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During days of festivity, even the regular hours of routine appear in a glossier package. Corporates distribute bonuses to their employees. Householders decorate their homes with whitewashing and lights.

From Holi to Christmas, Eid to Diwali, festive season arrives with a default vibe of zing and zest. And a beautiful tradition – Gift Giving! 

No matter where you are or what you do, gift giving is an inseparable part of the human culture. It prevails everywhere.

From village farmers sharing sacks of grains in harvest season to the business leaders delighting their clients with spectacular gifts, gifting is everywhere.

In all of this, the festival days are some of the best days of the year to send these gifts to your loved ones, family, friends or concerned.

Read on below to know more about the origins, importance and styles of this gift giving tradition.

1. Birthday Return Gifts for Encouragement & Motivation

On festivals like Diwali, Christmas and New Year, many companies appreciate their employees by gifting them with boxes of sweets, bakery items or other gifts.

This, doesn’t just motivate the employees to work harder, but also acknowledges their effort in contributing to the growth of their company.

Similarly, on festivals such as Mother’s Day and Father’s day, children gift their parents with items of their liking in order to appreciate their love and care.

2. A Thread of Love & Care

Why, on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan brothers gift their sisters with beautiful gifts when they tie the rakhi on their wrists?

Why the bride’s cousins demand gifts from the groom before the ceremonies of the marriage?

Why the husband endows her wife with gifts while she gifts him by keeping a fast for him? All these traditions are not just like that.

These have been carefully designed by our ancestors from the era of Vedas. These traditions ensure remembrance and repetition of the spiritual intelligence patterns which further ensure the peace, harmony and oneness of human relationships.

3. Birthday Return Gifts to Express the Praise for the One

God is one and the same, for all. During festivals such as Eid or Diwali or Navratris, when people celebrate their profound devotion to God, they express their love in the form of giving gifts to each other. Some people go on full day fasts as a dedication to God.

People make sweets and kheer and share it with their neighbours, who also express their acknowledgement with some kind of return gifts.

4. A Kind of Mini Get-together

These days, every working day is such a messy rush that hardly anyone gets a time to meet each other quite often.

Festivals such as Diwali and Holi present great opportunities to meet each other, greet each other and gift each other.

As a common example, you might have seen your neighbours getting together during gift exchange on days of important festivals.

Even the siblings who tend to live in separate households or long-distance after their respective marriages, festivals like Raksha Bandhan and Bhai Dooj are wonderful occasions to get together and celebrate while exchanging birthday return gifts with each other.

5. Building Happy Memories for Kids

The kids in your family are probably going to remember the festive memories at the most when they grow up.

And so, festivals make good choices to build these happy memories for them which they can cherish later on.

From the choice of their dress to the gifts they receive and all the lighting & gloss, will feed their memories with something to remember with smiles on their lips.

Well, apart from all the above mentioned reasons, there’s a humorous reason to celebrate gift giving during festivals.

That is, discounts. Yes. From shopping malls to electronics and automobile vendors, merchants willingly offer flat discounts during festive seasons.

So, it’s a pretty cool opportunity to grab all those dresses, crockery packs and more out of these!

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