8 Best Temple decoration Ideas

The Mandir or Pooja room in the house is one of the most sacred spaces. Depending on your requirements, these can be extremely simple to intricately designed areas of the house. The size and style of Pooja room decor vary according to your budget and personal requirements. The common thread is that the equivalent should be a cozy and welcoming area that augments the positive energy inside the house irrespective of the size and layout type. While Pooja room layout, placement of temple bells, and similar decor aspects must be according to vastu principles, a few ways are used to make your Pooja room more comfortable and beautiful. Thorough planning and placement help to build an inviting and peaceful atmosphere inside the room.

1. Prepping up the Pooja room

  • Paint the walls

When you decide to prep up your Pooja room, it is significant to ensure that you choose the best colours and shades. The same should be such that it adds a sense of serenity and peace while making a subtle statement.

Since the home temple is often in a small space, painting it in summery shades like lemon yellow or orange will appear open and calm. It also helps to add a sunny and welcoming touch to the area. It is vital to ensure that you have the right additions to decorate the same. For instance - a hanging bell helps to add spiritual value and prestige to the area.

  • Elegant white decor

An all-white Pooja room accentuated with a kaleidoscopic burst of glass decor can help to bring a peaceful ambience. It helps to create a connection with your deity. Select double glass doors and frosted background to complete the look.

2. The doorways

  • Distinctive door decor

The entrance of the Pooja room must be distinguishable from the other doors of the house. You can choose to add a decal or decorative element like Ganesha to signify the importance of the room. Similarly, wooden doors, carvings, filigree detailing, Kashmiri doors, etc., can be a great way to add a traditional touch to the region.On the other hand, transparent glass doors, laminates, motifs, etc., can be a contemporary way to incorporate the room into your home.

  • The Jaalis

Go traditional and add intricate Jaali designs to accentuate your modern Mandir decor. These can be used for ventilation and spreading the fragrance of flowers and incense to the rooms.Whether you like the simple divine corner or an ornate one, your designer can help you to incorporate these into your home. The lattice pattern looks best in laminate or wood. These are high on aesthetic value, especially if combined with a white and wooden unit.

  • Frosted glass entrance

A blend of frosted glass with a wooden frame can create a design layout. It helps to attain an incredible and semi-concealed look. To make the area more serene and peaceful, choose an elaborate mandap with wooden doors. The intricate detailing on these will make you feel like a royal.

3. Create the perfect background

  • Golden highlights

To add a unique allure to the space, we recommend emphasizing the wall behind the deities. It helps to remove negative spaces and uplifts the mood. Choose ideas like gold leaf highlights to decorate the wall behind the mandap or a large OM symbol to add detailing behind marble idols. A brass bell can also be used to add to the overall appeal of this area. Avoid using curtains for the purpose as these may catch fire when it is windy. It is also best to keep fire extinguishers ready inside the room to avoid any untoward incident.

  • A veneer panel

Another great idea is to place a veneer panel in the background of the room. Choose a matching Pooja unit to create interesting visual art. Select large South-Indian lamps to add a shimmering look to your house.

  • Glass background

The Pooja room that lies underneath the stairs needs to be accentuated using a glass background. It creates a reflective surface that also helps to make the area roomier. Choose to inscribe these using Sanskrit shlokas to get the best results.

  • Backlit display or artwork

An elegant and open Pooja room decor idea is to use a backlit glass panel to accentuate the area behind the idols. Adding artwork to cut the reflective surface can bring a stunning appeal. Choose embossed glass doors incorporated with a wooden frame to achieve the desired results. The doors can be ribbed with etched glass to get a semi-private Pooja room.

4. Select the best upholstery

  • Elegant rugs

It is commonly observed that the floor to the Pooja room is largely ignored. We recommend using carpets or premium rugs to decorate the space. You can also use traditional mattresses to add a warm appeal in winter. Choose smaller rugs or decorative cushions to add to the individual seating arrangements. Select a brass urli and fill it with water and flowers to adorn the entrance to the room.

