Ganpati Decoration Ideas | 20 Super-impressive Homemade Ganpati Decoration Ideas

Ganpati celebrations are round the corner. The mud and clay idol of Lord Ganesha is worshipped in temples, and the holy premises of the temple are decked up elaborately. Other than that, the festival is a family event where the idol of Lord Ganesha is bought home.


It is an annual event that is celebrated for almost a week. At the end of the festival, the idol of Lord Ganesha is immersed in the seawater or holy river water.


It is that time of the year when people start to search for the best and innovative Ganpati decoration ideas to decorate their houses eloquently in different ways.


In this context, we will explore different innovative Ganpati decoration ideas for home and simple ways that your place can be adorned with Decorating with flowers, lamps and Rangoli.


Use garlands made from natural or artificial flowers to ornament the idol of Lord Ganesha while the same colourful and vibrant petite flowers can be used to decorate the backdrop of the temple room in your house.


The best part is that you can get fresh herbs from the garden or the florist or buy artificial flowers and involve all members of the family – old and young – to weave impressive-looking garlands of different sizes for Ganpati decoration. Complete the look by changing the traditional arched floral decorative piece or the Toran on the door of the puja room.


Flowers can be used for filling up beautiful floral patterns on the floor. The patters are made from pine rice solutions. Rangolis look great at the entrance of the house, near the main door, the access to the temple room and all around the idol of the Lord in the puja room.


Again, you get a readymade floral mesh that can be used for creating attractive Rangolis on the floor or hand draw the patterns. Involve your members of your family, especially kids, for building up the right essence. 

Diyas and lamps

Diyas add a different kind of beauty to the entire setup. This is a traditional form of festival decoration in India and has been used for ages. To light up every part of the house, keep the lighted oil-lit lamps on the Rangolis in the puja room, in front of the Lord as well as towards the entrances.

Kites and Threads

Kite decoration

A unique way to decorate your puja room, just behind the place where Lord Ganesha has been placed is to use kites – you get to buy a lot of them during this time of the year.


Choose different colours and sizes and then use varied colours to create painted patterns on the kites. Now hang the kites with threads on the wall just behind where the Lord rests. You can be as creative as your imagination lets you be!

Thread decoration

An interesting Ganpati decoration idea for home 2020 is to use reels of thread – yes, the one that you use at home for stitching and making embroidery patterns for creating a small-sized pandal inside the puja room for the Lord.


The more colours and different types of reels of thread you use, the better and dynamic will the place look. Ensure that you adorn the idol of Lord Ganesha too in colourful dhoti so that there is a perfect synchronization of colours.

Curtains and Thermocol

Curtain and dupatta decorations

A visually appealing theme can be created with the use of the simple extra curtains or dupattas lying idle at home. Again, the use of colours and fabrics can be done to create a different backdrop pattern.


Curtains can be used to generate a mandap for the Lord. You can create a symbolic wave-like structure, or flowing four walls, an entrance or a simple one-sided backdrop in different colours. Some people use colourful curtains or dupattas from the ceiling to create the impression of a giant flower and petals.

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Thermocol decorative

Thermocol is a synthetic polymer, white and can be used to create deep cut-outs of flowers, floral designs and creepers and other such exciting patterns. The decorative can be used in and around the idol of Ganpati to make for attractive Ganpati decoration items and forms. 

Eco-friendly Ganpati decoration ideas

Fruits, vegetables, tree branches, twigs and leaves

While flowers can brighten up your house during the Ganpati festival, you can get innovative and make beautiful tiny cut-outs from vegetables and fruits to add an aesthetic look to your place.


You can reuse orange peels to make a DIY décor price as a fruit candle. The use of branches and twigs can be done meaningfully to add lines and deepen the presence in patterns. All this can be used to transition the puja room into a stunning place of worship.

Green indoor plants and bamboo saplings

This makes for a creative way to adorn your puja room during Ganpati celebrations. Not only are these natural, green and eco-friendly, they will also bring in lots of positivity, enthusiasm and fresh oxygen into your home.

Earthen Lamps and artefacts

You can visit a local potter to pick up some nicely handcrafted pieces of pottery décor items for decorating your house. These wares can be used for lighting diyas and candles or even to create a potpourri and immerse flower petals. Place them around the idol to create a natural look. To complete the décor, you can order for a clay Ganpati statute online.

Paper lanterns or Akaash Kandil

These are colourful lanterns made out of paper. If you are creative enough and have time on hand, you can make them at home too. Simple, eloquent colours but impactful designs can convert the entire ambience at home into an effortless beauty, especially at night.

Beads and sticks 

creative idea for Ganpati decoration at home is to reuse beads, twigs, ice-cream sticks and prepare a halo on the wall behind Ganpati. You can hang the halo too. Paste the beads onto a circle-shaped paper and paste the rods protruding out to create the halo effect.

Paper cut-outs

One fantastic way to decorate your puja room or precisely the place where the idol of Ganesha is placed is to make lotus cut-out from paper. Take pink coloured soft paper sheets to make the petals and the central part of the flower. If you use cardboard and make the pattern big and sturdy, you can have the idol rest on the central region.

Natural elements

Peacock feathers

Alongside the place where the idol of the Lord is placed, you can create cut-outs of peacock using Thermocol. On the lower half, fix the feathers of peacock to create a look similar to that of a real-life peacock. You can also use the feathers around the Lord to create a designed or patterned back for the Lord.

Artificial elements

Spot Lights

There is a variety of choices in this niche. And, you have the opportunity to do up the entire house or just the puja room. But, lights are essential as they symbolize health and wealth. Use miniature spotlights to do up all the four walls of the room.

Yellow lights

One of the most innovative Ganpati decoration ideas for home is to reuse the fairy lights repurchased a decade. Bathe your entire house in the warmth of specially purchased yellow suns and LED lights. Order for a Ganpati statue online and brighten up the whole back wall with rows and strings of fairy lights.

Curtains and lights

It is another excellent way of Ganpati decoration. If you have any drapes or curtains in the sheer fabric, then behind the sheers, hang light fairy strings. You can do this to your puja room to create magic. In case you do not have sheer drapes, you can use soft material cloths like dupattas or saris to make a setup like this.

Curtains and flowers

It is another exciting and innovative way to decorate your Ganpati idol and the puja room. You need to use delicate or sheer fabric as the curtain, behind the goddess or cover the idol from three sides or use it at the entrance. Use an open garland and stitch it to the edge of the curtain. 

Design and draw to depict a scene from history 

You can recreate the scene from the jungle or Mount Kailash or any detail from the Lord’s birth using cardboard, paper, flowers, vegetables, grasses, lights and candles to create a scene in the Lord’s life and use it as a backdrop in the puja room. 

Origami designs

Use your innovative and creative skills to make some beautiful shapes and sizes – flowers, leaves, petals from paper, and assemble them of the back wall of the idol to create a unique and custom decoration. You can also design and build a halo shape behind God. Or make flower maker place the statute of the Lord.