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Best 20 Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas is a beautiful festival. Everything appears to be softer and sparkling. Add to it the season of holidays and the chilled winters; Christmas time also brings warm hugs of cosiness, cups of hot chocolate and wrappings of soft glitter.

If the aroma of cake baking powders and the lollipop frostings on the cupcakes aren’t enough to make you swoon, the glossy blobs and ornaments of Christmas would certainly make you get out of bed and into a décor store.

Nevertheless, here are 20 dazzling ideas which might help you narrow down your selections for the upcoming Christmas season.


The Evergreen Theme – Red, Green & White

A combination for red, green and white sets the default tone for Christmas time. Dress up your house in Christmas in this theme by using lots of greenery – faux or real. For white, you can use chalk dust or create faux snow with the help of some furry material such as cotton. 

Peppermint Theme Decoration

Peppermint is that theme which covers the interest of all ages, from kids to old aged adults. To incorporate this theme in your house this Christmas season, bring in some peppermint striped cushion covers.

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Dangle down little candy canes from everywhere. Bring home some peppermint table napkins. Roll a patterned wrapping paper around cups and glasses.

Harlequin Theme Decoration

Flashy colours, can also offer the cosy delicate look that a Christmas decoration demands.

Use lots of colours such as purples and pinks. To top it off, add sprinkles of iridescent glitter. Spray paint the bells in pastel colours and attach them to the ends of curtain rods.

Rustic Theme Decoration

Use wooden surfaces and glass containers with a combination of hand-chipped or coir accessories. Accentuate with fairy lights.

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A glass ornament filled with wooden chips, a tree designed with the help of wooden pellets, a wood based mirror decorated with Eucalyptus foliage are some of the examples you can take hints from.

Santa Theme Decoration

Make Santa feel home when he walks past your porch or front doorway. A great idea is to go for a giant Santa-like Christmas tree featuring Santa dolls in the pine tree and Santa cap as the tree topper.

Also, you can decorate the shelves in your house with mugs and cups shaped like Santa. Fill these cups with greenery and coil strings of Christmas lights.

Plaids & Patterns

The sight of plaids offers the comforting ambience of a cosy winter blanket. When executed the right way, they can make your interiors look dazzling, not just for Christmas but for the entire winter season. Use gingham wall art, patterned furnishings or buffalo plaid ribbons – all of these will to the vintage feel a bit more.

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Banister Garlands

Banister garlands are used for decorating places like staircases, ladders and railings. You can use real or faux greenery for the same. A combination of the two looks great as well. To complement, use berry branches, string lights or Styrofoam fruits.

Decorations with Round Christmas Ornament Balls

These spheroidal-shaped Christmas ornaments are most common and are perfect for any style of decorations you want – sophisticated, bright or old-fashioned.

Fill these glistening ornament balls in a large glass bowl, place them in a pedestal dish or string them onto a garland made of floral wire. Either way, they look striking. Multiply the charm by adding chocolate coated nuts wrapped in glossy papers.

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Mini Wreath Hangings

Mini wreaths don’t just look cute but are also appropriate to sprinkle a little bit of Christmas feel throughout your house. From doors to wall mirrors, you can choose any location to hook them or hang them loose.

Another great idea is to string them in a ribbon loop and tuck them someplace like drawers or doors of your kitchen cabinets.

Snow Globes

Create a mini snow land by placing tiny dolls or tinsel trees in the snow globes. Add glitter and baubles to complete the look.

Pinecones & Candles

Line a shelf or a table with some battery operated or glitter coated candles, and place some gorgeous snow coated pinecones on it. If you have a fireplace in your house, no better a place for this decoration than the mantel. 

Jewelled Snowflakes

Tuck some jewelled snowflakes on the front wall. Spread some pearl coated snowflakes over a shelf. Or dangle these quirky ornaments from the ceiling, giving the room an appearance of a snowfall.

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Magical Truck or Cart

This Christmas, let Santa arrive at your house driving in a decorative wagon. Install a rhinestone or crystal studded bogie in your living room. It can be a truck, cart, car or train. Surround it with candies and chocolates. Kids from your neighbourhood are going to love it!


Twigs & Fairy Lights

Spray paint some twigs and coil some sparkling fairy lights around. Place the twigs in a large glass jar. From the edges of the twigs, slip in some egg shaped ornaments.

Tiny Paper Craft Houses

You can create these paper houses very easily following some of the many tutorials available online. To further decorate, paste the gift wrapping paper on the resulting houses. You can also use these handcrafted houses on the Christmas tree to give the look of a valley of houses situated on a pine hill.

Repurpose Storage Items Into Shiny Ornaments

From old cups and bowls to broken trinkets, bring them all out. Roll them in a mixture of colourful or metallic glitter powders and turn them into some incredible Christmas ornaments.

Colourful Glossy Table Setting

Cover the table runner, cookie trays, glasses and cutlery with glossy wrapping paper to give a bubbling look to your table setting. If you want to have a classy look instead, kraft paper is a great idea!

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Embroidery Hangings

If you are good at sewing or embroidery, this is a perfect thing for you. Create your own Christmas ornaments with some thread and needle. In fact, you can create an entire Christmas tree also by using yarn embroidery.

Paper Cup Cans

Cover the paper cups with red paper; fill these with succulents of faux plant foliage. Decorate with apples or strawberries. Dot these cups at your kitchen railing or window sill. Apart from being very simple to execute, it is absolutely inexpensive too.

DIY Garlands

Anything from little pompoms to large eucalyptus leaves can be used to make a beautiful garland wreath for decorating a wall in your house. If you want to involve kids in the decoration process, a garland made of tiny drawstring pouches or stockings will also look as good as well.