  • Rangoli designs

During the festival season, you can decorate the room using Rangoli to add a touch of auspicious charm to the place. Many interior designers recommend etching the rangoli design permanently using paint.

  • Play with furnishings

Fabrics with various styles and sheens can help to add to the Pooja room space. Since Mandir is all about low seating, choose comfy floor cushions accentuated in silk or brocade to add to the overall appeal.

5. Vintage jewels for Pooja room

  • Choose antique accessories

You can go traditional in your decor project and add marigolds or torans to amp up the entrance. Choose flower petals, Gulab Jal, leaves, etc., to add to the space. Bring in traditional brass diyas, lamps, South-Indian hanging lamps, Mandir bells, etc., to beautify your room.

  • Carved corners

If a full-on Pooja room is not your thing, utilize any empty room to create a compact Pooja corner. Choose designer drawers and styles to help create drawers to store everyday Pooja materials. Make sure to stick to clean lines and neutral shades to make the area appear calm and relaxing. You can also choose beautifully carved marble countertops along with matching dividers to attain a perfect setting.

  • Get a traditional Pooja unit

You can never get enough of the brass inside the Pooja room. Invest into heritage brass plates, diyas, Jyotis, idols, Jhulas, etc., for your home temple. Select an ornate Pooja unit designed from wood to adorn the area.

6. Decorating the interiors

  • Marigold background

No festival prayer is complete without flowers. It is best to opt for marigolds or flowers that appeal to your principal deity to decorate the temple interior. If you have a limited budget, opt to fill a large pitcher with water and place these floral offerings along with floating lamps. You can similarly choose to hang a marigold pylon on the Temple entrance.

  • Rose sticks

You can choose artificial flower sticks or roses to stick around the temple. Use double-sided tape to hang larger bunches.

  • Handicrafts

Choose handicrafts like clay Ganesha statues, terracotta elephants, self-painted diyas to place in the Mandir during festivities. It brings an ethnic appeal to the area.

  • • Mason jars

Use small twinkling lights inside mason jars to accentuate your home. You can also choose small glass bottles to decorate the area around the idols.

7. The festival must-haves

  • Floral Rangoli

Rangolis signify welcome and can be an auspicious addition to your festival decor. Add a floral Rangoli to the main entrance of the temple to leave a lasting impression.

  • Bells

Choose from tiny temple bells to gigantic alloy versions to accentuate your festival offerings and prayers. Bells are an essential part of the Pooja room decor and bring calmness and serenity to the region. You can also choose heavy metallic bells or lustrous versions with images of Gods and Goddesses to achieve a good impression.

  • Mango leaves and marigolds

If you wish to receive the choicest blessings this festive season, choose to decorate your Pooja with marigold and mango leaves. Create a garland from the same and enhance the look of the Mandir. Use oil lamps to add a unique appeal to the area.

  • Silver game

Bring out all your silver coins and thalis and polish them to use for your festive Pooja. Combine marigold and roses using an oil lamp to light up for your festive season.

8. Choose right lighting

  • LED lights

Pooja room lights play a significant role in creating ambient air inside the area. It helps to create an appropriate and positive setting inside the house. You can choose to add LED lights to highlight the entrance or sophisticated ones to bring a shadow play. At the same time, you can use fairy or string lights to light up your mandir bell.

  • Chandeliers for the perfect results

A chandelier can help to bring an amicable and serene look to the room while blending to your room decor ideas. The pattern that reflects on the floor will further add to the serenity of the region.

  • Diyas

Select high-end diyas, lamps, etc., made from brass to accentuate your festival offerings. Choose to light these with clarified butter or mustard oils to attract positive vibes. You can also select superior variants or vintage diyas to amp up your festive decor. These temple decoration ideas are surely going to give a unique festive touch to your temple. Give free rein to your creativity and imagination, and give a nice look to your home temple this festive season.