Christmas decorations come in all size, shape and colour, these ornaments are usually made of wood, glass, ceramic or metal. They are not only used for decorating a christmas tree but also for making any room of the house as festive as possible.

The ornaments take different forms, the most commonly used decorations are baubles, red and white candy canes, figures of Santa Claus and his reindeers, angels with wings, glittering snowflakes and stars. Christmas lights or fairy lights and candles play an important role in decorating a place, they are displayed in almost every house, street and city during the holidays. Lights illuminate the streets adding a touch of warmth and hope.

Many families re-use Christmas decorations every year, they are usually not thrown away unless broken. The old ornaments are saved to be re-purposed for the next year and they look as good as new, opening the storage boxes filled with old ornaments bring back joy and memories. If not store-bought, ornaments can also be hand-made or passed on from generation to generation, saving us from breaking the bank. Like other activity, dressing a tree or decorating the interiors with oranaments is fun for every member of the family and brings each one close to the other. Every ornament with its own design and colour hold its own significance and symbol.

The most popular Christmas ornament used for decoration is the bauble, a spherical embellishment which comes in different colours, design and texture. Decorative baubles are commonly used to adorn the Christmas tree, they add a touch of . This decorative piece was first created in Germany by Hans Greiner and were soon followed by other glassblowers due to its high demand. Back in the days the baubles were only made of glass but now they are frequently made from plastics. There are a tons of different types of baubles, ranging from traditional single coloured ones to intricately designed pieces.

The sight of other ornaments like the figures of Santa Claus, tiny wrapped gifts and snowmen spreads the holiday cheer around. There is no specific rule or design of an ornament that has to be used or put up during Christmas, people creatively use figurines of teddy bears, musical intruments, sport related figures, and so on as long as the items complement the Christmas atmosphere with its colour and sparkle. Other commonly used ornaments are the stars, they hold a symbol for light, hope and love which makes it quite important for it to be present in and around the house. It is rather a tradition to top the Christmas tree with a huge golden star or any other colour to symbolise the star of Bethlehem. Auspicious or not, using star ornaments effortlessly creates an aesthetically attractive display. Other traditional decorations include bells, candles, garland, stockings, wreaths, snow globes and ribbons.

Lights are extensively used in almost every corner of the house and neighbourhood, they illuminate their surroundings and enhance the decorations. Fairy lights are hung up on the edge of chimneys, wrapped around the tree or hung on the front part of a house or building, they stand as a decoration and a flicker of hope during the cold winter season. Particular plants have been associated with Christmas, playing an important role as a type of ornament. Due to its red and green colour combination, poinsettias are commonly used and they go well with the festive air, other plants include holly and mistletoe. Christmas wreaths are either made of real branches and flowers or are artificially done. They are a wonderful way to adorn your front door and welcome friends and family with warmth and generosity.

Posted By : Zorini Hmar

Posted On: 07 September, 2022

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