10 Best Wedding Gift ideas For The Bride and Groom Who have Everything | Indianshelf

It's very difficult to choose wedding gifts for the bride and groom who have almost everything. However, there are some unique and best wedding gift ideas listed below which you can gift them.

● Subscription of food for the bride and groom-

This food subscription is most suitable for the bride and groom who prefer to eat distinct food items together. It is generally a thoughtful subscription that frees them up to try various types of recipes from different places all over India.

The newlyweds will get a box of high-quality food every month to have together. The couple can enjoy a romantic night via this food subscription. Foodie couples will definitely love this food subscription a lot.

They will discover new food items and try out many new genres or flavors so that they can further go out for eating and drinking. No one has so much idea of any unknown place so that they can search for a new popular restaurant they would never have imagined loving it too much. Lastly, they would thank these food subscription samples that they have tried from this subscription box.

● Accessorize their house with an adorable sign-

If you want to give a special wedding gift to the new couple, you can provide them with a cute or adorable sign with their names written on it. This will remind them to stay together always.

It doesn't matter where the lovely couple will live, their actual place is to stay in each other's heart forever. It’s compulsory to live together after marriage, especially when they have already roamed all over in different places for their career growth.

This simple and lovely wooden sign is definitely one of the best decorative pieces for their home. They will also love to remember you throughout their life for this little and beautiful gift customized only for them.

This personalized wooden sign will take pride and honor of the place shared in their home. Just imagine how nice this wooden sign will look, when hung outside their home or may be placed above the mantelpiece.

It’s a huge celebration of their name, they now share together along with the year of their marriage. A cute wooden sign engraved with their names can also be used as a wedding decoration piece.

● A gift card for their honeymoon-

If any newlyweds does not plan out for a honeymoon tour, give them a honeymoon gift card as it is an ideal gift for any couple. Whether they have already planned a honeymoon tour, a honeymoon gift card can help them out to perform some additional activities or they can save some money through it.

You need to find out where the couple will be travelling on their honeymoon and you can unexpectedly come up providing them with a few thoughtful travel gifts on the cheap that can complement their honeymoon trip.

Honeymoon gift cards can be beneficial for flight fares, hotels, restaurants, tours, shopping, etc. If the couple does not have bucks for planning their honeymoon, you along with the remaining visitors could arrange the same and present them a wonderful and thoughtful tour as a post gift for their wedding.

The honeymoon couple themselves can use this gift card as per their needs and requirements. For instance, without hiring a taxi or booking a cab, they can make use of the provided uber or ola credits to roam in any area.

Also, they can even pay for their restaurant bills via these gift cards. The new couple can select what offer they really want to use from the honeymoon gift card, that's why it's the best gift for them.

● Customized chopping board for couples who cook together-

If the new couple loves to cook, then a personalized chopping board will be one of the perfect gifts as it is a must for practical use. We all know that practical ones are the ideal wedding gifts.

This wooden chopping board can be customized with the newlyweds' names and wedding date. This chopping board will look extravagant on any countertop or table.

This beautiful chopping board is an exquisite addition to their kitchen’s decor plus it is a very necessary product for cooking. Every couple needs a chopping board and it's quite a great gift they will definitely love to have. He can chop the vegetables while she mixes the sauce or while he flavor’s the mutton, she can chop the cheese finely.

Each and every couple will definitely appreciate a high quality and customized gift like this chopping board. This chopping board helps them to prepare many tempting meals together to celebrate their wedding for a long time.

● Recipes for the ones who cook-

Cookbooks are one of the best gifts for the bride and groom who does not know what to cook and what to eat. As the newlyweds build their new home together, you could gift them this recipe book as a guide-book in their kitchen with some bottles of wine, a cooking class for two, a dessert cookbook, a mixer, a food processor, a set of kitchen tools or frying pans.

There are many options like this for gifting the newlyweds. The newlyweds need a standard cookbook to help them get started on how to cook different meals together.

With this cookbook, they will try out making new dishes every day and have a romantic dinner every time. Recipe books are a much needed necessity for the new couple who are learning to cook meals together.

These recipe books are perfect wedding gift ideas as there are a huge number of recipes to choose from. These recipe books contain recipes of normal simple dishes to lavish dishes and everything in between.

Both can learn to cook by simply following these books for a long time without recurring a single meal throughout. The couple can try creating new and unforgettable meals together and also experimenting with the recipes too. The couple would definitely love to cook together from these recipes with lots of fun.

● A set of picnic baskets-

Try gifting a high-quality woven-willow heart-shaped deluxe picnic basket for newlyweds as it's a cute, classic, cheap and most appreciated wedding gift. You can personalize the outer basket with their names, which looks beautiful from outside and it is luxurious from inside with lots of space to carry out many items.

It's perfect for newlyweds who love to go on romantic walks or hikes and end up with a romantic meal at the park or a road trip or just enjoy each other's company on a romantic date.

This picnic basket consists of some sets of silverware, two matching plates, some napkins, wine bottles, wine glasses and a blanket. It has separate compartments for wine bottles and food.

This picnic basket is one of the best gifts for the bride and groom who loves to enjoy some adventurous trip. Also, they can take away this basket with themselves at any nearby seashore and relish a lovely picnic together. 

● A wine decanter set-

For those couples who drink and enjoy together, a wine decanter set is a perfect gift for them. The decanter is a big, beautiful and amazing piece of crystal vessel. You can customize the wine decanter set with the newlyweds' name or their newly shared last initial, which will look very attractive.

This customized wine decanter set contains two wine glasses, a tong and some whiskey stones. The new couple can open a bottle of whiskey, share it between them and enjoy the drink together. The wooden gift box provided will look gorgeous while storing whiskey glasses in your dining room.

● Beautiful and customized marble coasters-

Coasters are one of the most forgotten gifts for the bride and groom who have almost everything. Everybody needs a coaster. The newlyweds will not have thought about having marble coasters for their home.

You can personalize it with newlyweds' initials in a beautiful calligraphy style. These coasters will add a classy touch in the living room, thereby making your guests' impressed. These will be best for wine tasting, board game night and movie night with their friends and family.

You can pair these coasters with a whiskey bottle or a marble cheese board to make a perfect gift for the newlyweds.

● Subscription box for a date night-

You can give the bride-groom an unexpected date night surprise each and every month with just a yearly subscription of the date night service. In each of the following months, the newlyweds will receive a themed package box that contains different games and challenges to play and enjoy together while getting close in their relationship.

The bride and groom who have almost everything will definitely enjoy this date night subscription as it will introduce some openness in their ongoing relationship and at the same time, it will definitely build up their bond.

By doing so, they can invent their new hobbies, personal characteristics and learn how to work jointly together through this date night subscription box.

● Personalized jewellery-

You can give a gorgeous piece of jewellery for both the bride and groom that they can love and cherish for the rest of their life. You can bless the bride with silver jewellery like anklets, sterling silver earrings, silver bracelets, etc. You can also present them a customized gold chain with their name initials engraved on it.