Ornaments for Decorating Your Christmas Tree

See what Santa has in store for you this Christmas!

In many homes, setting up a Christmas tree and beautifying it with attractive ornaments is a favourite winter holiday custom.The whole family takes part in this euphoric activity that is also regarded as an essential part of Christmas celebration, involving lip-smacking food and carol singing. Unwrapping presents always fun, especially for children. It piques their curiosity as to what there might be within the box and cannot resist the urge for laying hands on them. Unwrapping the Christmas ornaments that have been kept safe in the attic is also nothing different. However, the plethora and miscellaneous collection of these ornaments can also be mind-boggling at times, leaving us utterly dazed in purchasing these beauties. So, we present to you some of the most important aspects relating to Christmas ornaments that would broaden your horizon and would also assist you with some new ways to adorn the halls. Read on!


Varieties of Christmas Ornaments

  • Baubles: Baubles are the cornerstone of all conventional Christmas ornament presentation. While most baubles are available in the shape of eggs or small spheres, there are many others that come in bulbous slopes and corners. An added advantage of these baubles is that they can also be customized as per someone’s individual requirements such as engraving and hand-painting. Choose from a wide range of Christmas ornaments from Indianshelf, a website featuring some exquisite handcrafted and home décor products.Diverting from the mundane one-coloured baubles, you can have your pick from their floral compilation like white floral hanging, orange floral hanging, hand-painted blue-orange floral hanging etc.  


  • Tree Toppers: Another kind of Christmas ornament is the tree topper. As the name itself is suggestive of its meaning, these are put up on the straight and the highest branch of the tree. Stars and angels are the most typical tree toppers. Hand-painted moon, wooden stars, floral half-moon and Santa Claus are some of the fascinating tree toppers out there on Indianshelf. 

Suggested Number of Ornaments


The next deciding factor that goes into the decoration of Christmas tree is the number and size of the ornaments. Even though there are no precise calculations on the number of ornaments chosen for hanging purpose, still, an approximate idea regarding the height of the tree and how many ornaments should be used to embellish it, would help you in getting an even coverage. For instance, a tree with a height of 2 feet would require 40 to 60 ornaments for the decoration purpose; whereas about 700 ornaments need to be put into for a tree as high as 14 feet. Based on the height of the tree, the sizes of the ornaments also differ. Trees with the height of 3 feet need ornaments having a size of 1.25” to 2”. Similarly, trees that are considerably long, say 14 feet, should be decked up with ornaments possessing a size of 2.75” to 4”.


Assortment of Ornament Sizes

Another wonderful way to add depth and diversity to the Christmas tree is by adorning it with ornaments of discrete sizes. Place heavy and large ornaments in the inner areas of the tree where the branches are dense and closely-packed to safeguard the ornaments from any potential damage. Smaller ornaments look the finest when hanged on the tip of the branches. For those who have more than one tree in their home can deck it up with different themes. Even if you wish to go with a single theme, then also you can decorate the tree with various types and a wide variety of sizes. Some of the most favoured Christmas themes are:

  1. Gold and Silver
  2. Green, Silver and Red
  3. Gold and Purple
  4. White, Silver and Blue
  5. Green, Brown and Gold


You can also go for object themes such as Santa, birds, snowmen, angels, ribbon and bows, snowflakes etc.


Guide to Buying the Proper Tree in Accordance with the Ornaments


When selecting the ornaments, it is essential to consider the tree profile. Similarly, if you want to buy a tree, make sure that you keep the ornaments and embellishing preferences in mind while doing the selection. The size of the tree also plays a crucial role in deciding the number of ornaments required for the beautifying purpose.

  • For heavy and large ornaments, trees with sturdy branches are the best as they can hold onto the ornaments for a significantly longer duration. Sequoia Fir tree is one such tree. The attractive Sequoia Fir comes with long-lasting branches and tips while still providing enough space for hanging ornaments.
  • If you wish to ornate the whole tree with Christmas ornaments then, the Brighton Fir is your best pick. Its zigzag branches offer ample hanging space.
  • Canadian Fir trees and Fraser Fir trees are other varieties considered perfect for hanging bigger ornaments.

Important Points to Keep in Mind While Decorating Your Christmas Tree

  • Make sure that the bottom and the back of your tree is not neglected and is adorned with an equal number of ornaments.
  • Avoid placing ornaments at the lower part of the tree as there are chances of children or the pets pulling them off.
  • The ornaments should be evenly placed throughout the tree.
  • Stay away from using too many ornaments in one go as it exhibits a cluttered appearance.

Ways in Which You Can Keep Your Ornaments Safe and Secure

Since many Christmas ornaments are delicate and very intricately designed, preserving them correctly is a necessity if they are to be used for a long time. One way of storing them is by wrapping the ornaments in tissue paper and then keeping them in their own packaged boxes. Another way in which you can prevent the ornaments from being damaged, either by moisture or by breakage, is to keep them in huge plastic tote bags with locking lids. There are also several storage containers with individual sections manufactured solely for these ornaments. This is by far the most suitable and convenient way to keep the ornaments safe and organized as each of them can be stacked in separate compartments thus, relieving you of the worries regarding its safety.


Purchasing Christmas ornaments should be a gleeful activity and not something that sends forth bouts of stress. By understanding Christmas ornaments and trees, a proper knowledge of their needs and preferences and selecting a theme to adorn the trees, you can easily pick the correct ornaments.

Posted By : Neha Bhatia

Posted On: 07 September, 2022

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