Balloon Decoration Ideas | 13 Charming Balloon Decoration Ideas (Trending Of 2020) |

Balloon Decoration Ideas | 13 Charming Balloon Decoration Ideas

Bombastic and plumpy in appearance, balloons make adults travel to their childhoods back in time. Their puffy and blown texture also provides a feel of soft warmth and light-heartedness in the ambience where they’re placed. Scroll down to browse through a list of some cutesy and fancy balloon decoration ideas. You can implement these ideas in parties, home decorations as well in balloon-theme destination events.


1. Balloon Cupcake Toppers

An awesome idea for decorating snacks like fudge pastries, cupcakes and cakes. In addition to this, these tiny little balloon toppers can also be used for doing a festive style decoration of burgers or burger buns.

2. Balloon Garlands

Using a balloon garland as a table centrepiece isn’t just a fantastic idea but also a wonderful way to represent the celebration feel to your guests. Especially if you have a large sized dining table, a garland of balloons lining the space between the two rows of plates is a wonderful thought to implement.

3. Exploding Chocolate Balloons

Exploding balloons aren’t a thing of the past yet. Fill some balloons with chocolate candies and dangle them down from a ceiling or post. As a balloon is pricked, the guests will be showered with the rain of chocolates!

4. Fondant Balloons Cake Decoration

As your guests or friends indulge in the fudgy creamy flavour of a cake or pastry, let them taste some balloons too. Yes! Fondant balloons can be created easily with the help of the same materials we employ in making a delicious cake.

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Use it on the surface or at the sides, either way they are going to look mouth-watering. Add accents of balloony decorations by adding balloon topper, balloon garland or balloon stick over the cake. 

If you are not baking it at home, you can ask your baker to include this design while making the cake for you.


Balloon spirals are usually created with balloons coming in two to three colours along with decorative accessories such as faux silk flowers or bells.

5. Balloon Spiral Arches

A semi-circular balloon arch will look great when used at the entrance, curtain corners, a hall or a large-sized living room.

6. Spiral Balloon Columns

Spiral balloon columns are well suited for any or every space, plain or party, big or small. The bonus, these are absolutely easy to make right at your home. 


7. Balloons & Kraft Paper Favour Bags

It’s always a good idea to make gifting even more interesting and inviting for the guests. Be it a collection of birthday return gifts or a bonbonniere of wedding party favours, balloons serve the perfect purpose.

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Simply wrap these gifts and favours in Kraft Paper, either through bags or loose. Attach a balloon each with one of these gift packs while setting the gifts in a cluster or a row. After contributing to your party decorations, the balloons will go home with your guests as bonus return gifts, interesting isn’t it?

8. Balloon Tassel Ceiling

Considering the height of the room, balloons are a beautiful way to decorate the ceiling in a festive way. This is also a great way to add colour to celebrations like birthday parties, valentine day, baby showers and engagement ceremonies.

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Upon taping clusters of balloons at the ceiling, you can add accents of glitter tassels to make the sight look full and blooming.

9. Balloons with Pompom Dots

Get a packet of mini sized fluffy pompom balls in colours of your choice. Paste these little pompoms carefully and neatly on the surface of a white or a pastel hued balloon. Let these puffy sprinklers blow in the air in a fashion you like!

10. Tulle Wrapped Balloons

Tulle is a kind of lightweight fabric material, like that of silk or cotton which is used to make veils, covers and curtains. So, wrap some colourful balloons each in a tulle cloth such that the resulting thing looks like a bouquet.

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Connect many such balloons together with the help of strings and ribbons. Let this big bouquet welcome your guests at the entrance, doorway or beside a cutesy plate of cake.


11. Glitter Sequin Balloons

Ideally, a few latex balloons painted in metallic shades will serve the purpose. Purchase several of these balloons. Paste lots of glittery sequins on their surface. These balloons will offer a festive feel which is appropriate not only for festive parties but also corporate and institutions.

12. Gumball Balloons

The rubbery gum-like material used in gumball is used in making various artistic style balloons. Bring home a balloon like this and use it as a showstopper in a party, event, or decoration.

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Many of these balloons come in the form of a giant balloon filled with tiny sized colourful balloons. You will also find some stores which offer gumball balloons with a personalized message or custom decoration.

13. Printed Pearl Balloons

As the name suggests, pearl balloons are literally the larger version of pearls containing pearl-like sheen and metallic colour. In various stores online and offline, you will find a variety of printed pearl balloons in different colours including pink, purple, blue, green and gold.