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Best 15 Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

A Christmas tree is the epitome of light in the darkness of wintry nights. While some people like to keep it simple, others are likely to have a prettifying one garnished with sparkling embellishments.

However, whether brimming with gifts and stars, or loaded with boatloads of ornaments, a Christmas tree always brings a colour of joy in the space. Read below to explore 15 decorative ideas you can implement to decorate the Christmas tree this holiday season.


1. Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Originated during 19th century, advent calendars are calendars designed in the form of a surface like that of a board or a card. The surface features many small flaps, cards, windows or doors; one of which is opened each day to reveal a piece of chocolate, title, greeting or message which relates to the particular day.

You can also call it a countdown calendar. As described, mostly a surface like board is used for creating this kind of calendar yet turning a Christmas tree itself into a Christmas countdown is a great idea too.

To make pockets or flaps for the calendar, you can use anything from chocolate bars, greeting cards, sticky notes, tiny pocket diaries, little toys, stockings, or numbered ornaments.

2. Toffee Theme Christmas Tree

Candies, candy canes, lollipops, gems, marshmallows, chocolate nuts, cupcakes and wafers; what else do your kids need from a Christmas tree! To make the tree somewhat more dramatic, you can tuck these candies covered in wrapping papers or inside some colourful stockings.

3. Pompom Tree With A Quirky Topper

Usually, pompom trees are best created at home. Simply purchase a pack of some puff balls or yarn balls in the colours based on the theme you have decided for your Christmas tree. Most Christmas trees come with a star topper.

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Apart from a star, try a doll, antler head a snowflake or something like that. The plush texture of pompoms will make a perfect match with some bells as well!

4. Golden Poinsettia Tree

In addition to the regular green theme of a Christmas tree, even red and golden is a gorgeous one. Consider large-sized golden poinsettias to decorate the tree along with Merry Christmas labels in gold glitter and lots of jewelled ornaments. Accentuate with lights and ribbons.

5. Fairy Tree

Coil fairy lights around a large pine tree with faux or real greenery. Place this tree somewhere in a wide space. A porch or an outdoor garden is the perfect place. Spread gifts wrapped in glossy paper around the tree skirt. Simple and sweet!


6. Pegboard Style Christmas Tree

It’s not compulsory that Christmas trees are meant to be the green trees. Rather, if you have a small-sized space in your house, or simply if you’re looking for an innovative tree decoration for Christmas, try a pegboard style tree instead.

You will easily find wooden or metal tree-shaped pegboards in the market. Spray paint it and dangle some awesome ornaments from the peg rails.Apart from displaying your Christmas decorations, this pegboard tree will also make a great organization hack in the long term. Good for workplaces too!

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7. Cross Shaped Christmas Tree

In many of the online stores, you’ll be able to find cross trees usually made with faux greens and lights. If you wish to create your DIY cross tree, consider using tree hedges. Decorate with burlap ribbons and light strings.

8. Designer Dress Lady Christmas Tree

Got a dummy or mannequin in your house? Fantastic! If you don’t have one, you can borrow it from a nearby boutique shop. Wrap around a brightly coloured silk or polyester curtain around the mannequin.

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Now, start decorating it with lots and lots of flowers and ornaments followed by a skirt of greenery. Gorgeous lady, ahan! 

9. Playhouse Christmas Tree

Unlike Santa, elves don’t have to go from home to home to gift pretty presents to the kids. So, make them sit and play around on your Christmas tree instead. Make a terrific playhouse with elf dolls, balloons, bells and reindeer shaped toys. Add candies too!


10. Gift Pouches Christmas Tree

Buy some muslin drawstring pouches. Slip in some tiny gift item such as a chocolate or a toy or a trinket within each pouch. Cover the entire tree with these little little pouches and let kids enjoy the rest. If you can’t find these bags easily, even those tiny plastic ziplocks will do as good as well.

11. Paper Doves Christmas Tree

Remember the white dove toy from the Home Alone’s ending Christmas scene? Well, doves represent a symbolism of peace and harmony. So create plenty of doves out of yarn or paper and sprinkle these little birdies all around the tree for a dazzling Christmas look.

12. Pyramid Glass Christmas Tree

Got some old glass jars in home? Well, fill each jar with a sparkling Christmas ornament. Now, stack these jars on top of each other forming a pyramid tree. Keep the lids of the jars closed in order to provide base to the jars on top. The tree is as simple to make as it sounds. Just keep note of one thing. The base of the tree has to be something sturdy, say, something like a plank of wood.

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13. Christmas Trees in Baskets

A Christmas tree doesn’t always need to be on solo highlighted display. Instead, try purchasing some small-sized trees and place each of these in a galvanized planter or a wrought iron basket. Dot your porch, railing, window sill or doorway with these baskets. For a look even more dazzling, put a tree topper light at the tip of each tree.

14. Lots of Tinsel Trees

Mostly, people prefer going for one big Christmas tree. This time, try going for plenty of little ones instead. Create a mini village out of these little trees, tiny huts, dolls and toys. Apart from pine trees, you can also experiment with some tinsel trees dusted with white powder as faux snow.

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15. Dining Room Baby Tree

Instead of using one large tree, try several little trees using them as centrepieces on your table setting. From gold sprayed trees to mercury glass cone trees, a vast variety is available in the shops these days.