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Wooden, bone, resin & horn Handles

Antique Square Wooden Brass Handles

Antique Square Wooden ...

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Natural T Bar Wood Brass Handles

Natural T Bar Wood Bra...

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Black Resin And Brass Door Handles

Black Resin And Brass ...

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Baby Pink Resin And Wood Round Handles

Baby Pink Resin And Wo...

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Natural Rattan Cabinet Handles

Natural Rattan Cabinet...

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Brown Horn And Brass Door Handles

Brown Horn And Brass D...

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Milky White Resin And Brass Door Handles

Milky White Resin And ...

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Wooden, Bone, Resin, Horn Door Handles

For decades, resin casting has been a popular method to create hardware that is beautiful and long lasting. The assortment of a fine gummy texture and smooth glazed appearance allows for even the tiniest of details to shine in perfection.

Resin is a slightly viscous liquid created out of plant or synthetic materials, which when solidified gives off a shimmering appearance like that of lacquer, enamel or fresh plastic. However, even though it looks like plastic, resin is, in fact one of the best alternatives to plastic hardware.

This selection of resin handles by Indianshelf features door handles with a unique blend of resin, wood and other natural materials. Additions of cattle horn and bone make them even more environmentally friendly choice for your furniture, cabinets or doors. Whether you look at their appearance or at their benefits, these handles are excellent choices if you’ve been thinking of introducing organic or rustic farmhouse style furniture in your décor setting.

Apart from being lightweight and eco-friendly, resin hardware is known for moisture control, flexibility and resistance to rust, corrosion, stains, peels, chips, cracks or flakes. Also, being lesser sensitive to weather fluctuations, these handles are good choices for your backyard doors, garden cabinets, laundry, bath or kitchen.

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