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Jewellery Trends: From Diwali to Christmas, from cocktail parties to wedding ceremonies, celebrations arrive in full swing especially after the season of fall. With this, arrive a certain number of family functions, gift-giving engagements, parties, cocktail evenings and dinners. And oftentimes, it becomes quite a mess to decide an appropriate style of jewellery for each of these occasions. Most of the time, we get so involved in the preparations itself that we tend to ignore some wonderful choices that are right in front of us. And in the last minute, we just pick up what is latest or most handy at that particular time.

It happens with all of us. So this season, to add ease to your choices, here are some of the topmost jewellery trends wrapped up in a quick-read list. This list might help you sort out your festive wear for different occasions in advance and get your style in order.

Let’s get started.

1. The Classic Cuffs

A pair of ear cuffs are well suited with any ethnic wear to be it a sari, lehenga or Anarkali Kurti. Even with a full-length gown, cuff earrings go as well.

For the time being, if you’re ready to shift your conventional style earrings, you can explore a classic look which these ear cuffs offer.

If you’re choosing to wear ear cuffs on a special occasion like that of a Diwali puja or a wedding ceremony, it’s a great idea to go for kaanphools. Kaanphools are traditional flower style ear cuffs usually studded with pearls, diamonds, stones or carvings at their hems.

2. Those Tricky Tassels

Many women think that tassels are always overwhelming. At the same time, this is partly true in case of some facial structures and dress styles, but not always.

In fact, when worn intelligently, tassel jewellery can add quite a luxurious vibe to your looks. While dusting the shoulders, they add the necessary texture and glam required for a party wear look.

If you’re just starting to go for tassel jewellery, start with earrings. Earrings are the safest choices for diving into tasselled fashion.

Apart from a gorgeous look, they also offer a large number of colour choices. Mostly, try to opt for darker shades at first. From black to navy blue to dark turquoise and cherry red, you’ll find many in the market.

3. Sprinkle the Charm of Chandbaalis

The term ‘Chandbali’ refers to moon-shaped earrings. Literally, chandbalis are moon earrings, usually crescent-shaped. They originated during the Nizam period of Mughal era. As deliciously as they are designed, they look as beautiful when slipped through the earlobes too. 

Mostly, they come studded with diamonds, beads, stones and pearls, some of which dangle down loose from the lower hem of the earring. If you’re purchasing a new set, go for polka or Kundan studded earrings. Simply beautiful!

For dresses containing darker shades such as black and maroon, even a pair of chandbali style silver earrings will look stunning.

4. Set the Tone with Dangling Pearls

Ever wondered what a perfect festive wear set looks like? ‘Ethnic’, ‘something shining’, ‘sparkling but not too much’, ‘one that stands out’, are some of the labels most likely to pop up in our heads when we think of choosing festive wear.

From the material of our dress to its sizing, cuts, costing, and overall appearance, we consider a lot of things. It happens with all of us.

And so, you might want to choose a piece of jewellery which can come handy at the last minute and is also a good match for most of your dress styles.

In that case, choose pearls. Pearls are something which does great with any or every kind of outfit - ethnic or western, traditional or modern. Whether it is a pair of dangler earrings or a layered necklace, pearls are stunning to just go with it!

5. A Complete Shringar with Temple Jewellery

Maangtikaspayals, hair chains, kamarbandhs, heavy chain necklaces, jhumkas – the trend of Indian style temple jewellery isn’t gone yet. In fact, many bridal wear packages today adopt this ancient Indian jewellery fashion theme.

Especially for the occasions of Karva Chauth, weddings, Teej, pujas and even Diwali, women like to choose this style of jewellery

Since this style is inspired by deities and goddesses, it mostly includes heavily studded jewels designed in metals such as gold and silver.

However, keeping in mind the fashion of a modern-day woman, these days, many jewellers offer variations of temple jewellery by adding imitation stones and colourful beads.

6. Chandelier Earrings for Your Heirloom Collection 

A pair or two of chandelier earrings is something which is a must-have for any woman’s jewel box. Not too heavy not too light, they strike just the perfect balance whether you’re wearing them along with a sari, a pair of palazzos or a flared frock dress.

Pair them with a heavy Kada and see the look. Team them up with a choker necklace and what a sight, just about any way you see.

If you can’t think of something to purchase for a festival or special occasion, do purchase a pair of your favourite chandelier earrings.

From crystal diamonds to gold, silver, and platinum, from emeralds to sapphires and lapis lazuli, the variety of chandelier earrings you’ll find is just exotic.

Also, the designs available for this variety are so many that you can create your own heirloom collection out of it. From filigrees to drops and everything in between, there’s a pretty good domain to choose from.

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7. Involve Traditional Motifs

Motifs allow you to express your love for culture, tradition and artistry. Including motifs in your jewellery selection is a bold choice but not too bold when it comes to festivals. Festivals are meant to remember these cultural, spiritual and artistic symbols only.

For a formal celebration, you can choose geometric style motifs while for a family celebration, you can go with more traditional symbols. Peacocks, elephants, coins, hand mudras, sun and moon, are some of the examples.

8. Explore Chunky Colours & Peppy Pastels

Another eccentric idea for festivities! While we equate festivals mostly with the sparkle of gold and silver, there are two other elements which can dazzle up your looks as good as well. That is colours and fabric. And perhaps a combination of the two too.

How about pairing a jewel-lined dress and fabric lined jewels rather than the opposite which we generally do? 

If you’re in, you can explore from a wide range of terracotta jewellery sets, threaded tassels and even fabric-lined DIY jewellery, why not! Also, if you want to go only for colour and not for fabrics, colourful beaded jewellery is a great idea. Yes, for festivals too.

9. Go Minimal & Sophisticated

Celebrations don’t always imply heavy jewellery. At times, just a large-sized cocktail ring or simply a gemstone pendant can do quite well alone. 

So, if you want to doll up in a minimal style, an elegant, lightweight set is a wonderful idea. As an alternative, it is also a great idea to have just one statement piece which highlights itself and stands up for the rest of the look.

10. Combine Headpiece & Bangles

This is a Western-Indian variation of the temple jewellery style. Team up a jewel piece for the head with a stack of matching bangles.

Weird it might sound at first, but it makes you look playful and flirtatious like a modern-day woman while maintaining the look of a traditional Indian feminine. Take inspiration from tribal and bohemian fashion.

For headpieces, you can explore from the variations of hair combs, crowns, matha patties, mang tikas and hair chains while for bangles, there is a whole medley of options.

Closing Thought

While the cheery faces lit up in the delight of festivities, trays of delicious foods get lined up in the kitchens, and the colourful dresses spread their glitters all around, do remember to add some music to all of it. All it takes is some jingles of earrings and a few clinks of bangles!