Christmas Decoration Ideas | 20 Unique Ideas for Decorating for Christmas

Christmas is that time of the year when the twinkle lights, the Christmas tree, the centrepieces and all the red and white adornments are pulled out from the store and trunks to decorate your house.


The holiday season with family around is the ideal time to freshen up all corners of your home, and the best place to start with is the living room. The good thing is that you always get an elaborate range to shop from the online medium – various Christmas ornaments, available in a variety of price and style.

Well, beyond doubt, the Christmas tree needs to be the show-stopper. In the living room use the conventional decorative like lights, presents, stars and twinkles, tinsel and toppers to set in the ambience. Here are 20 unique Christmas decoration ideas that will liven up your home for sure!


1. Go conventional

Pair up your red furniture covers with the chosen decorative and pennants from your local park. This is also a sustainable way to decorate your Christmas tree. Buy some patterned curtains, rugs and mugs as well as wall art.


Pair up the look by buying and placing a small diminutive tree on a tabletop at the corner of the living room. Adding this as a Christmas decoration, perched high on a tall corner table will leave even Santa surprised because of the unique space.

2. A makeshift fireplace

What is the true essence of Christmas in the absence of a majestic fireplace? Modern homes being short on space find this challenging, especially with young kids around.

Parents love to infuse new Christmas decoration ideas every year – this year catch your little one by surprise by creating space for a makeshift fireplace. Make it as spacious and massive as possible.

Buy a cloth wall hanging with fireplace drawn or stitched onto it. If you wish to display your creativity and drawing skills, make a DIY wall hanging. Now decorate your living room by hanging it and alongside make sure to hang few stockings too.

3. Decorate your Christmas tree with candy Christmas ornaments 

Leave alone the traditional red and green ornaments this year. Change the theme and embrace the candy theme; especially if your kids are crazy about candies. There are several online websites from where you can order some tremendous looking high-quality candy decorative.


From candy lollipops to candy canes, peppermint garlands, resin candies, cupcake ornaments, flocked candy garlands, peanut butter candy cups, candy glitter ornaments and more; decorate your Christmas tree innovatively this year.

4. No Christmas tree – no worries

If the Christmas tree does not seem to be a possibility this year due to lack of space – then visit the local park to get home a dried branch from a bush or a tree. Ensure that it replicates the pyramid structure of the green area of the tree. Dress it up. Use spray paint to colour the twig and hang miniature ornaments from the twig to complete the look of the tree.

5. Stars play an important role during Christmas

The best is that you can pick different sizes and materials of stars from the local store or an online gallery. You can choose to create a 3-D effect by hanging three different sizes of stars, made from three varied materials.


So, the smallest layer could be all paper stars, the next could the wooden stars and finally, the metallic stars. All hung from the ceiling or curtain bars to create the three-dimensional look.

6. With the Christmas tree, decorate the mantel too

Another interesting Christmas decoration idea is to not only decorate your Christmas tree but also do up the fireplace. Garland the mantel and use the Christmas ornaments to add in extra layers to the mantelpiece. To make it more gaudy and flashy, you can keep the decorations in bowls in all the tables inside the room.

7. Get a vast blackboard and fit it to the back wall of the sofas

This is a great DIY Christmas décor. Unlike the traditional Christmas ornaments, what you need, is a huge blackboard, like we use to have it at school. The size should match the dimension of the wall.


Fix the board. Colour the entire board with chalk and then erase it off, leaving behind the whitish mark. This is done to give the appearance of snow. Also, hang two or three wreaths and a ‘Merry Christmas’ Banner to complete the look.

8. Go in for a white tree and choose unique Christmas decorations

Decide consciously to go in for unconventional Christmas celebrations this year. Instead of the traditional red and green, use black and green coloured ornaments. Get a white tree or use cotton to cover your existing green Christmas tree. Stock up a black coloured ladder and use bold coloured decorative to create a festive look to your place.

9. An all-white Christmas décor

Again, moving away from the reds and the greens, go in for white décor this holiday season. From the white rug on the floor to white stars and stockings over the fireplace, you can create a magical effect with this universal colour. Keep the tree white too and use a white wall art. And, finish the look by placing white candles on the centre-table. 

10. Not to forget the flower bouquet

The essence about decorating for Christmas will never be truly realized if you forget our dainty little friends – flowers. This is true, especially if you do not have space for a traditional Christmas tree.


One thing that you can do is to get home a beautifully prepared bouquet made with colourful flowers and decked up with pretty conventional and candy ornaments.


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11. No space for a Christmas tree – do with a floral arrangement of Poinsettias

People who live in small-sized apartments often have space issues which are why getting a Christmas tree can be a challenge. So, you can go in for the traditional bunch of Poinsettias and keep it by the side of the window sill, on a side table.

12. A countdown screen

Your kids will love this new-age Christmas decoration idea. Get an LED timer or countdown screen and place it at the base of the Christmas tree. It will help heighten the excitement levels as the D-day fast approaches.

13. Go in for a peppermint theme

After the candy theme, you need to go in for this one. Arrange the dining table with a striped table cloth or runner, use chequered and patterned napkins. Use white plates and top them with the conventional Christmas sweet or use sprigs shaped like the sweets.

14. If white is not for you, then choose the bold burgundy coloured items for Christmas decoration

Pep up your living room by matching the whites with the bold burgundy. From cushions to flowers, drapes to using burgundy satin cloth for adorning the ladder in the living room, there is plenty that you can do with this eloquent darker tone of red.

15. Black and white is not passé 

Many people choose to redo their living room colours by going in for all black-and-white Christmas decoration. Black leather sofa goes well with the white rug. Paint the room in white and use lighter tones of black for the curtains. Keep the cushions and the mantel wall white while the fireplace can be accentuated with black. 

16. Decorate the bedroom too

Don’t forget the bedroom – it needs to be given as much attention as the living room. You can use the bold red and whites or go in for pure white and green colour combos. Hang a few wreaths and stars overhead and introduce a tinge of blue through the pillow covers and cushions.

17. Pom-Poms as a Christmas tree

You do not need a Christmas tree or unique Christmas tree ornaments for this oneGet different sizes of Pom-Poms and different colours too. Get the rainbow-coloured pom-poms. Now use them to create a Christmas tree. The colourful tree will immediately brighten up space.

18. Decorating the ladder

The ladder beside the Christmas tree adds magic to the festival. Buy plenty of small muslin bags. Have kids draw and paint on them. Now, fill each of the bags with a task or a goody and tie them to ribbons. The ribbons can now be tied onto the ladder.

19. Candles and lights

Make the entire place fluorescent by using thin string lights that can be used to decorate the mantel and the Christmas tree. Use candles and lanterns; spread them all across the room to make the place cosy and all lighted up.

20. Remember to decorate the staircase too

If you have stairs at home, don’t keep them empty. Use the candle to light the way while you can entwine it with green foliage from the garden or artificial ones bought from an online store. To make the place brighter, you could use mini spotlights, fairy lights or LED lights to help Santa find the way up and down the house.