Why are door handles placed at the end of the door?

You may have often wondered as to why the door handles are placed at the end of the door instead of being in the centre then here is the explanation for this. Scientifically speaking, putting the door handles as far as possible from the hinges is a good idea. This is because the same makes for an effective lever arm. This makes opening and closing the door quite an easy task. This is through an excellent way of attaining convenience. However, in the case of the contemporary building designs, the same is added to aid in the context of the needs of extremely young and aged users. As a result of the same, these are placed closer to the strike set of the frame to minimize the latch bolt and the deadbolt distance. Other notable benefits of not placing these knobs and handles in the centre are its visual appeal. Having a lever placed in the middle of the door will naturally look quite weird and funny. Also, the door remains hinged to one side and this means that visible hardware helps newcomers to your home to understand the way the same will swing to and this makes it easier for them to access the door and then move through the same. Thus, having the door handles placed at the adequate direction brings awesome results especially in terms of convenience and maintenance. Undoubtedly, using this idea has long term benefits for you and your home. Whenever you are in doubt about redecoration or renovation projects, it is recommended to go for the aid of a specialist for the best results.