15 Tips to Keep your Kitchen Cabinets Well-Organized |

Kitchen is one of the essential parts of our house. It is the heart of the home where everyone comes together, enjoy delectable food, the process of cooking the same, swap stories, and, have a lot of fun time.

If you want this space to be well-organized, you need to keep your kitchen cabinets and consequently rest of the kitchen well-organized. If you wish to know how to organize kitchen cabinets, here we bring you some quick and straightforward tips that will ensure a perfect kitchen space. 

Do not be Obsessed with collecting plastic containers

Plastic containers indeed come handy when required to pack food for someone, having a pile of plastic containers occupying precious space in your kitchen must be avoided.

If a box is cracked, cannot be adequately sealed, or is stained, it should be immediately thrown away. Stack rest of the containers one above the another to save space. You can sort and stash them by size so that these are easily visible. If possible, replace plastic containers with glass ones. It is rule 1 of kitchen cupboards organization.

Keep Bags in a Storage Container

If you have a lot of plastic or cloth bags that are using a lot of space in your kitchen cabinet, try to fold them such that it can be squeezed in a storage container. Cut an X shaped slit in the container top with a utility knife and wrap all plastic bags in a box. If you have been blessed with a lot of creative understanding, you can decorate this container and paint it to look beautiful and attractive. 

Clear Your Fridge

It is tough clearing your fridge because throwing away stuff is a real challenge. We always think that many of this stuff can be reused. Barring a few, make your fridge with foodstuff that is no longer appetizing.

Reassess leftovers and keep food that can be used without it showing a mouldy surprise. Check the expiry dates of food items and accordingly bright things. Many of the dry stuff can be stored in kitchen cabinets, leaving your fridge empty for more essential food items. 

Optimal Utilization of Cabinet Space

With little creative organizing skills, you can make the best use of limited cabinet space. Rearrange your dishes such that you can get more mileage from your cabinet space. Start by emptying the kitchen cabinet and see stack dishes as per its size.

Glasses can be placed upside down with other crystals artfully arranged over them. Items that you use frequently must be at the bottom while rarely used dishes and drinks must be in the top shelves. 

Place Items as Per Use

Since food is cooked, every day and spices are added to it, place spice box in a cabinet that is right in front of you. It will be easy for you to reach out to this stuff and save a lot of time.

If you have young kids, place ready to eat snacks like biscuits, savouries, etc., in a cabinet that is easy for them to access. This way, they will not bother you every time they need something to eat. 

Segregate Food Items with Serving Dishes

Keep some kitchen cabinets for storing dry foodstuff and some for placing serving dishes. Do not mix both. It is a very logical way to keep kitchen cabinets well-organized. Keep tableware to the right and food to the left.

You can also place food items in upper cabinets while the rest of the things in lower cabinets. If the kitchen is small with just a couple of offices, create separate sections for proper organization. 

Make Item Categories

Another way to organize kitchen cabinets is by making item categories. After segregating kitchen cabinets with food and non-food items, next create item-wise groups. Break down items in separate categories that make things easier and systematic for you when working in the kitchen. You can move edible food items to the left-hand side.

Some space can be kept for cans while some for packed items. Frequently used items for which you reach out now and then must be closest to you when cooking. It will save you time and effort. 

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Prioritize Frequently Used Items

It is particularly important to prioritize things in your kitchen. If you drink tea every day but coffee only occasionally, your teacups must be in front and coffee mugs behind the dishes and so on.

Avoid wasting time on removing things lying in the front to reach out to something lying at the back. Put servers that are rarely used at the end and frequently used servers in the front. 

Create a Neat Look

Your kitchen is your work area where you cook healthy, delicious, and nutritious meals for your family with love. This area should be neat and clean. If your kitchen cabinets are dirty, scrub them clean and then systematically place your items.

Moreover, do not jumble things one above the other and create a shabby look. Store your stuff neatly. Keep labels on the jars facing out, so it is easy and quick for you to reach out to them. It is an essential element to take care in the kitchen cabinet organization. 

Create More Storage Space

If your kitchen space is limited, and you have just one or two cabinets, it is better to store some items that are not frequently used elsewhere. It is not necessary to store everything in the kitchen.

Some things can also be kept on the kitchen platform in a neat and organized manner while some in cabinets outside the kitchen. If possible, create some space in crockery cabinet outside the kitchen or create space by installing a few nifty cabinets such that it gels with overall décor of space.

Have limited kitchen cabinets

Try not to go overboard with installing kitchen cabinets more than you might need. With extra cabinets, you will end up storing a lot of junk, throwable things which are better disposed of. This way, your kitchen will look bigger, spacious, airy, and brighter. Install cabinets only that you are going to use to store necessary kitchen supplies.

Moreover, pay attention to drawer handles, cabinet handlesand cabinet knobs when investing in suitable quality kitchen cabinets. It must be easy to grab and open the office. Here, it is essential to pay attention to its functionality. There is no shortage of options that brings the best of functionality and aesthetic looks.  

Space-saving cabinets

Install cabinets above a dishwasher or a microwave oven to store glass items like servers, glasses, cups, etc. This way, this area will look excellent, and you will have more storage space to store essentials. Having a cabinet rack above dishwasher or sink will also ensure faster clean-up of the area. 

Keep Lower Cabinets for Appliances

You can keep space in bottom cabinets for keeping appliances like an oven. This way, the upper areas will remain free for food preparation like cutting, chopping, cooking, etc. Similarly keep space open for storing cleaning supplies like a broom, sweeping cloth, cleaning solutions and other paraphernalia. 

Wrangle Your Utensils

Keep your utensil drawler well-organized. This area remains unseen most of the times. Sort them and store them in compartments so that it is easy to look for things like a potato peeler, a bottle opener, etc. Cutlery trays are easily found at departmental stores which can help you keep your cutlery well-sorted. 

Store Bottles Horizontally or on their sides 

Instead of placing bottles straight, it is better to store them sidewise or horizontally as it occupies less space and stays put in its compartment. It is also easy to grab your favourite bottle without toppling others.