epitome of art too. Many significant Indian artworks have been dedicated to the rotund bellied Ganesha.

So, when it comes to Ganpati celebration, no wonder, there is fervour in the decoration sellers and buyers alike.

While the decoration options are many, not every year is the year of a gold-dipped sculpture or a bronze Ganpati statue. Sometimes, less is more.

Taking in view this scenario, we composed a list of 10 such not-so-expensive Ganpati decoration ideas. In addition to being homemade, they are absolutely beautiful as well. So, let’s get started.

Bangles & Basket Hangings

All it takes is a stack of some old bangles and some small to medium sized baskets. Usually, the cane baskets are ideal for the purpose however, if you don’t have the cane ones, you can also use plastic or woven baskets. The main thing to note is that they should not be too heavy to drop down from the hooks.

Now tie a tough rope, stick or thread to the center of each basket. Slip a bangle or two down the string, and then attach it to the ceiling, a wall hook or a curtain rod. Customize and innovate as per your time and taste.

Schoolhouse Style Ganpati Decoration Idea

Simply take a memo board along with a packet of board pins and some colourful papers. This will cost you not more than a few hundreds.

Now, make some paper cuttings in the designs of rainbows, landscapes, plants, sky, clouds, trees and anything like. Also make a paper cut-out of Ganesha’s silhouette.

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Use your imagination and pin these colourful cuttings on the board. Further, hang this board to one of your room’s walls and it’s done. Doesn’t it remind you of your school memories?

Decorating Ganesha Statue With Beads & Sticks

If you want to purchase this kind of decoration readymade, look for pearl-studded garland sticks. Normally, they come for decorations in weddings and cocktails but they are as good as well for festive decorations too.

Ganesha Rangoli

Many schools and colleges, even offices carry out this Ganesha Rangoli design competition during the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. At home, you can create a rangoli like this quite easily with some colour powders, glitter, flowers or chalk.

Both free hand designs and stencil designs look amazing. To decorate it further, use diyas or candles.

Ganpati Decoration Ideas with Umbrellas

Also known as chhatri, an umbrella holds a significant symbolism to protection, safety and comfort. As Lord Ganesha protects us humans like a vast umbrella, many people like to decorate the Ganpati figurine with umbrellas.

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You can use one big umbrella as the arch or several ones made in paper origami, glittery thermocol, lace or textile. If you’re purchasing some readymade umbrella shaped accessories, look for the ones studded with colourful sequins.

Paper Frill Jhalars & Jhoomers

Also known as jhalars or jhoomers, these paper frill chandeliers can also be used for decorating doors. To create a paper frill chandelier, take some coloured papers, a pair of scissors, glue, needle and thread yarn.

Using scissors, cut each of the papers in a circular or square shape. Now fold this shape into a conical funnel form and cut this cone horizontally while alternating the directions as you go from bottom to top.

The purpose of cutting the paper this way is to create a spiral of concentric circles with the paper. Make several such cut-outs of paper. Then, glue the edges of these circles or squares, and sew their centres. Open the resulting design and boom, a fabulous ruffled paper frill chandelier!

Simply simple and sweetly sweet, isn’t it!

Ganpati Decoration Ideas Using Sarees & Dupattas

Drapes exude the vibe of flow, emotion and energy. Use your old sarees, dupattas or shawls to create these drapes. Ideally, the silk drapes look stupendous. Apart from silk, consider the lightweight crochet fabrics with sequin or gold thread work.

Use these drapes as curtain backdrop for Ganesha statue. Or, give your decorations some flair by letting these drapes sprawl loosely over the shelf or table.

Ganpati Decoration Idea with Paper Rosettes

To make a paper rosette, take three to four sheets of paper in same or multiple colours. Now take a sheet and start folding it from alternate sides till the end is reached. Staple or glue the center of this paper piece.

Create similar pieces with other sheets too. Glue the sheets together to form a circular shape. Slightly spread the folds to make it look like a rosette.

By adding a little more creativity, you can use the similar technique to create rainbow rosettes, mandala designs, paisleys and pinwheels.

Create several such rosettes in different sizes. Tape them to a wall, creating a backdrop. Now top off this backdrop with strings of fairy lights for a dazzling effect!

Green Ganpati Decoration Ideas

If you love to have an eco-friendly or organic lifestyle, you are most likely to love this decoration. To make a green Ganpati, use eco-friendly materials such as bamboo sticks, rattan baskets, haystack, grass, foliage and anything similar to this you can think of.  

As an example, you can install the Ganpati idol in a heap of hay and decorate it with hangings made of bamboo sticks and baskets.

Having said this, don’t think that this will compromise on the looks any way. These eco-friendly decorations will offer an absolutely dramatic look to your home as well.

Lily Ponds

After marigolds, lilies are the favourite flowers for Ganpati decoration. Just like Lord Ganesha, the flower lily too symbolizes auspiciousness. So, decorate the Ganesha mandap in your house with a lily spread or a little pond made out of lilies.

If you’re looking for a particular pooja day’s decoration, creating a spread out of real lilies is a great idea.

However, if you are looking for entire 10-day or long term decorations, consider paper lilies. You can create these lilies out of white and yellow paper. Or, you can easily find them in a craft store.