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Tropical theme Jaguar Ceramic Cab...

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Tropical Fruits Animals Ceramic C...

  • ₹ 250.00
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Tropical Macaw birds Ceramic furn...

  • ₹ 250.00
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Blue Sapphire Hue Golden Pattern ...

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Golden Border Pattern Flat Cerami...

  • ₹ 250.00
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Blue Border Design Square Ceramic...

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Cream and White Golden Checkerboa...

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Golden Wheel Flat Ceramic Dresse...

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Black Golden Check Pattern Flat C...

  • ₹ 250.00
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Blue Golden Firefly glowworm Patt...

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Golden Wheel Pattern Flat Ceramic...

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Emerald Hue Golden Pattern Cerami...

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Blue and Golden Wheel Pattern Fla...

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Golden Floral Ceramic Dresser Kno...

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Turquoise Flower Ceramic Drawer K...

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Green Butterfly Swarm Ceramic Cab...

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Pink Wheel Flower Ceramic Wardrob...

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Golden Leaf Bird Square Ceramic C...

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Black Daisy Flat Knob

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Ceramic Flat Floral Pattern Knobs

Knobs are among the tiniest of decorative accessories and cabinet hardware we use to adorn our living or working space. When chosen correctly, they turn even a plainly plastered setting into a rick-racky affair. This gallery of Indianshelf showcases ceramic flat floral pattern knobs coming in a set of breathtaking and beautiful floral patterns.

Use them in your drawers, cabinets, almirahs, doors or stands to give a profusely lush and dense canvas of textures flowing around your home and to brighten the overall ornate appearance even more.

There are oodles of patterns and designs available including leaves, buds, petals, floral landscapes and silhouettes of different kinds of flowers.

Each pattern comes in plenty of shades. From blues and whites to pinks and reds, from blacks and goldens to creams and multicoloured, you name it and it is here. Furthermore you can choose from a whole lot of knob shapes such as square, circular, egg and melon.

The best part about these ceramic floral knobs is that they don’t just complement the usual furniture or door space but are also ideal for just-decoration purposes. If you’re serious about home décor, you can also experiment by using these knobs in quirky ways namely, as bottle corks, as wall art or even in the tablespace as caps to mini mason jars.

Even more, you can create faux little vases and centrepieces by inserting their spindle in a spool-like surface and keeping the designed surface at the top. Plenty of ideas like these.

The flat surface of these knobs feels soft to the hands and offers an easy cleaning as well. Besides, being a sturdy material, ceramic offers the properties of elasticity and plasticity giving the knobs a long life.

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