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The markets are flooded with decorative options making it difficult to decide what to go for. Good lighting draws a lot of attention, so here are Diwali lighting ideas for the balcony.

Indians celebrate Diwali or Deepawali to rejoice in the return of Rama to Ayodha after 14 years of exile. It’s a festival of lights and joy. In India, Diwali is celebrated even by the smallest and poorest families in the most extravagant way possible. This festival usually lasts for five days. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi visits the households of her devotees on this auspicious day to give them her blessings. People put on their best clothes, decorate their houses with diyas and rangoli, and seek the blessings of the gods. At this time, you can run out of ideas to decorate your place in the best possible way. The markets are flooded with decorative options making it difficult to decide what to go for. Good lighting draws a lot of attention, so here are Diwali lighting ideas for the balcony:


Scented tea lights are fragranced candles. Using tea lights to decorate your balcony is probably the best way to light up your house and lift your mood. The fragrance of these candles will help you relax and unwind. It is also scientifically proven that scented candles lead to improved sleep and stress relief. Candles are also a symbol of celebration and help you attract positive energy. Along with this, tea lights are extremely budget as well as environment friendly.


Lanterns can prove to be a very innovative and effective way to light up your balcony. They are portable and lightweight and can be kept for future use; therefore, it’s a good investment money-wise. They can also be used for decoration purposes. Lanterns are also believed to symbolise people letting go of their old selves and becoming new and better versions of themselves. Therefore, lighting lanterns can prove to be a very good omen. Waterlight, a portable lantern, can also prove to be very festive and eco-friendly as it can be charged using saltwater or urine.


If you’re bored of seeing diyas made of clay all around, brass diyas is just the right option for you. As their name suggests, these brass diyas are made from metal brass, and will you give your balcony the much-needed Diwali touch! For a very long time, brass items have been used by Hindus for puja and also as utensils for food. Brass captures the positive vibes emitted by the Earth, so if you want people to look at your house and go wow, brass diyas is just what you’ll need to amp up your balcony.


With interesting designs, vibrant colours, and cost efficiency, putting LED lights on your balcony will put you in the spotlight. The advantages of LED lights are countless. These lights with a big range of colours will help you revamp your balcony in a not so boring way. They last up to 100,000 hours. Along with consuming less electricity, they also look amazing from the outside.

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As their name suggests, these lamps use oil to produce light. The lighting of oil lamps is an ancient method, and as they say, old is gold; the same can be said for these oil lamps, which will help you light up your balcony most simply and effectively possible without any smoke residue. They’re also odourless so that they won’t compete with any of the fragrances at your home. Oil lamps also last longer than candles. In case your power goes out, oil lamps are the only ones that’ll come to your rescue.


Fairy lights are a set of small lamps strung together on a piece of wire. They can be used for lighting up your balcony and also for home décor purposes. They are energy-efficient, which makes them 100 times better than traditional bulbs. You can hang them in whichever way you want, and they’ll still look cool. They are also very safe as they do not produce heat, are cool to touch, and are eco-friendly.


It is probably the best way to use your creativity. If done properly, homemade chandeliers can make your balconies look unique and divine. You can make these chandeliers with the help of paper, fairy lights, balloons, threads, etc. Give it your all and see how these chandeliers make your balconies look amazing, along with being easy on your pocket.


If you’re busy and Diwali decorations give you a headache, putting fairy lights in mason jars is the solution. Along with being less time-consuming and cost-efficient, they are an effective way to light up your balcony. Therefore you can have lighting in every colour possible along with low power requirements.

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It is an attractive series that you can make with lights and paper cups. Paper cups are biodegradable, so along with being creative, you’re also not harming your environment. Let your creative juices flow and make your balcony look like one in a billion!


If you’re in a mood to do a little remodeling of your place, installing sconce wall lights in your balcony should be the first on your list. Not only will they light up your balcony during Diwali, but you can switch them on whenever you feel like it. The sconce wall lights provide just the right amount of lighting hence keeping your electricity bill in check.

With the entry of covid in the world, it has managed to make our lives dull. Gone are the days when you used to see people chatting on the road or children begging their parents to buy them ice cream. We’ve all been confined to our homes for more than a year. Festivals that we celebrated with such fervour don’t give us any joy anymore. Nowadays, wearing decent clothes also takes a lot of effort.

Our lives have changed dramatically in the past year, but let’s not forget the age-old festivals and what they symbolize. Now that Diwali is around the corner let corona not get to us or dim our spirit. Let’s light up our houses in the best way possible and spread the Diwali cheer! So folks, with an eye on your budget and aesthetics on your mind, it is time to unbox your creative skills and use the ideas shared above to give a makeover to your balcony!

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Posted On: 09 September, 2022

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