Candle Decoration(Unique Tips Of 2020): 8 Scintillating Candle Decoration Ideas

From candlelight dinners to Christmas decorations, candles are those effortless vignettes whose presence can deliver a coruscating dazzle to any event or celebration in the blink of an eye.

Be it a room brimming with dim nightly darkness or a grand ambience bustling with multitude and brilliance of resplendent lighting; a set of candles is something wherever it settles, brightens it up even more.

If you have been looking for some ideas to use candles in your home or a party, here are some scintillating candle decoration ideas you can’t miss. But before, let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of candle decorations.

Amidst the thousands of types of candle decorations, here are some of the most popular styles.

Floating Candle Decorations

Floating candles are usually used alongside in a combination of decorations like flower petals, marbles or beads. As the name suggests, these candles float on the surface of a pot or bowl filled with water at the same time lighting up. 

A Candle Platter

A platter of candles is a solo decoration you might want to have for a festival or small scale celebration in your home or office. Keep one at your dinner table, or in your front porch; and it signals an inviting feel already.

You can also make one at home itself. As an example, a set of cubical glass candles lining in a large rectangular tray filled with berries, rosemary & pinecones is a beautiful decoration for Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

Tapered Candles

As their name, tapered candles require specialized thin-mouthed pedestal style candle holders or candlesticks for standing at a place. Owing to their tapered design, they can’t stand on their own.

On the other hand, their bright side is also their slightly taper height which goes very ideal for exuding a romantic or sensual mood to your evenings. Apart from the traditional white or pastel colours, these candles also come in a variety of metallic and rose-gold tones, which, by the way, is fabulous.

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Scented Candle Pots

From a relaxing spa afternoon to a hearty date with your loved one, scented candles know very well how to set just the perfect mood you desire. They appear delicious and rejuvenating a decoration at the same time.

If you have a knack for scents and oils, you can also create a scented candle by yourself. They come in a wide range of shapes, colours, fragrances and sizes for selection.

Flameless Electric Candle Decorations

Not every corner of your house can be decorated with a regular wax candle. However, a set of pretty votives or flameless candles make sure that these nooks don’t miss the chance to have the same dazzle or glow as other areas.

An outdoor staircase, a garden lawn or a curtained cabinet shelf; areas like these can be decorated too with candles, by using these battery operated or flameless candles.

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Standalone Pillar Candles

A pillar candle is enough to cheer up the mood and waive off the dullness in a late evening exhaustion or a plain dinner. They are simple in appearance yet high on showcasing the luxury vibes. A set of multi-sized pillar candles is as good for the Valentine’s Day as it is for a birthday party, and in between.


These are some luxury-dripping candle decoration ideas, ideal for occasions like weddings, receptions, engagements, baby showers, and corporate functions.

White Candle Centrepieces With Pearls

Combine the smooth glossiness of pearls with the lustrous gracefulness of plain white candles to create a dream-like ambience in a homely event or in a romantic evening with your spouse. You can do this by customizing a candle with pearl bead decorations or purchasing a readymade centrepiece like this from the market. 

Ideally, white pearls are most suited for the purpose however, there is no saying that colourful pearls don’t blend well. If you’re thinking of a big-time reception or function, using glass candles with submersible pastel pearls will also give the same luxury look as the white pearls. Even a combination of black and white pearls is equally good to go with. 

Vanilla Bean Scented Candles With Coffee Beans

Add spark to a candle light dinner or a date night by blending the aroma of coffee beans with the scent of vanilla. Think of an arrangement of one or more vanilla bean scented candles centred amidst a spread of loose coffee beans splattered around a vase, a pot, a jar or a glass candle holder. 

Apart from vanilla, you can also choose from other flavours of candle scents such as chocolate, strawberry, sandalwood, rose, or lime.

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Create your own personalized set of candle decorations by using some basic equipment from your kitchen along with a handful of decoration accessories.

Make Colourful Egg Mould Candles

The egg moulds lying lonely in your kitchen aren’t just meant for the dumpster. You can reinvent these moulds by handpainting them in your favourite colours and then using them as candle holders for egg-shaped candles.

As for the egg shaped candles, you can create them at home using balloons or egg crusts. Additionally, they are also available in the market in both egg-half and full-egg designs. 

Use Glittery Vinyl Stickers With Glue-able Ornaments

Make personalized candles by pasting your favourite design of vinyl stickers over a set of plain white or pastel coloured pillar candles. There are readymade vinyl sticker sheets and rolls available in the market solely for the purpose of these decorations.

From glittery ornamental stickers to cheerful theme based decals, you will find dozens of varieties in the market, in quite a low price. Also, you can look for labels, messages or lettered style stickers for the candles.

Apart from stickers, you might want to use decorations like rhinestones, zari work, glitter ribbons or ornaments alike for giving the plain candles an extraordinary look. 

Make Votives Holder With A Wooden Log

Get a small tree log and drill holes of the size of a votive candle, which is ideally 2 to 3 inches on a circular scale. Now place the glass votive candles in the holes, surrounding it with greenery and accessories. An easy yet powerful way to light up a shelf in your room, kitchen or entrance.


Christmas, Diwali, and all that festive! 

Wreath Base With A Poinsettia Embellishment

This decoration will ideally suit when you are using a candle holder, preferably made in glass or a glass like material. Use a tiny circular wreath for setting the base for the candle. Now wrap around a red or golden ribbon around the neck of the candle holder.

Place or attach a poinsettia shaped embellishment alongside the candle. A golden poinsettia made in glitter mesh ribbon will offer the perfect festive appearance.

Pencil Candles With Ceramic Coasters As Base

A set of multi-coloured sleek pencil candles comes cheap and easy. However, you can innovate the way in which they are used for decoration. As an instance, for making the base of these candles, you can think of small-sized saucers or the coasters made in ceramic. Just slip some of these candles on a window sill or at a railing in the outdoors, and see the magic happen!

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Cutworked Tealight Candle Lanterns

There is a melange of variety in the stores when it comes to cutwork candle stands and tea-light holders. They are often made in black metal, ceramic or paper. And when talking of paper, you can also make your own DIY candle lanterns by making some ornamental cutwork designs using craft paper. 

Apart from using them for smooth base candles, you can also use these candle lanterns in the form of decorative hangings.